Brits make up 40% of overseas visitors in some resorts. A series of support events are planned as end of season bookings fall & worries grow.

The latest is a pro-British and anti-Brexit event in Bourg St Maurice to be held at the beginning of next month.
The last direct Eurostar ski train for St. Pancras in London will leave Bourg St Maurice in France at  9.30am on 6th April.
It’s the last Eurostar before the re-scheduled Brexit departure date.
The UK market makes up 48% of foreign visitors to Val d’Isère each winter and it is over 40% in other resorts such as Les Arcs and Meribel.

Understandably, locals are worried that the Brexit chaos may have a significant effect on future tourism to the area.

“The Brexit chaos may have a significant effect on future bookings,” said the Mayor of Val d’Isere, Marc Bauer.
So parts of the French ski industry want to show their support for British skiers and snowboarders in an event organised by the Bourg St Maurice tourist board.
French hoteliers, ski instructors, shopkeepers and seasonaires are planning a send off for holidaymakers taking the last direct train of the 2018/19 ski season.
Bourg-Saint-Maurice is the main town railhead for nearby huge ski areas popular with British people, such as the Espace Killy, Les3Vallees and Paradiski.
Resorts include Val d’Isère, Tignes, Les Arcs, Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens and La Plagne.

“We are Europeans!,” said Mayor Michel Giraudy of Bourg-Saint-Maurice-Les Arcs and Mayor of Val d’Isère, Marc Bauer, in a joint statement.
“It seems unimaginable for our parents who built Europe to build a new barrier between France and Great Britain.”
“It is incomprehensible for our children born in Europe, who travel without a passport, to face new constraints.”

“And it is unacceptable for the British people living in Haute Tarentaise, and of course for the 500,000 British people who visit our region each winter, to disrupt their holidays in France.”

British celebrations in Les Arcs

British celebrations in Les Arcs

“Brexit brings very significant concerns for the French snowsports industry and for the UK operators that rely heavily on the mass exodus of GB skiers to the French Alps,” said the PlanetSKI editor, James Cove.

“The end of this season has been hit very hard by Brexit worries with companies reporting a sharp fall in bookings as people choose not to travel.”
“One specialist operator to France has described it to me this week as ‘catastrophic’ and there are concerns this may go over into next season.”
“Of course any Brexit impact will hit other alpine nations in the EU, but some resorts in France are very heavily reliant on the British market. These events may all be a bit of a PR stunt but they reflect deep worries behind it.”
This weekend another solidarity event will start in Les Arcs.

What is happening at the latest event in Bourg St Maurice?

European, British and French flags will decorate the train station.
There will be banners of support for UK visitors.
It’s expecting to hand out more than 150 croissants to the early morning travellers.

Music is planned, apparently along the nostalgic lines of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Vera Lynn, God Save The Queen and La Marseillaise.
And all from 7am onwards as passengers begin to arrive in Bourg St Maurice.
Les Arcs image

Pro-British event in Les Arcs

And it is not just the French that are worried about the impact of Brexit:
Director of Communication of Val d’Isère tourism Cécile Ferrando says in the face of political chaos:
“All we might say to our British clients is, ‘keep calm and ski on!'”
In Les Arcs a snow art drawing has been made by local artist, Simon Beck, who has written ‘Les Arcs says NO Brexit’ with a Europe figure as a gaint work of art in the snow.
Political art in the snow

Political art in the snow

Others in the area  have made their feelings known in the snow.
This message in the snow comes from Les3Vallees:
Message in the snow

Message in the snow

In a further anti-Brexit protest, Katie Hall, 24, from Southampton, England, will be swimming the length of the English Channel (35 kilometres / 19 nautical miles) in the Aquasportif Center in Val d’Isère. 

Katie Hall works at the Ecole du Ski Français (ESF) offices.
The challenge will entail swimming 200 lengths in the pool each day. 
“I do this in solidarity with all the people who are currently protesting in England,” Katie says.
We’ll be reporting back when the events get underway.

PlanetSKI has been posting a series of Brexit guides ahead of the current changes to the political situation.

