Snow falls in Southern Hemispere

Resorts are opening in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Southern Africa. But where are the best conditions? UPDATED


And it is South America – Chile and Argentina have seen some huge snowfalls.

Up to 3m in places and one of the main border crossings in the Andes between the two countires has been closed.

And this is why.

Above the Andes in Chile, 2016

The Andes from above














The resort of Valle Nevado has a snow depth of 1.4m on the lower runs and 1.6m on the upper slopes ground:

It has 28 open runs and 15 of its 17 lifts are running – not bad for early season.

Valle Nevado 13 June

Valle Nevado, Chile – 13 June
















Valle Nevado 11 June

Valle Nevado, Chile – 11 June
















Valle Nevado 10 June

Valle Nevado, Chile – 10 June
















If anything it is even better over in Portillo.

“The snow has arrived! Over 9ft of snow has fallen inthe last few days,” said a statement from the resort.

Portillo, Chile

Portillo, Chile















And what about elsewhere in Chile and Argentina?

Feast your eyes on the images below!

Ski Arpa Chile 13 June

Ski Arpa, Chile – 13 June

















La Parva Chile 14 June

La Parva, Chile














Corralco, Chile -  June

Corralco, Chile




















Las Lenas, Argentina 11 June

Las Lenas, Argentina













Cerro Catedra, Argentina 15 June

Cerro Catedral, Argentina











La Hoya, Argentina June

La Hoya, Argentina
















Cerro Castor, Argentina 14 June

Cerro Castor, Argentina














Cerro Castor, Argentina June

Cerro Castor, Argentina















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