Spring has broken, the touring season is in session, avalanche danger remains ever-present. There have been recent fatalities. UPDATED


This snowslide recorded below was posted on Tuesday from Nordkette, an Innsbruck local ski resort.
“The mountain’s had enough of us,” Whitelines Snowboarding writes.
Be careful.
Don’t forget who’s boss.

No-one was reported injured in the slide.

Meanwhile two Norwegians were killed in an avalanche on Tuesday 26th March in Norway.
It occurred in Durmålstinden in Sørfold, in Nordland County around noon.
Both were each operating snow-clearing machines working to clear a local road.

“Emergency personnel were carried into the area and could quickly localize the equipment the men had been operating.

The two men were dug out of the snow and declared dead at the scene,” read a press release from the Nordland Police District.


On Sunday four people were caught in the Malaluy valley near Martigny in the Valais region of Switzerland.

Two were swept away but were not fully buried and managed to free themselves

One, a 35-year old, was dug out by his fellow skiers.

The fourth was found by the rescue services when they arrived on the scene.

The person was buried under 1.5m of snow and was pronounced dead at the scene.

He was a 37-year old Swiss national but has not been named.

The avalanche was 1.5kms long and 30 meters wide.

It descended 820m.

The fatal avalanche. Image c/o Valais Police

The fatal avalanche. Image c/o Valais Police




















It takes the death toll in Switzerland from avalanches this winter to 15.

In an incident in Austria one person was killed and a second seriously injured after getting caught in an avalanche.

Police said the two were part of a group in the Rax mountain range near the town of Reichenau, when the avalanche hit in the afternoon.

The seriously injured person was flown to a hospital by helicopter.

Officials say no other people have been reported missing but that as a precaution the area was searched.

There were no signs of anyone else hit by the wet snow avalanche.

There are no further details on the incident.

The authorities are urging people who head of the beaten track, whether for off piste skiing or ski touring, to be extra careful.

They should follow all the rules and regulations plus have the correct safety equipment and know how to use it.

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