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‘Experience gifting’ is becoming more and more popular.

Not only do our friends and families offer contributions to wedding gift adventures now – such as sky diving or the honeymoon fund.

But people are spending more on themselves when it comes to experiences and sporting adventures.

Or, it’s the same idea but when it comes to buying something for someone who already has everything.

The ultimate gift is exciting memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it is scaling the highest peaks.

Crossing mountain ranges.

Or getting to the top of pristine powder in a helicopter.

So MountainTracks has put together a list of epic trips to put on then tick off that bucket list.

Mountain Tracks adventures

Mountain Tracks adventures













So here they are:

Climb the Matterhorn

Mont Blanc might be the most famous of the high peaks in the Alps.

But the Matterhorn’s impressive profile is probably the most iconic.

The 4,478m peak was first successfully summited in 1865 by a party led by British explorer Edward Whymper.

The climb is achievable for fit climbers with a structured training plan.

Taking the same route as the first ascent, the climb isn’t hugely difficult for regular mountaineers.

It’s described as sustained and delicate.

So if you have experience using ropes and crampons, and are comfortable scrambling on steep rock, then one of the worlds most famous big mountains is well within reach.

Guided Matterhorn trips with MountainTracks run throughout July & August.

Costing from £2,995 for 6 days, including hotel & hut accommodation.















Trek or ski the Haute Route

The Haute Route is possibly the best-known Alpine passage.

It’s doable both on foot and on skis.

In summer and wintr.

Either way and either season, it is one of the most rewarding treks.

The 120km route travels from Chamonix to Zermatt following the classic high-altitude route.

It ascends over glaciers and among the spectacular 4,000m+ peaks of Mt Blanc and the Gran Paradiso.

You stay in alpine huts aong the way, so there is a unique sense of adventure shared with your fellow climbers.

If you want to add to the challenge, add on an extra two days to the trip and reach the summit of Mt. Blanc.

Two ticks against the adventures of a lifetime.

The guided summer Haute Route treks run from June to September.

  • Costing from £1,595 for 8 days including hotel and hut accommodation.

The Haute Route ski tour runs on various dates in March and April.

  • Costing from £1,325 for 6 days including hotel & hut accommodation.
Matterhorn adventures

Matterhorn adventures









For many aspiring freeride skiers and snowboarders, heliskiing is often high up on the to-do list.

The sheer exhilaration of charging through the sky.

To drop down onto untouched, snowy peaks.

It’s the stuff of ski movies and ski dreams alike.

In most parts of Europe, it’s illegal to Heliski.

But not in the Monte Rosa area in Italy.

It’s a special place for backcountry skiing.

This isn’t a trip like a day-trip organised when you’re in resort.

This MountainTracks expedition will show you everything from the open powder bowls of Monte Rosa to the narrow couloirs and 4,500m peaks.

HeliSki Italia! takes place in mid March.

Costing from £2,795 for 6 days.

Includes half board accommodation, 6 days with IFMG Mountain guides and up to 8 heli drops.

Mountain Tracks is part of the Ski Club of Great Britain.

We looked into the exciting trips on offer very early this year, during the scorching summer:

Mountain Tracks adventures

Mountain Tracks adventures















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