Here we looked at the seasonal workers:

And here the others looking at a number of areas:

There has been some er, ‘heated’ debate to the PlanetSKI story over on Facebook as we ask whether the French events are a PR stunt or a show of real concerns:
Ian Allen ‪It is a PR stunt, but the concerns in resorts are very real. UK people will still ski, but even a small reduction won’t be able to be offset by home or other customers‬

Andrew James Bishop ‪Provided the EU do not create an additional artificial barrier to brits traveling and working in the ski industry it will make no difference. And here lies the actual potential problem so rather than an anti Brexit event it should be a pro UK one or one targeting the EU. Its not france many who supported leave dont like, its the EU’s political structure

Alasdair Iain Johnston ‪It’s not the EU that will create additional artificial barriers, it’s the UK that has decided to leave the EU and had therefore terminated the right of freedom of movement. Please don’t blame the EU for the inevitable outcome of the UK’s decision

Andrew James Bishop ‪Except, there never was any right of free movement in terms of process. You still needed to show passports at borders. Think about the migrants……. the fences were/are not there just for decoration. So even if a visa is needed, in terms of delay, any would be soley political (and more damaging to the destination part of the EU than the UK). Hence the concern of tourist destinations such as ski and southern coast areas such as this event

Frank Atherton ‪Thats the nub of the so called problem above. These ski resort directors should be having words with the French border guards who a screwing things up for no real reason. UK citizens traveled abroad without too much trouble before it entered the EEC. For those who don’t know what that was, it was a trading club only not a political one
Janice Johnstone ‪Whatever the reason Brexit must have an effect. Chaos and uncertainty always does. Skiing was for the elite from uk 60 years ago! Travel everywhere will be an issue. Cant have your cake and eat it im afraid!‬

David Longfield ‪I traveled all over Europe before the borders came down. It was never an issue. You just need a passport. just like now. Stop scaremongering. If the Frogs want to make it hard. stuff them. There is better skiing elsewhere….with no Frogs

Caroline Cooper ‪David Longfield‪ quite. I went behind the Iron Curtain even. No big deal. Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta….. it’s not just the Alps who will still want tourists to spend in their country

Frank Atherton ‪Janice Johnstone Such an outmoded view, ‘Skiing was for the elite’. Some might argue it still is. But both views are wrong. The increase in overall disposable income is what has driven the growth not being part of a political club run by an overwhelmingly ELITE club of self serving bureaucrats.‬

Frank Atherton ‪David Longfield‪ WELL SAID. That’s exactly the point I’ve been making for ages. It’s only bloody mindedness on behalf of the French that will make things difficult

Frank Atherton ‪Caroline Cooper‪ As above. This is the message needed to get across to people who have no idea what living was like before the EEC & Eu

Paul Stock ‪Frank…..I lived in France pre E U….I can tell you getting a carte de sejour then was a piece of cake. I know local UK citizens who are living and working here in chamonix valley and are struggli g to get a carte de sejour……because just like the windrush migrants to UK they can’t provide all of the records…..So this mess is getting worse and more complex. Personally as my wife and kids are dual nationals (E u) my position is protected under e u law. However I fear for those who don’t have easy solution to this intractable problem‬

Paul Stock ‪David Longfield‪ you miss the point. Post brexit it becomes illegal to provide cross border services within e u by British citizens. Example. I am in France and my status means as a commercial lawyer I can work in France. But I have clients in Belgium and Italy as well. So under e u law that at least in theory is illegal post no deal or bad deal brexit. As it happens I personally have a legal solution but I have clients who don’t and can’t get a solution. Your post really fails to address the issues.‬

Janice Johnstone ‪Frank Atherton‪ I said it “was”…not “is” and in the 1960 s it was rather elite if I remember!…anyway who cares. Im a spanish permanent resident and .I have a house near Baquiera Beret and will ski everyday of every winter from now on as long as I can!‬

David Longfield ‪i do understand Paul but the original post was about skiing in France and not those with a business outside that sphere. I’m sure that there will be a myriad of dramas for those like your self with a vested interest. But, for the average Lunn Poly budget ski traveler. It won’t be so onerous. As an Australian resident i already pay exorbitant prices to ski anyway. What interests me the most is that those that are most concerned are those that are embedded in the EU system. Those that are keenest to leave the EU are those that have no binding business interests. So one may even say that personal self interest is over riding what is best for Britain

Keiron Jardine ‪David Longfield‪ what a charming man you are

David Longfield ‪Keiron Jardine‪ thanxs‬

Andrew Bentley ‪There are a number of reasons Brits avoid France and one being the chaos at French airports. We hear stories all the time at (mainly) the smaller French airports and it can only get worse with French resentment and the fact Brits will have to use the Non- EU channel. This year we skied Italy and Spain and whilst the skiing in France can be nothing short of fantastic, it does not make up for the travel chaos situation, strikes etc now let alone post Brexit. The French ski resorts should be worried but not so Italy, Spain, Austria etc, in my opinion.‬

Frank Atherton ‪Agree totally. They are not being as stupid as the French

Scott Ryan French ‪What the fuck did I do? And I’m not even French

Bill Jackson ‪A comment from British Ski Instructors at Interski in Pamporovo last week. I guess they are concerned about being able to work (or not) in post Brexit Europe

David Longfield ‪Stuff the Frogs.‬

Graham Pugh ‪Here’s are some of the reasons leaving will effect the industry and in some cases already have: 1. Stock – nearly all ski brands have removed their stock from the UK to European warehouses. This has effected the cost of shipping, invoicing (VAT), delivery lead times and stock availability. All of which impact on the SRP cost to consumers in a n negative way. Your costs go up. 2. Cash Flow for retailers – in a no deal scenario because of the above retailers may become the importer of the goods and that means import duty and VAT will have to be paid upfront by the retailers and most will not have that cash flow leading to possible business closures at the worst and a limited choice of stock for consumers. Brands are working on this problem but as yet non of mine have confirmed with certainty they have solved the issue although I believe they will be forced to do so by lower order books. 3. EU working time directives – in some countries, notably France, the tour operators are being forced to give staff a 5 day week meaning either more staff needed to run the accommodation on a shift basis (more expensive holidays) or you will have to eat out for two nights instead of one on the same price holiday. Other aspects of the running of accommodation are also clearly effected by this. More expensive holidays will result with the smaller chalet type holiday most affected, meaning the French industry will probably be hit hardest as they have more of that type of accommodation. 4. Working visas – once we exit it is likely that some form of working visa will be needed. There will be caps for non EU residents on these and certain jobs will take precedence. For example I know an Instructor who has worked in Italy for the last 12 years and he does not believe he would be able to go back because Italy has a cap on the number of non EU visas issued countrywide and Ski Instructor isn’t high on the list of priorities. 5. Exchange rate – apart from the obvious that this will make anything in Europe more expensive, whichever way the UK goes for its exit (No deal or Mays Deal) most financial institutions agree that we will take a hit on exchange rate. Most agree a short period of parity will ensue. Tour operators will have no choice but to pass that on and again that is more expensive holidays and possibly skiers putting off booking. Even if this is temporary it will affect tour operators cash flow and ability to plan and so some will go out of business. 6. Purchasing equipment and goods – Skiers like new kit for sure but they will definitely hold off on purchasing until the exchange rate settles, especially fo high ticket items such as skis and boots. This will definitely affect UK retail in an adverse way. Lack of certainty and high prices never make for a buying environment. 7. Qualifications – historically there have always been issues with professional qualifications being recognised by other countries and all the skiing professionals that I know agree that this is going to be very problematic for BASI qualified instructors. So much so that some are already requalifying in the Irish system to try to circumvent the issues. Need to stop typing now and this list is by no means exhaustive. Anyone who thinks Bexit will have no effect on the sport we love is delusional. This is NOT a publicity stunt.‬

David Longfield ‪Yes Graham but you are a retailer and own a business in the snowsport industry in UK, so your comments are tempered by a degree of self interest. No offence intended, thats just how it is. My point is that for the average punter (especially older o…See More‬

Caroline Cooper ‪Graham Pugh‪ The pound will drop initially but will find it’s place

Dave Haines ‪David Longfield‪ What world are you living in? Seriously

Dave Haines ‪Caroline Cooper‪ What’s that based on

Frank Atherton ‪The vast majority of what Graham says is as usual superposition. Just a couple of glaring pie in the sky items. Import duty? You have a crystal ball and KNOW there will be? No of course not. Exchange rate. Euro-pound exchange rate has almost been at parity before so blaming any fall on the exit from the EU is factious

David Longfield ‪Dave Haines‪ in what regard mate

Graham Pugh ‪Frank Atherton Not pie in the ski Frank. Actually happening or already happened, my business has already been effected by it. With regard to import duty, this isn’t supposition. The commodity code on the HMRC website will give this exactly. Now, the likely hood is that this will reduce from its current 17% (that is an absolute figure not a guess) but it will still be in increase in cost for the consumer because we cannot absorb such a rise. The cash flow issues are also an absolute, when you import products they will not be released from customs until VAT, Import Duties and agents fees to do so are paid in full to HMRC. Again I know this because I do it regularly. This is not scaremongering or project fear, it is actually happening.‬

Graham Pugh ‪David Longfield‪ Thanks for pointing out that with a strong pound against the euro buyers will purchase overseas, placing further pressure for the ski industry. The ski retail industry is already under immense pressure from euro based websites and this would make the situation much worse, not better. It’s fine to say you can buy abroad on a temporary windfall due to exchange rates but do you not care that this would decimate the UK retail industry

David Longfield ‪Graham Pugh‪ from a broader perspective I get it Graham and I applaud you for running a business catering for what is (at least in UK) a fringe(ish) sport. I totally understand your overheads and costs. I also have a bit of an idea about margins. I know that not many people renew their kit every year so your client base is not huge. Big ticket items are usually hired in resort by the masses and only the top 25% would spend their hard earned cash on skis/boots/snowboards etc. I also understand that in difficult times it is luxury items that are the first to go. So, Yes Graham, Running a snow sport business can be difficult. BUT, in answer to your point about, “but do you not care that this would decimate the UK retail industry?” The simple answer is that if I (or many other punters) can get an item of kit cheaper than in UK, I will buy it outside UK. It is my money and i will spend it wherever I like to get the best bang for buck.‬

Graham Pugh ‪David Longfield‪ I don’t tell anyone where to spend their money. I’m just stating facts. Purchasing from foreign websites has its ups and downsides. I’m simply stating that one of the downsides is the effect on domestic retailers. The Uk snow sports industry has contracted massively in the time I have spent in it. This historically is not due to Brexit, but if your local retailer disappears where will you get the service and advice and support from then. If you have an idea about margins then you know how hard this hit will be.‬

Graham Pugh ‪I agree that the travel side of things is a red herring. All the scare mongering about visas etc. There is still a cost to it though, small though it is individually, when multiplied to include all travellers the increase is there. So, travel will need a little more documentation and cash but won’t be effected too badly individually. My planned trip to Orcieres for Easter has already incurred an extra £148 in travel documents which we had to procure just incase we left without a deal prior to our departure. Yes, I do have an interest in this because I own a ski shop but first and foremost I’m a skier and love my sport. We WILL all be effected by our exit from the EU and whether you know it or not the industry that serves your ability as a ski holiday maker to travel to the alps has already been effected. With regard to exchange rate, I agree it could go either way and we will eventually reach a sustainable rate of exchange. I have never seen the costs to me go down after an exchange rate fluctuation so most of the increases will stay and, going back to the crux of this piece, which is about the travel industry, they work on exchange and forward planning, both of which are almost impossible in the current climate of uncertainty. Remember, even if / when we leave the EU that is only really the start of the negotiations into our future relationship. This ship isn’t simply going to right itself on May 22nd, we’re in for years of this and that is bad for business everywhere you look

Frank Atherton ‪Just how have you incurred an extra 148 pound costs? 5.50 for an IDP if driving and then?

