Maison Sport: a name & business to know, but what is it? The future for ski instructors & finding yours.


Maison Sport connects skiers and snowboarders with instructors.

It’s a platform for ski instructors to sign up to, in order to work independently from a ski school.

For customers, it’s a website full of many ski and snowboard instructor profiles to browse and select someone that suits your needs, resort and timing.

So, instead of schlepping to the local ski school early doors on the first morning of your ski holiday in ski boots for an-instructor surprise, peruse Maison Sport before your trip (or even while you’re there) to chat to and organise a teacher or guide chosen by you.

You pay lower prices, without the middleman (the ski school) taking its cut.

You get exactly what you want, when you want, for who you want in your group or family.

Maison Sport

Maison Sport

Some of Europe’s best instructors are signed up to Maison Sport; there are currently 410 instructors throughout the Alps.

Each instructor is vetted and has their teaching qualifications verified.

Not only this, but it’s a system that runs on reviews.

Customers who’ve skied with the teachers rate them and leave feedback – this is how you choose your ski guy or board gal.

As the teachers represent themselves, they go over and beyond to make you, the learner, happy.

It’s honest, it’s transparent, and is why Maison Sport has racked up 516 five-star instructor reviews…

Maison Sport

Children’s lessons, adult private lessons and group tuition

Maison Sport is big in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps; It grew 400% in France in its first year, then the same again in the second.

Courchevel, Morzine, Val d’Isere are huge with the largest number of teachers to choose from but these pros are dotted all over the Alps.

Watch out as Austria is next…

Three guys set it up.

Two are brothers who actually run a traditional ski school in Courchevel and are ski instructors themselves – they know what it’s all about, basically.

PlanetSKI caught up with them in London before the season kicked off.

The lowdown – The idea behind the company – The future of the ski instructor business

Teachers are always leaving ski schools after having built up a firm client base.

They are their own business and can often earn more money working independently if they have customers.

Or they work independently, as well as part of a ski school; A ‘freelance’ instructor, if you like.

Maison Sport

Pascal G in Val d’Isere

And as the technological world develops even in the mountains (we have interactive ski map apps and friend finding tools on the mountain), we have to keep up and move in the direction that ski teaching is surely going in.

It’s actually really simple.

Instead of trudging to the ski school on the first morning of your holiday to meet the surprise instructor you’re dished up, get online and choose them yourself – have them work to your needs.

And (I think we already mentioned) for less €!

The instructors are rated in five areas, including friendliness and time keeping.

Each skier or boarder wants something different:

Good with kids? Video analysis? Relaxed and cruisey? Technique, technique, technique?

Do you prefer a premium service or would you like to learn from a pro freeskier?

Extreme skier Tof Henry represents big ski brands Armada and POC.

He’s based out of Chamonix and is signed up to Maison Sport for teaching.

This’ll be some experience…

 Tof H. profile

Tof H. profile

Tof H. in Chamonix

Tof H. in Chamoni

Each instructor knows they’re being reviewed and so it’s always top service delivered.

So browse the site, find an instructor that’s right for you in your destination ski resort and relax (until the skiing begins)…

6 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Search.

Results are tailored to the resort you’re visiting, the dates you will be there and whether you want ski or snowboard lessons.

Step 2 – Choose your lesson type

Choose ‘Private lessons’ and then your preferred language to create recommendations of fully qualified instructors that suit your needs.

Step 3 – Make informed decisions and choose instructors based on pricing, availability and personal qualities

Step 4 – Message the instructors

Messaging an instructor directly prior to booking is the best way to ensure they can meet your requirements.

We recommend messaging at least 2 or 3 instructors that you like, prior to requesting to book.

Step 5 – Book: Select the time slots you would like and then hit ‘request to book’.

Payment is only taken and the booking is confirmed if the instructor accepts your request.

Step 6 – Enjoy your lessons (and leave a review!)

Maison Sport

Maison Sport

Booking is a little like Uber.

But, unlike Uber, the instructors are not low paid.

They are qualified, they set their fee and the site only takes 3%.

Maison Sport

Lionel D. from Chamonix

Some Maison Sport – ski facts:

  • 3,119 customers have signed up since 2016
  • Instructors are from all over the world
  • Pick your language
  • In ski schools just 2-4% of ski teachers are reviewed; On Maison Sport it’s 70%
  • 75% pre-book lessons before arriving in resort
  • Tignes has an instructor that charges as little as €45 an hour

Remember, a private lesson with a group of five would most likely be priced better than 5 joining ski school…

We like the idea of paying for what you want: Take a 2-hour lesson, or a full day.

Then have a few days to practice what you’ve learned (or even a few days off to rest your legs) before picking up again with your instructor.

Maison Sport

Maison Sport

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