The eco-ski wax is the first environmentally-friendly ski wax according to the company that makes it, MountainFLOW.


Most waxes are petroleum based and much is left on the snow as it wears off.

Oil also has to be drilled to make it.

A US company MountainFLOW now makes a plant-based ski wax.

“When you are looking at the aggregate, it’s millions of pounds of petroleum-based wax that gets introduced into the environment every year,” said the founder of the company Peter Arlein.

There are hundreds of plants from which wax can be extracted.

“Through a proprietary combination of waxes we found the perfect attributes for a ski wax – glide, hydrophobicity, durability, and ease of application.”

“Other plant-based ski waxes have been made primarily with soy.

“While we do use some soy wax in our product, it makes up a small percentage of our formula.

“Instead we are using a combination of waxes that are faster and more durable”.

MountainFLOW's eco-wax range

MountainFLOW’s eco-wax range

Plant-based ski wax has been tried in the past with little success.

MountainFLOW has tested more than 200 variations of wax.

“It took us two years and over 200 formulas to get the wax just right,” Arlein said. “Its fast, and it’s durable.”

But is it any good?

Here at PlanetSKI we haven’t had the chance to test it but the US magazine, SKI, has:

“The on-snow performance was equal to the majority of other recreational-use wax products available on the market,” said SKI.

Peter Arlein has had a kick-starter campaign that has raised $18,700 and is now 93% funded.

He wants to work with ski resorts and ski rental shops.

“Our target are ski resorts,” he said.

“They have thousands of skis in their rental fleet and are tuning them every night.”