Ian Purnell ‪Graham Pugh‪ dont forget higher insurance costs once we leave EHIC‬

Graham Pugh ‪Frank Atherton‪ 8 drivers IDP’s because we have four vehicles going and then the admin fees for 4 green cards for the four vehicles from our insurance companies. Total was £148.‬

Graham Pugh ‪Ian Purnell‪ Yep, my wife had a serious medical episode on a ski trip 5 years ago, 120,000€ + in total and we were told at the time that the EHIC covered 60% of this for the insurance company. When that is removed, if we don’t get a reciprocal agreement, which is probable, the insurance costs will increase for sure.‬

Lindsay Boyce ‪Graham Pugh‪ we ski in Andorra every year, EHIC doesn’t operate here and it’s never put us off coming

Graham Maciver ‪Small price to pay to be able to eat bent bananas

Colin Elvidge ‪It’s all propaganda…..spin by the remainer’s. We’ll never leave anyway, the powers that be won’t allow it…..democracy my arse

Paul Stock ‪Colin Elvidge‪ would tgatvit was propaganda. As a commercial lawyer with over 40 years of commercial contracts in e u I can tell you the risks and impact on ordinary people is frankly horrendous

Colin Elvidge ‪Paul Stock‪ not buying it mate, sure there will be some teething problems but we’re better out with a no deal. Free trade is where it’s at

Paul Stock ‪Colin Elvidge‪ I have worked as a commercial lawyer dealing e u matters every week. Unlike the politicians I have experience in trade deals in e u countries (I regularly work in 4 e u countries outside uk). Your optimism is noted but I suspect you don’t have the legal experience nor the actual detail that is needed. Brexit is rubbish. (I add that the greater the legal mess of brexit the more fees I will generate from clients needing help but I would rather there was no need for my services on this issue

Paul Stock ‪Colin: e u is huge market and single market is free trade. Even Mrs Thatcher saw that advantage.‬

Paul Stock ‪On assumption there is no deal brexit it becomes illegal in the e u for UK workers to work in e u under the directive which permits (for instance) a UK worker to work in a ski resort for the season. Currently that is the way many people work here in France. Post brexit it becomes illegal….although working under a more expensive and more bureaucratic French contract may be feasible if and only if the French government decide to allow that. Last input I had from a French lawyer in Lyon is that was unlikely…..but is being discussed internally in France

Liam Taylor ‪I think resorts are genuinely concerned now… the Mayors of Val d’isere and bourg st Maurice have organised an anti brexit march in bourg on the 6th April

Sid Meredith ‪Anti brexit march by the French ,Unreal ,anti British ,anti democracy they want us to stay to fleece us even more

Liam Taylor ‪If you ain’t happy with France then piss off back to the uk, good luck skiing there. You get what you pay for….‬

Richard Bultitude ‪Liam Taylor‪ there are plenty of other countries in the EU to ski in other than France. I believe Sid Meredith meant that they are just worried that a lot of brits won’t go to their resort and that costs them a lot of money‬

Sid Meredith ‪Liam Taylor‪ Bit rich coming from a person who knows nothing of my travels ,I wouldnt go near France again ,they are arrogant ,unfriendly and down right rude same as your statement They are afraid that skiers will go else were in europe where they dont get ripped off !!! costing them money (self interest again )‬

Liam Taylor ‪Sid Meredith‪ I might not know anything about your travels but I can tell you that if you go to a French ski resort with an attitude like in your first reply to my comment, then yes, they will be arseholes to you, particularly if you don’t even try to speak a word of French out of respect. Everyday at work I see British people thinking they’re above everyone else and entitled to everything. Being rude, loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate to others. It drives me mad – and I’m a Brit! Remember, whilst you’re in their country, respect their culture just as you would expect them to respect ours if they were tourists visiting Britain. Respect’s a two way street, funny that huh? ‬

‪At the end of the day, France has some of the best skiing in the world and yes you pay for it. Yes it’s an economy and of course resorts don’t want to lose a massive chunk of tourists and income but believe me when I say they value the role Brits play in resort and they genuinely do not want to lose their British friends that live, work and do business here, but hey what do I know, I’ve only lived and worked here for the last 3

Sid Meredith ‪Liam Taylor‪ You seem to not like your job or is it just the Brits you dislike as you have painted all with the same brush maybe your in the wrong job ,Not really fair on the decent law abiding Brits,looks like you are afraid of the future and whether you will have a job after Brexit,If you are good at your job your employer will want to keep you employed with them ,and yes I do speak to the locals and also speak German so it is you that is very Judgemental Please no more replies as you piss me off with your degrading of the Brits and I have finished any replies to you Have a nice life in France if you are allowed to stay !!!

