Many Tour Operators have new environmental initiatives and we’ll be doing our bit too. PlanetSKI reports.


The latest UK operator to offer incentives for people to be a bit more environmental is Mountain Heaven.

Anyone who books a catered holiday with Mountain Heaven and is travelling by train will receive a 10% discount from the cost of their holiday.

It is possible to combine this offer with any other Mountain Heaven discount.

If there is a free lift pass offer, you can get that and 10% off if you also travel by train.

In 2018 air travel contributed 2% to the whole planet’s CO2 emissions.

Air travel is one of the most damaging to the environment.

“When we go skiing, a flight to the Alps and back will typically generate more carbon than the entire rest of the holiday put together including running of the ski lifts, transfers, meals and keeping your chalet warm,” said the MD of Mountain Heaven, Nick Williams.

Train travel produces much less CO2 than air travel or driving, often as little as 10% of a flight and at least half a car journey even if you share with a group.

There’s no doubt train is by far the most environmentally friendly way to visit the Alps from the UK.

See here for the full details

Mountain Heaven encourages greener travel

Mountain Heaven encourages greener travel

So what’s it like taking the train to you ski resort?

PlanetSKI has done it many times:

Ax Les Thermes, French Pyrenees

Heading to Ax Les Thermes, French Pyrenees

See here as our senior news reporter, Katie Bamber, took  the train to Les Menuires in Les3Vallees a couple of years back:

And in January 2018 Katie headed to La Plagne

And her full video report on the journey:

And it is not just to the Alps.

The ski resorts of the French Pyrenees are within easy reach by rail too:

Check out Katie’s full video of the train journey here:

Other ski operators are now doing their bit.

Le Ski is launching a number of green initiatives such as banning cling film, minimising single use plastic and giving repeat guests metal water bottles to reduce plastic bottles use.

A new campaign has just been launched – Ski Flight Free.

It is a website that includes advice on how to book train travel, as well as information about sustainability projects by tour operators and resorts.

We have written an article elsewhere on PlanetSKI:

We understand another well-knwn operator has had a recent board meeting focusing entirely on what it can do to help the environment.

We’ll let you know what they are when details have been drawn up.

Last week on PlanetSKI we were focusing on the environment with a series of special reports:

Here on PlanetSKI we have been running a series of special features this week on the environmental impact of climate change in the Alps:

Next winter we will be taking the train where possible, off-setting the carbon cost of our flights, supporting our partner Protect Our Winters and doing whatever we can – large or small.

We will also be launching a special environmental section on our new web site when it is launched next month to promote understanding and champion green initiatives.

Here are some of our recent articles on train travel:

So, what is the carbon cost of flying?

Mountain Heaven has been crunching the numbers:

This data shows actual CO2e figures in KG for just a one way trip to a ski resort, though Mountain Heaven stresses it should be used as a guide rather than gospel truth.

Travelling by Plane:

  • Getting to the airport 7kg
  • Plane to Geneva 120kg
  • Transfer of 190km 6.15kg

Total CO2 Per person 133.15kg

Travelling by car:

  • Driving to Folkstone 231km 51kg
  • Eurostar 0.09kg
  • More Driving 965km 213kg
  • Total for car 264.09kg

Total CO2 Per person 66kg

Travelling by train:

  • Getting to the station 3.5kg
  • Train to Alps 20kg
  • Transfer of 45km 6kg

Total CO2 Per person 29.5kg

Perhaps one of the new buzzwords to come out of 2019 will be ‘flight shame’.

It’s been around for a while but this year it’s trending.

If you want to find out more about train travel to the mountains then check out the specialist web site, snowcarbon.

It is run by one of our very good friends, Daniel Elkan.