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There is a network of British snowsports schools that now has branches in many of the major French ski resorts. The British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School, BASS, is well worth choosing. See why in this sponsored feature.


BASS has ski schools in Chamonix, Chatel, Courchevel, Les Gets, Megeve, Meribel, Morzine, Tignes and Val d’Isere. It doesn’t quite compare to the ESF but is one of the largest network of British ski schools in The Alps and is growing.

Thousands upon thousands of recreational and professional skiers and snowboarders have benefited from its techniques and teaching methods.

It offers top quality instructors, small class sizes with a maximum of 6 in a group even in high season, English as a native language, a caring and technical approach is used and, above all, the BASS instructors make learning fun.

So, what is the secret of its success and why has it done well when others have failed.

BASS concentrates on a few key areas:

The Teachers – They are skilful, experienced and sympathetic. They like to help people solve their problems and discover how to have fun.

Terrain  – BASS goes where you feel safe and comfortable. They are interested in your enjoyment.

Techniques -During a BASS lesson you will know exactly what to do, how it feels & how to self correct. The instructors are at the leading edge of the teaching profession.

Tactics During a BASS lesson they help you to understand which steering techniques to use, where and why; how to control speed and how to deal with steeper ground and harder snow.

Psychological issues – Most importantly the instructors concentrate on mental approach. They help you to improve your effectiveness and resilience by teaching you how to stay in control of your mind and your body.

Many skiers and snowboarders stop taking lessons at a very early stage in their development. There are many reasons for this, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the best sports people in the world benefit from continuous coaching.

BASS approaches this through your mind, Body and Spirit.

Fun is essential

Fun is essential


Prepare to experience the joy of replacing many of your self-limiting beliefs with a new understanding of your potential.


You will feel exactly how to make it all work. You will know how to make your performance feel intuitive and natural.

You will enjoy the feeling of the curves and of the movements. You will save energy. You will feel when you are getting it right and know how to recreate that feeling.


You will feel the elation! And when you do, you will know how to move over the snow with skill, grace and elegance. With power and joy. Your curves will feel so good that they will make you laugh. Instead of being fatigued, you will feel energised by the power of the curve.

Here are just a few testimonials from some of the many, many people that have benefited from BASS.

“After many years of skiing I had reached a point where I felt I could not improve much further; Will showed to me and proved that I really could get better through great instruction (and a bit of effort on my side). Will has a knowledge, desire and passion for skiing that makes him a leader in the sport, with involvement in modern teaching techniques.” Ian Llewelyn.

“Just a note to say thank you for two days of good tuition, we both enjoyed our lessons and it gave us back our confidence after last year, you really did a good job and as I mentioned before, you have a brilliant web site and better still a nice approach to teaching, so thank you very much indeed.” Carol and Graham

“Just to say a big thank you for securing lessons for the family last week in Les Gets – they all really enjoyed it and the kids had a wonderful time. We are already counting the days till we can come again.” SB

“Dear Helen, You are the best teacher I’ve ever had and I love you very much.  I love to ski. Lots of love,

Alice (in Blue)  xxxx  Age 6.” Alice

And, if you want to see more, here are some other testimonials.

Within reach

Within reach











Many of the instructors are trainers from the British Association of Snowsports Instructors – they train the professionals so think what they could do for you.

The Director and Founder of the BASS Network of elite snowsports school, Hugh Monney, was one of the first British ski instructors to teach in France and helped breakdown the monopoly on French ski schools.

So, what is Hugh’s number one tip?

“Excellent skiers influence their skis with very subtle inputs. These inputs are often too subtle to be seen by the untrained eye, but have very clear and obvious consequences,” says Hugh.

“Once you understand the subtle inputs and use them for yourself, you will begin to create your own, excellent consequences.”

So, if you are heading to one of the major French resorts that has a BASS Snowsports School and you want to get better this winter there is only one thing to do.

Book some lessons.

Chamonix – www.britishskischool.com

Chatel – www.britishskischool.com

Courchevel – www.britishskischool.com

Les Gets – www.britishskischool.com

Megeve – www.britishskischool.com

Meribel – www.britishskischool.com

Morzine – www.britishskischool.com

Tignes/Val d’Isere –www.britishskischoool.com

British Alpine Snowsports School

British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School














BASS has also produced an MP4 video and ebook.

Below is one of the chapters from the video. It will let you into one of the secrets of skiing.

If you want to find out more and purchase the video or ebook then see here for more details.

The founder and director of BASS, Hgh Monney, has also wrtten a book on how improve, Performance Breakthrough.

To find out about it and purchase a copy then follow this link.

For the spirit of the mountains