Skiing on the internet

So you thought the only place to learn to ski was on the snow. Think again. The British ski instruction company, Parallel Dreams Coaching, that is a partner of PlanetSKI has unveiled a pioneering way to improve your skiing using the web. It’s what the web was invented for.


The new coaching programme involves face-to-face coaching on the snow with a top-level instructor and then working on further development by tapping into the instructor’s expertise following an on-line coaching programme.

It is one of the first of its kind and we have taken a good look at it here at PlanetSKI and the only real question is why no-one else has thought of the idea and developed it sooner.

It seems perfect for the keen recreational skier, trainee instructor or developing instructor who wants to improve. Clearly some will power is needed but if the motivation and commitment is there then Parallel Dreams Coaching will improve your skiing and teaching. 


The venture is the brainchild of some of Britain’s most experienced coaches and ski instructors.

Some of the coaches already signed up are Derek and Shona Tate who work out of Chamonix, Andrew Lockerbie who is a past chairman and acting chief executive of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI), Deirdre Angella who is a Sports Psychologist working with Olympic Athletes, Dave Murrie a Strength & Conditioning advisor to Olympians and World Record breakers and Pete Gillespie who is the Snowsports Director at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead.

All are involved in the training and assessing of new and developing Snowsport Instructors and are therefore some of the best in the business.

Face to face in The Snow Centre

Face to face in The UK

“We found many people come to learn with us out on the snow and they improved massively but then didn’t know where to go next or just can’t motivate themselves to keep practicing and so they stagnated or stayed on the plateau they had reached,” says the director of Parallel Dreams Coaching, Derek Tate.

“Now they can follow an on-line development programme tailor-made to their requirements and put in the extra exercises and drills either out on snow in The Alps or at a UK Snow Centre so they can build on what they have already learnt and become the skier they have always wanted to be.”

Using the web and a personal coaching area on the web the skier can keep in contact with their coach at all times to develop action plans, set goals or simply ask a stupid question. 

This can be on the five areas of Technical, Tactical, Teaching, Psychological, Equipment and Fitness.

There is also a video analysis side to this Remote Coaching. You can upload video and receive feedback put directly onto the footage from the coaches as well as speak directly via skype to them and receive document action plans.

There is also an extensive video library where the student can watch a range of drills and exercises performed by both the PD Coaches and some PDC clients. The PD Coach can also guide the student as to which of these drills is appropriate for them in addressing weaknesses in their performance and all this from the comfort of their own computer.

Face to face in The Alps

Face to face in The Alps

Here at PlanetSK we have taken a look round the video area of the site and the information is second to none with films on carving, short radius turns and many others.

The videos are short and to the point, normally lasting about 30-40 seconds, with good use of slow motion so you can see exactly what the skier is doing. 

Most importantly you are told why the drill is useful and what it is meant to achieve.

“Once people want to develop on their own we strongly recommend they set simple and specific goals rather than fancy ones as these are far more achievable and often the most successful,” says Shona Tate.

All you have to do is find some snow and go to practice.

The first face-to-face course was held at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead in mid-August with twenty clients taking part. Some were working their way through their ski instructor qualifications while others were just recreational skiers keen to improve.

36-year old Peter Turner, who has already passed his basic Level 1 IASI qualification, had travelled from Dublin for the 2-day course at The Snow Centre.

“It is a fantastic idea and what I like about it is the consistent feedback I can get from having the same coach analyse my performance and guide me on which areas that I need to work on,” he said over a beer in the bar after the first day of the course. “The video analysis where my coach can see how I am progressing is great.”

Another person on the 2-day course is Carla Benedetti, who only took up skiing three years ago on a holiday to Chamonix.

“It is just great to be skiing in the middle of summer and to have some serious training and instruction before the winter proper gets underway. I am looking forward to using all the on-line facilities which I think are a really good idea.”

August in The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

August in The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead












For full details of the coaching scheme and how to sign up can be found here www.parallelldreams.co.uk

Face-to-face courses are taking place at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and there will be further ones at the Chillfactore in Manchester and the Snozone in Glasgow in October.

There is also a season starter course out in the Alps at Hintertux in Austria at the beginning of December.

Full Course Calendar for the Autumn can be found here.

To subscribe to the Parallel Dreams Remote Coaching there is a £25 Annual subscription which includes your remote coaching space and access to the video library then you simply buy credits to use the various coaching services.

At time of writing in August 2011 the subscription is free for a limited period when you purchase 50 credits.

Fancy skiing like this?

Fancy skiing like this?











For further details about the new coaching scheme see the practical information below from The Parallel Dreams web site.

What is Remote Coaching?

Remote Coaching is a facility that enables you the athlete to stay in contact with a Coach from Parallel Dreams Coaching to further develop your action plans, goal setting and work together to achieve your goals.  You can buy credits to use with the different Coaching Communication Packages and keep that development going towards reaching your goals no matter where you or your Coach is.

Why do I need a Remote Coaching Space?

This is your online filing cabinet and the portal we use to link our coaches with you. The Coach has shared access to non personal areas of your “Remote” Coaching Space and this is where you will communicate and share ideas and resources.  It is also your access area to All the PDC Resources (Video Library, Document Library, Industry News and much more).  When you join one of our “Face to Face” courses your action planning can also be added in here and add to your development programme.

How do you subscribe?

Firstly you subscribe to PD “Remote” Coaching by clicking here

This costs £25 for an Annual Subscription but we are offering it free (for a limited time) when you buy your first 50 credits.  When payment is received by the office the admin team will set up your Online “Remote” Coaching Space and send you your login details. Once you have these go on and have a look around, complete your details and start your planning towards achieving those goals however large or small.  You may not want to set fancy goals, simple and specific are often the most successful.

What will be in my Online “Remote” Coaching Space?

Your “Remote” Coaching space is a Training Diary and Resource Area.

Training Diary – where you can set up your training programme goals, monitor your progress and store documents and video relating to you.  All documentation between you and your coach is logged in here, so for example if you want a Coach to review a Teaching Session Plan you would put that in your documents area for the Coach to access.  You may also input any action planning from our “Face to Face” courses and any other external resources you would like to keep in this area.  It’s an area to keep everything together.

The PD Coaches can view and edit your goal setting area, when you are ready for a Coach to help you just fill out the FORM and make sure you have the suitable CREDITS purchased.

Resource Area – For everyone who is subscribed and has their PD “Remote” Coaching Space you will be given access to the Video Analysis system, Online Video Clips Library and Education Articles & Documents Library.

Video Analysis – This is an online software programme where you can upload a short piece of video to and ask one of our PD Coaches to analyse it for you.  This is a fantastic facility that means you can be skiing one day, practicing your action plan then send in a clip to get some feedback for the next day!  How cool is that!! There is also now an App available for your iphone.

Online Video Clips Library – A resource of PDC video clips and movies just for you. They are clearly put into categories and have short text descriptions with them as well.  

Education Articles & Documents Library – A collection of specific resources which will help you further work successfully towards your goal.  

Documents (Subscription to Training Diary Required – details below)   

Documents submitted into training Diary by the athlete for review and  action by chosen coach (up to 1 A4 page)

Examples:  Lesson plan/s, action plan, course report, fitness assessment form,  Performance chart

Documents produced by coach for athlete in response to a question from the athlete and submitted into the athlete Training Diary.  2 documents.

Examples:  Lesson plan/s examples using specific teaching styles, list of drills & activities for a particular weakness in performance.15 Credits


(Skype will be used when possible, if using other service any call costs will be incurred by the athlete)

Calls are of 15 minute increments, for longer than 15 minutes the athlete must  have purchased sufficient credits.  

Examples:  Clarification of any written material supplied by coach, talk through a current goal and make adjustments, talk though a teaching exercise, talk through a particular teaching style and how to use it efficiently, set up call fora fitness programe to be developed, discuss current issues with equipment. 20 Credits

Video Analysis

(PD coaching uses a professional programme, Training Diary subscription required)

Athlete uploads video footage (no more than 30 second clips).  Chosen coach will view, analyse and submit feedback onto the video clip and return to the athlete viewing area.  A follow up call is available to discuss and further action planning logged in the athlete Training Diary by the coach. 60 Credits

Face to Face

Face to Face Group – Booked as a PD course or any other courses promoted through the Training Diary

Face to Face Private – must be organised to suit the coach.  Any travel and expenses must be paid by the athlete. The Office has a full diary of locations & availability for its coaches, they may be already in resort or near your centre so do ask us to help keep your costs down. This is a 1:1 session (for larger numbers contact the office for a bespoke package).1 hr  – 70 Credits

  3 hrs  – 188 Credits

Day (6hrs) – 370 Credits

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal off piste

















.....and on the piste.

…..and on the piste.












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