We pay, we ski, year-in, year-out. Now we can have a part in it. Got a coupla mill to hand? Spank it in North America and buy up a ski hill.


Make one of these babies your own for mere millions.

It would mean no more lift ticket mugging.

Now these small ski areas, some of which have been closed down for years, have run into some trouble or other to be up for sale.

And we have to assume that it has something to do with snow.

And that’s part of the deal, eh? Being in this ski biz both as a sportsman or at the hospitality end.

But with North America’s snow record in recent years maybe it’s the time to get stuck in.

Again, if you got the spare cash.

Let the auction begin…

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area in Montana is up for a cool $3.5 million.

Owner of the ski area Steve Spencer is looking to retire and pass the torch.

The mountain rises above 2,000m with 420m vertical skinig, and gets an average of 6.5m a year.

Not bad eh? For young European judges, anyway.

The sale includes the summit lodge, the three chair lifts and one rope tow, equipment and permit from the Flathead National Forest, as well as 100 employees.

‘Blacktail Mountain’s 19th Season is now in the books and what a great winter it has been.

‘The snow was plentiful from day one right up until the end. Looking forward to next year…’ an official statement reads.

Blandford – Western Massachusetts

It’s a family friendly ski area that, let’s say, it’s snow challenged.

With 1.8m total snowfal average it could be a fun sledding park?!

There are 5 lifts, however, and 23 trails and it’s determined to stay a ski field.

The ski club has owned and operated the resort for near to 100 years.

There is no public price tag – go in with your best offer?

Blandford Ski Area

Blandford Ski Area

Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area in Wisconsin is on the market for $3m.

It’s 30-year-strong owners are looking for new hands to take over the resort.

“The main reason is the owners are getting long in the tooth,” Tyrol’s president, Jonathan Barry, is reported to have said.

“We’re at least in our 70s.

“It’s time to pass this on to a new group that would have new energy and new vigor.”

The four owners bought the Tyrol – if only it was as lucrative as the one we know – in 1987 and the skiing started the following season.

Barry, 72, is one of the owners and assures that improvements have been made and kept up regarding the snow-making facilities and bike trails for summer.

Tyrol Basin

Tyrol Basin

Marshall Mountain, Missoula, Montana

You could have some fun branding with those x4 M.

If you have the $3 million to be the boss.

Situated in Marshall Canyon, the ski area began operation in the winter of 1941 and did so continuously until 2003.

Then the IRS stormed in and the Doering owners had to stop.

In this lapse it’s been the happy venue of weddings & mountain bike comps.

But the sad pink chairlift structures have been frozen for 14 years…

Help the poor thing out.

Marshall Mountain

Marshall Mountain

The buy would include an old ski school building and main lodge for $2.95m.

Hunters, horse riders, hikers, backcountry skiers and snowboarders use the site and its got its permits for commercial recreation like camp grounds, country clubs and stables, weddings, charity events.

This goes on but let’s see what the plucky person who takes it decides…

Bruce Doering is known to have said that he’d like to see it used for recreation, rather than “just a rich person building a house.”

Got it? Do it for the community.

Sounds a steal – who will be the savvy entrepreneur?

Marshall Mountain

Marshall Mountain, a sleeping ski resort

A few seasons back Spout Springs Ski Area in Oregon went up for sale.

Judging by its closure for the 16/17 season, the resort is still in need of a patron.

In 2015 it was for sale for a modest $1.25m

It’s in the Walla Walla Ranger District of the Umatilla National Forest and I want it just to say that name more often.

The base area is at an elevation of 1,500m rising just a couple o’ hundred more to the top.

The lodge that comes with it includes a restaurant, lounge and fully loaded rental shop and a unit for the owner to live on the slopes.

Spout Springs, Oregon

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Spout Springs, Oregon

It is listed as a ‘turn key operation’.

Googled and translated: the current owner is ready to retire and open to offers.

And maybe this next one is the best bargain of all.

Have you had that dream of buying up a street for all your mates to live on together?

Get everyone to club $950,000 and migrate to:

Maple Valley in Vermont

Could be worse places – this is a home of maple syrup, people (and they have a decent Cheddar, too)!

2.5 hours driving from Boston and with Killington as it’s neighbour there’s a trick or two in there somewhere, isn’t there?

It’s been out of operation since the millenium but the snow has got better since…

A two-bed in London or ski resort?

It’s a toughie.

Maple Valley

Maple Valley resort

Maple Valley, Vermont

Maple Valley, Vermont

Now if you readers don’t have the full whack you can still get into the market (!) and involved in a crowdfunding campaign.

RED Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia, is asking for investment to stop the area falling into the teeth of big business sharks.

Read on in the link below:

To put some of these prices into perspective, here’s some figures of what other – albeit bigger – resorts went for:

Utah’s Park City Mountain Resort sold for $182.5 million.

Whistler, Canada was bought by Vail this past season for $1.4 BILLION.

You get my gist – they don’t cost much in the grand scheme.

Shall we take on tycoons Vail Resorts and Aspen Ski Co.?

Start dreaming…

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