Ellis Brigham releases the top skis for Winter 17/18 under 8 categories: Men’s, women’s, piste, carve, all mountain, freestyle, freeride.



(And wallet warning…) – An all-too-easy way to drop a £££ bomb as we look the new season ski models that come out on top:

Gorge yourself with the top picks for Winter 17/18 named by the experts at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports.

How have the testing team decided?

What makes these choice skis stand out?

Well, they look at how the ski performs beyond the areas it is expected to excel in.

Like can a model stand skiing terrain well it mightn’t be designed for.

Or if it does well in varying conditions.

Does it appeal to more skiers than perhaps the target audience?

The categories are:

  • Top Men’s Ski
  • Top Women’s Ski
  • Top Piste Ski
  • Top Carve Ski
  • Top All Mountain Ski
  • Top Freestyle Ski
  • Top Freeride Ski

So, let’s get into it.

The men’s ski of the year is Atomic’s Vantage 90 Cti.

Atomic Vantage 90 Cti

Atomic Vantage 90 Cti

A few tweaks from last year’s model make it the one to beat.

What stands out? The stability, balanced feel and impressive grip…

From the experts:

The women’s ski of the year is the Blizzard Black Pearl 88.

Lauded for its ability to tackle any terrain or conditions, it’s the “smoothest ski you’ll ever ski”.

It’s traditional sandwich make up give it an energy – that playful pop…

I want a go NOW!

Blizzard Black Pearl 88

Blizzard Black Pearl 88

Under the next 5 categories several hot shot winter 17/18 models are listed, both guys’ and gals’ skis, so check out the links for more top skis and details.

First up, Piste Skis.

The Head Supershape i.Magnum is agile, stable and works well at high speeds as well as lesiurely paces.


The Salomon XDR 80 Ti

Lively, powerful, fast & fun are all words used to describe this ski recommended for intermediates and above.

In the All Mountain Ski section there are many to make your choice harder:

Featured here is the Blizzard Brahma.

Mark from Ellis Brigham, the trainer of ski testers – is that the best damn job ever?! – says this:

“It charges through chop with authority and grips on hard snow like a GS ski.

“It’s a great all-rounder for a strong skier looking for performance and versatility.”


The Freestyle ski of the year is the Armada ARW 86.

Said to turn the whole mountain into a playground, the ski has a kick on piste too.]

Sound like your kind of fun?

Last up, Freeride Skis of the year!

The DPS Wailer A112 stands out.

It’s for advanced to expert level skiers that use some of the world’s highest grade materials.

“An engineering masterpiece designed to destroy powder,” describes sales man and ski expert Luke from Ellis Brigham.

It’s fun – that’s what a freeride ski is for…

PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, gives an overview at the tests carried out by Ellis Brigham on this season’s new skis:

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