First scam ski chalet websites, now it’s online ski shops. Be careful this cyber-Monday, they’re after your credit card details.


We know there are some great deals out there but some are just too good to be true.

How about a pair of new season Völkl Aura skis, down from €549.95 to just €98.


No, not really.  It’s fake.

Scam ski retail site

Too good to be true

Today, Cyber Monday, millions of pounds are going to be spent.

If you’re buying anything snow related online then our advice at PlanetSKI is simple: ‘Be Careful’.

If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

Bargain hunters first came across a website whose domain was SkiVipShop dot com, though the logo on its front page suggested it was called Snow Ski.

We looked at its Terms & Conditions and it claimed to be owned by the French arm of the global sports company, Amer Sports.

It’s not.

Amer Sports is the market leader for winter sports equipment worldwide and owns brands such as Atomic and Salomon.

“Our legal teams are working on it,” Jason Summerfield, Amer’s Territory Commercial Executive for Northern Europe told PlanetSKI.

“We’re getting customers contacting us and we’re telling them don’t go near it.”

Amer has sent a memo out to all its dealers to spread the word.

Too good to be true

Too good to be true

“It started off with Atomic but now I believe every brand is involved,” Summerfield told us.

“They have cloned various websites and pulled it all together to build this site.”

Unlike the ski chalet accommodation fraud that we have reported on, SkiVipShop does not ask for payment by bank transfer but by credit card.


Amer Sports believes the aim is to capture the customer’s credit card details, name and address, either to use them to buy goods themselves or to apply for loans or new credit cards using the customer’s identity.

We have discovered that SkiVipShop dot com is one of 24 website domain names registered between 28th October and 6th November by someone calling themselves Markx Karel and giving an address in the US Virgin Islands.

Some of the other sites he or she has registered are purporting to sell pianos, guitars and clothing.

Some are currently live and some are not.

Website domain names registered by same person

Website domain names registered by ‘Markx Karel’

SkiVipShop was still online on Monday but was down on Tuesday.

However another site which looks identical and has the same Terms & Conditions –  referring to Amer Sports – has appeared.

Its domain name is SkiSaleMall dot com.

SkiSaleMall web page

SkiSaleMall web page

Expect more dodgy sites to appear and disappear.

With genuine Black Friday/White Week deals in abundance, let’s hope the crazy prices don’t fool too many skiers and snowboarders.

Meanwhile, news of another victim in the never-ending ski chalet accommodation fraud has reached us.

We’ve been told of one unfortunate woman who has lost £11,500 after booking with the scam site Premium Swiss Chalets, one of the companies we investigated and which is now offline.

Keep up to date with the latest scam chalet sites in this blog by Andy Castle, the MD of the travel agent, Ski In Luxury: