You gotta be able to see where you’re going to get the most from your skiing (and be safe) – here are six of the best goggle options.


SMITH I/O MAG CHROMAPOP £229.99 www.smithoptics.com

The Smith I/O Mag is the most expensive pair of goggles on test.

That’s due to a combination of top-quality ChromaPop lenses (of which you get two – a mirrored lens for bright light conditions and a second lens for low light or night riding).

Smith’s excellent MAG lens changing system uses eight magnetic contact points and two locking points to allow rapid lens replacement and also keep said lens firmly in place.

If you want to change the lens, simply push a lever at either side of the outriggers and it pops out.

We really like the minimalist rimless frame design, and the ChromaPop lenses provide very good peripheral vision, with the frame available in three different fits and frame colours so there should be something to suit everyone.

The I/O Mag is also very comfortable thanks to the use of ultra-soft hypoallergenic three-layer face foam, and a wide silicone grip on the inside of the straps means it stays put whether on a helmet or a beanie.

VERDICT Great goggles, good lens change system, but expensive.



CÉBÉ EXO OTG £139.99 www.cebe-eyewear.com * BEST BUY

The award-winning Exo OTG (Over the Glasses) has been designed specifically for skiers who wear spectacles .

It features openings on the side of the frame and a thinner nose area to facilitate the best and most comfortable positioning of your glasses, and this can even be done whilst wearing the goggles i.e. you don’t need to take the goggles off to adjust your specs.

There’s no compromising with other features of the Exo OTG either – it comes with an anti-scratch, anti-fog spherical double lens with a wide field of view, and even better the lens has a magnetic attachment system – nine magnets keep everything firmly in place.

The Exo OTG comes with two lenses, one for bright conditions, the other for dull.

The lenses can also be changed whilst wearing the goggles.

This effectively means that for anyone who wears glasses the Cébé Exo OTG is one pair of goggles for literally all circumstances.

VERDICT If you ski in glasses these really are the goggles for you.

CÉBÉ EXO OTG £139.99

CÉBÉ EXO OTG £139.99

DRAGON ALLIANCE PXV £160 www.dragonalliance.com

The PXV is easily one of the coolest looking goggles out there, but the excellent frame and lens combo does more than just look good.

The design allows the entire goggle to be brought further back on your face, which allows for superb peripheral vision – far better than you might expect for quite a chunky looking pair of goggles.

This is also assisted by the ‘panotech’ lens shape, which has a unique base curvature that further helps in improving peripheral visibility.

The goggles also feature ‘Lumalens’, a colour-optimized lens technology offering ultra-high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions.

Its build quality is tough and rugged – if you give your goggles a lot of abuse the PXV is worth checking out.

‘Armored’ venting helps to prevent snow getting packed into the vents.

There’s soft, triple-layer face foam to keep things as comfy as possible and the strap has some of the best silicone grips around to keep everything in place.

VERDICT Great looking, bomb-proof goggles with excellent peripheral vision.



POC FOVEA CLARITY COMP £200 www.pocsports.com

The Poc Fovea Clarity Comp is a well-built, rugged pair of ski goggles that will suit anyone who gives their gear a lot of stick.

The top-quality Clarity Comp lenses have been developed with specific, highly advanced tints designed to enhance contrast and vision.

It also feature ‘Spektris’ mirror coatings which are designed to complement the lens’ base tint and can be used in three distinct weather conditions: sunny, partly sunny and overcast.

You get two lenses with the Fovea, one for bright and one for low light conditions, although changing them isn’t anywhere near as easy as with, say, the Smith I/O Mag.

The rather bulky frame actually provides a more than adequately wide field of view and the Fovea’s soft, triple-layer face foam ensures they feel great against your face.

The plain, understated looks may not appeal to everyone, but there’s no doubt that the Fovea Clarity Comp is a well-made pair of goggles that should see many seasons of service.

VERDICT Well-built and well-designed goggles for the serious skier.



SALICE 619 FLASH £92 www.salice.co.uk

The 619 Flash from Italia company Salice has been around for a few seasons now, which says much for both its popularity and effectiveness.

It features a Zeiss polycarbonate UV 400 mirror lens with a multi-layer mirror coating, which cuts out 100 per cent of UVA, B and C rays.

The soft, malleable frame means it’s possible to change lenses should you need to, and the raised static hinge either side has been designed for optimum helmet compatibility.

Soft, double-layer face foam provides a very comfortable fit, and peripheral vision is good (although not the best on test) whilst fogging is prevented through large top and bottom vents and anti-fog lens treatment.

The look, like the name, is quite flash, so these goggles may not appeal to everyone, but if you like your eye protection to stand out on the slopes they’re worth checking out.

VERDICT Bright, colourful goggles at a reasonable price.



JULBO UNIVERSE £140 www.julbo.com   * EDITOR’S CHOICE

We’ve always found Julbo goggles to offer great peripheral vision, and the Universe is no exception.

It uses Julbo’s Minimalist Frame Concept to offer the maximum field of vision from any angle, and you notice this as soon as you put them on – no bulky frame protruding on the edges of your vision.

The frame is also remarkably flexible, which adds to the comfort, as does the super soft dual face foam.

The strap offers symmetrical adjustment to ensure an even pressure on your face and is, of course, silicone lined for a secure attachment to your helmet/beanie.

The model we tested came with Julbo’s excellent Cameleon photochromic lens, which utilises NXT lens material for light weight as well as being virtually unbreakable and optically perfect; it also effectively means that you only need this one pair of goggles for any light conditions.

VERDICT Great peripheral vision, great comfort, great lenses – what’s not to like?



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