Paul Stock ‪I find the reverse to your experience in France. Of course it helps if you speak French. I wonder whether your obvious antipathy here is because (perhaps) you can’t converse with them

Sid Meredith ‪Paul Stock‪ I see you never read my previous reply about talking to the locals ,I will leave that with you to correct your statement on conversing

Liam Taylor ‪Hi Sid Meredith here you brighten up your gloomy gammon day again… ☀️ I should have said, most British clients are absolutely lovely and the above only applies to maybe 1/10. For the record I love my job and I’ve been asked to stay for the summer and…

Paul Stock ‪Sid Meredith‪ I did notice it but given the negative approach in your post I decided to question it.‬

Paul Stock ‪The mayor in my village (Les houches in chamonix valley) told me that he and many of his colleagues in haute savoie have made representations to government so as to seek to mitigate any down side. Remains to be seen if that results in anything

Sid Meredith ‪Thats all they are worried about ,getting our hard earned cash from us and charging high unreal prices for everything on the mountain.

David Longfield ‪Yes. So don’t go there. Go to Austria or Italy. nicer people

Sid Meredith ‪I do go to Austria and have done for 30 years ,I have Austrian family members there and yes you are right In the resorts and elsewere they are always friendly and respectful great people and as I said before the ski resorts are welcoming all Brits traveling next year and more, No change after brexit, skiing is a way of life.

Karl Meredith ‪Sid Meredith‪ well said.

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ then what the hell do you know about The French and French resorts !!!!! Sounds like you are totally ignorant

Viv Seears ‪Sid Meredith‪ I have skid in Germany, Austria and France and they all have their pros and cons. We have had some great skiing in France and your derogatory comments are totally uncalled for. Why do some people have to be so rude

Sid Meredith ‪Keiron Jardine‪ I have skied in France on a few occasions and each time nothing changes still fleecing the skiing public with their high prices,,its not the skiing thats bad as I enjoyed it ,Its the prices and the rude French in resorts that I dislike !! OH and its great to be free and able to have an opinion that upset all you Remoaners

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ what a bitter man you are , you want to upset somebody because they have a different opinion ! ‬
‪And you believe that all French are rude ! Maybe you should look in the mirror Mr Meredith

Sid Meredith ‪Keiron Jardine‪ I didnt say all French ,just the ones in the resorts and what makes you an expert on my opinion and they only get upset because they are snowflakes with no minds of their own disrespecting the leave vote and democracy !! Get a life

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ here you go again !!! The only person who is disrespectful is you . Expert !!! Not me but I have lived in France for 20 years and find them totally civilized and polite ! Unlike a great many so called polite British people ! My life is very good as I ski every day and enjoy pleasant company ! How’s your life Sid ? Try not to be so angry
Sid Meredith ‪Keiron Jardine‪ If you follow news on Brexit you will find all over Britain it is the Remoaners who disrespect the democratic decision of the British public on Brexit,I respect their vote but they lost.If you have lived in france for 20 years surely you never had a vote in the brexit decision ,do you think the French will ship you back to Britain, I dont think so ,they are very happy to take you money to finance theirs and the EUs agenda,United states of europe back to the days of Adolf .Maybe you were born in the wrong country, I know I was ,but I still believe in Britain.Oh and by the way I have a great live and enjoy it to the full with the freedom to do so without being dictated to Juncter and company ,no anger just realisation of the facts‬

