Food & drink huskied to you in anywhere in the French Alps, saving you money and giving time to spend skiing. UPDATED






Ok, it’s not actually delivered by husky dogs.

But it is brought to you by a novel mountain company called Huski that delivers food & drink right to you in resort.

…to any resort in the French Alps.

It’s self-catering holidays made smarter.

Or, for the official Huski motto:

We schlepp, you ski.

Simple as that.












These mountain delivery experts are based down in Bourg Saint Maurice, just seconds off the main road (if you wanted to collect your dinners as you head on up into the hills).

Order online before your holiday or call in once you’re cosied up in your chalet for a next-day-delivery service.

Huski can prep you an arrival meal, a special night in, curries, or just dinner for the kids.

It’ll be less shopping, less schlepping and more skiing.














And less money, actually.

You’ll save on cooking.

Huski has done the maths and the food prep buying ingredients from resort and the Huski meals turn out being half the price of cooking yourself.

Based on a Coq Au Vin for 4:

Our COOK oven-ready version is €28 vs €53.27, from buying in resort supermarkets.

You’ll also save on going out with restaurant quality food at staying-in prices.

Oven-ready meals for two with house wine from €18.

Doing some (fun sounding) research, Huski couldn’t find the same thing in resort restaurants for less than €50.

Save on drinking as delivery booze is 20% less than in local shops.

Huski House €6 vs Local Shops €8,
 Craft Beer €2.50 vs €2.99

Huski food and drink delivery

Huski food and drink delivery













Beer, wine, Champagne delivery

Beer, wine, Champagne delivery












“I had the idea while riding a chairlift and thinking about the shopping and cooking I had to do after skiing,” said the co-founder of Huski, Paddy Griffith.

” If I was at home in London there’s be an app to order some food and get it delivered, so why not offer the same in a ski resort I thought.”

“Traditionally there was either catered accommodation or self catering, here at Huski we offer a third way than can combine elements of both.”

‘”The consumer is changing and they don’t always want the food from a catered chalet every night where it can a bit over the top or resemble boarding school cuisine.”

“Equally if they are in self-catering they don’t want to spend hours each day shopping, preparing and cooking.”

The company began in the season of 2016/17 and did 590 deliveries in the Tarentaise area of France.

It covered 6 resorts.

The following winter Huski completed 1,100 deliveries and added Les3Vallees and the Portes du Soleil to its list – 22 resorts in all.

This season it is going up a gear it will now deliver to every resort in France – all 250 of them.

There is a minimum spend for the far flung resorts such as Isola 2000 (500 euros) or delivery charges apply.

What kind of food can you order?

Huski sources its food from COOK, a kitchen based in Kent that blast freezes its home-prepared meals to send on out to the Alps.

Will you be out in the mountains at Christmas time?

How about skiing through Christmas dinner preparation time instead ordering the traditional feast from COOK and Huski?

The Christmas Menu feeds 8 and includes all the trimmings for €188:

  • Stuffed crown of turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Roast potatoes and parsnips
  • Honey glazes carrots
  • Brussel sprouts with chesnuts and cranberries
  • Gravy

On offer is also a two-person Christmas Menu and a Veggie Christmas Menu for two.

For your ‘week-night’ dinners choose from a tasty menu of Venison Casserole, Chicken Savoyard, Boeuf Mondeuse, Tartiflette, curries, fish pie and many more kids options.

Roasted Confit of Duck

Roasted Confit of Duck

















Huski is the idea of a bunch of ski-mad friends.

They wanted to make ski holidays even better.

Look out for them in your resort.

“We love to help out with local tips, or buy our customers a beer.”

“See you out here.”

Huski team

Huski team













It is an interesting idea, not least because of the context and the changing face of ski holidays.

There has been a growth in self-catered holidays in recent years with many of the established tour operators reducing their catered chalet product and offering self-catering.

More and more people are also using the likes of AirBnB or booking.com and going independently.

Combine this with a change in employment terms, particularly in France where the vast majority of the British go skiing, then Huski seems to be on to something.

Chalet staff now work a 35-hour week in France.

This has led to some companies using Huski to supplement their catering.

Some operators are not catering for guests two nights a week instead of one.

Huski could fill an important gap in a changing market and is already working with a number of the UK’s leading tour operators including Crystal, Inghams, Esprit Ski and Mountain Heaven to name just a few.

Our editor, James Cove, is staying a few days in a self-catering apartment with Pierre et Vacances in Arcs 1950 this week.

He is using the Huski service.

It will be interesting to see what he makes of it…

First impressions are favourable:

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