‘Revel in the joys of ski seasons at the peak of their powers’ says Skiworld, giving five reasons why April ski holidays are the best:.

The snow doesn’t melt when the ski lifts close.
Especially the case this season after a strong winter and deep snow bases in many places through the mountains.
The Alps and the Rockies have had it best.
Check out PlanetSKI’s piece on how America’s resorts are extending their seasons already due to amazing season snow:
Skiworld says from its own professional and personal experience of ski seasons in Europe and North America, the best skiing conditions are frequently found at the end of March and well into April.

Spring night skies – alpenglow

Have you spent a spring holiday skiing before?
Fancy fitting in a ski trip before it gets to summer?
Just read on for a little convincing.
Here are Skiworld’s 5 reasons why April skiing is best.

Longer Ski Days

Winter Solstice falls on December 22nd, and from then on out the Northern Hemisphere receive more and more sunlight.

In Alpine regions, the presence of sun earlier and later in the day is energising.
There are also hella good evening sunsets and regular moments of the magic alpenglow.
Skiworld suggests you bask in glorious sunshine at après ski bars or sun terraces.
Get a suntan on a ski holiday
A suntan on a ski holiday?
That’s right.
Goggle-tans (or panda-eyes) are a priceless souvenir.
Best conditions later in the season

What do you look for on a ski holiday, weather-wise, Skiworld asks.
More frequent snow days

More intense snowfall

Higher volume of snow

More bluebird powder days

Snowy nights and sunny days

Less white-outs

Warmer days… 

These elements seem to align more frequently in lots of ski resorts in spring.
So you’re more likely to have ‘the best ever day skiing’ in March and April, than during any other month, Skiworld sums up.

Skiworlsa reasons to Spring Ski

Quieter slopes
The school Easter holidays are often a popular time to ski.
But otherwise ski resorts are quieter during April.
More space on the slopes and shorter lift-lines.
More time skiing!

April ski holiday deals
“Far be it for a ski holiday company to divulge secrets about when the best ski deals are, but it’s well worth noting that March and April ski holidays have their fair share,” Skiworld says, and PlanetSKI can back this up.
Check out our PlanetSKI Deals Club page, where we collect reams of ski holiday deals with amazing discounts.
Spoiler, there’s lift pass offers, 50% off holidays and last minute ski deals.
For more deals and more advice on booking a spring ski holiday, visit the Skiworld website here.

Spring skiing and blue skies

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