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ you are right Sidney , i didn’t have a vote , even though I served my country for 18 years and moved to France as there is freedom of movement and started my own business I was deemed not to be eligible for a vote although I am as British as anybody. This affects thousands of British people in the same position who have the most to lose . The French do not take my money !!!! We pay tax as you would in the UK. So not sure what your point is there !!! ‬
‪United States of Europe back to the days of Adolph !!! What a bizarre statement . The Nazi’s invaded Europe and it was the coming together after the war that kept Europe a peaceful continent .‬
‪I was born in a proud Britain that has now been ripped apart by bigots and fools that spout off verbal diarrhea ‘such as no deal is better than a bad deal’ which is now a bad deal is better than a no deal’ ‘leave Is leave’ ‘make Britain great’ , ‘secure our boarder’ NHS will get 350 million and the rest of the absolute garbage that is spoken .. throw in a racist rant about French people based on total ignorance and lo and behold you have a stereotypical Brexiteer called ‘Sid’ !!! ‬
‪And the president of The Eu commission is Monsieur Juncker ‬
‪not Juncter! ‬
‪I am sure your family in Austria look forward to your visits and your views on foreigners and Britain’s positon in the UK .‬
‪Bon soirée

Sid Meredith ‪Keiron Jardine‪ Its not Sidney never has been and you served you home country 4 years less than I,and yes my family do look forward to my visits and as I have been told the young and old in Austria are also fedup with the unelected elite in the EU.Also who rebuilt europe after the war,british and american money which has never been repaid ,you deserted Britain to build a business abroad when you could have created jobs in Britain. Looks like self interest to me !! .A Britain brought to this decision because of the snowflakes and the political correct do gooders looking out for migrants instead of upholding the rights of Britain ,looks NO more to say to you This is the end of democracy as we know it !!!!!‬

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ you seem a very happy man Sidders !! ‬
‪I’m not sure me setting up a ski company in Britain would have been very successful but there you go !!! Maybe it’s something you could do ! For god sake though don’t employ any Johnny foreigners in case they rape your women and steal your jobs

Alasdair Iain Johnston ‪Sid, I have been to France for many years and have never found anybody being rude or disrespectful. Quite the opposite in fact, kind and helpful as a matter of course.‬

Alasdair Iain Johnston ‪Sid the worst disrespect of democracy is Scotland being forced out of the EU against the unanimously expressed democratic will of its electorate. Every single constituency in Scotland voted to remain but here we are being forced out with catastrophic consequences

David Longfield ‪Keiron Jardine‪ stop being so sensitive with your false indignation. You sound like a proper whinger

Keiron Jardine ‪David Longfield‪ David I am not a whinger and I try and look at the positives in people and that includes all races !! I am a proud Brit that sees our country being taken over by right wing nationalists ! It’s wrong and not pretty !! When you see a lot of anger, pain and injury in life you réalise this attitude will never win !! ‬
‪I came to France as we have a wonderful thing that is free movement and I set up a business and had a family ‬
‪Here , I didn’t desert my country as Mr Sidders suggested … I took advantage of a wonderful opportunity which was open to all . I never lost my Britishness ! I now have a wonderful life that was open to all but might now be closed to the next generation . It’s not false indignation it’s real !!!! Many thousands Of Brits will lose as a result of this farce that has been predicted from the very start !!! Project Fear ….. it has turned into reality ! There was never a plan , just rose tinted spectacles guiding the foolish over the cliff ! We have now arrived and my prediction after tonight is that the brakes will be put heavily on and A hard Brexit will die off like the support from Mogg and Boris

Sid Meredith ‪Keiron Jardine‪ Very disrespectful to the British women,talking about rape, I find that a disgusting attitude you have .I think you over stepped the mark , so therefore will block any of your comments in future‬

Keiron Jardine ‪Sid Meredith‪ Sidders not sure that u can talk about respect and disgusting attitude to people after your comments ! I think you are probably struggling to justify your arguments and need to blame and run as that was really the only way out for a true Brexiter like your self .. no plan and no idea ! Good luck Sid ..when you are enjoying the slopes in Europe remember it’s Johnny Foreigner that is creating that experience for you !!!‬

Sid Meredith ‪Hope you tell all the Brits that use you company that you dont like their attitude and you are anti democratic towards their country, just watched a Germans MEP stating they will suffer after brexit Finance/trade/car industry etc,so if its justification you want ,thats it there ,they need British money and trade to keep their economy prospering,as you need Brits to make your business survive and prosper ,Self Interest Me Thinks.‬

David Longfield ‪It seems as if all the self interested flakey moaners with EU business interests are getting all twitchy about my comments. Good. I couldnt care less

Julian Wheeler ‪PR stunt If people want to go ski they will Of course it depends on how difficult the EU makes travelling to and from the country The ball will be squarely in their court‬

Sid Meredith ‪The French/German airports plus resorts dont make it difficult for the Russians/Americans/Canadians/Australians to travel to the EU,so I believe its all scaremongering by Remoaners and the EU to try and stop a democratic brexit

David Longfield ‪They wouldn’t do that would

Pat Flisher ‪I would suggest everybody looks at https://www.abta.com/tips…/brexit-advice-for-travellers – lots of useful unbiased and non-frightening information. I am more worried about my trip to the Costa del Sol via Gibraltar at the end of May (the Spanish like to stir things up occasionally and we are giving them a great opportunity). As far as skiing is concerned I shall wait to see how the “Swiss Side, French Side” arrangements pan out at Geneva as far as car rental is concerned but am not expecting there to be any problems whatsoever.‬

Ivor Fried ‪Cost will be the key question for most, not visas. – Sterling has lost a serious slice of its value and if / when Brexit happens for real, then it’s likely to fall more. – If your income is in Sterling, skiing will just cost more. – Suspect people will take fewer trips and go for cheaper resorts.‬

Viv Seears ‪Ivor Fried‪ not to mention big rise in insurance if no EHIC particularly for people over 70 and those with medical issues. I hate the selfish people who have enough money not to worry about the costs and have the ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude

Ivor Fried ‪Viv Seears‪ Yes, if they have enough cash, it’s not going to be a problem. Everybody else is going to be looking for cheaper options (or just staying home). – I also feel sorry for all the (mainly young) people who now won’t be able to work in ski resorts as a result of losing their EU citizenship

Viv Seears ‪Ivor Fried‪ yes I agree. I think it’s very sad and one more example of Brexit messing with people’s lives. I’m so angry at all the selfish people who couldn’t care less about all the chaos they have caused‬

Sid Meredith ‪Viv Seears‪ As the resorts start to loose their trade /profits they will have to look again at their pricing and cut their cloth to suit what people will pay ,therefore prices may come down or the resorts will suffer ,hotels /restaurants /bars closing.Its up to them if they want us over to their resortsto spend the British pound !!!‬

Ivor Fried ‪Sid Meredith‪ Yes, to some extent you’re right: they will squeeze their margins and seek to reduce costs to maintain business. That said, there comes a point where your base costs can’t be squeezed further. You then either trade at a loss or reduce supply. – I imagine they will do a combination of the above and target their marketing more at other countries.- The more expensive resorts may simply be no longer for the Brits (apart from the super rich ones, of course

Caroline Cooper ‪for goodness sake! As I said earlier It’s not just the Alps, its the Med too. They all want tourists

Caroline Cooper ‪But think long term. The pound could do well. Just think, it could steadily go back to where it was with the dollar in the 70s! Before we joined the EU

Ivor Fried ‪Not sure the economic fundamentals will be right for a strong pound post Brexit. More likely our economy will be based on a weaker pound keeping us competitive. Sterling could drop more than ppl anticipate

Alasdair Iain Johnston ‪Never mind the hassle with travel and working abroad I believe French kissing will be illegal after Brexit
Clive Doubleday ‪Just ski NZ instead 😁. We have a reciprocal agreement with the UK for working. Our cheese and wine are as good as the French.We speak English and no tipping what more could you ask for. I pay $ NZ 349 for a season pass on 3 mountains

Bryan Spence ‪France. Too little too late. Great slopes and then things go downhill from there….‬

Amanda Ettridge ‪I’m a passionate remainer, but this is just rubbish. Brits are still going to travel to Europe, we’ll just need a Visa to do so, and so security will be slower. It may cost a bit more, but for people who ski, it won’t be much of a deterrent. It’s more summer holidays that may suffer, if it will cost the same, or more, and be as complicated to get into Europe as it is to more exotic locations, people may be less inclined to go to Europe then

Viv Seears ‪Amanda Ettridge‪ no it’s not just rubbish if you are over 70 and have medical issues and don’t have pots of money. The cost of winter sports insurance will rocket with no EHIC card. I take it you have plenty of money so don’t need to worry about these things

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