Ski Club of Great Britain members have failed to elect to its governing body two candidates who were put forward by the Club’s council.


This year the Club Council chose to recommend to the membership two of the six people standing for election.

It also proposed a candidate for treasurer, Angus Maciver.

The membership voted in favour of Angus Maciver as Club Treasurer but rejected the two members – both of them women – proposed by the Council.

One had been been sitting on the Council since being co-opted in April.

The other four candidates – all men – were elected.

One of them, Gerry Aitken, had said in his election statement that he would encourage the Club to reverse its decision to wind up its leading service, something the Club said was impossible on legal grounds.

Ski Club of Great Britain

Ski Club of GB

Before the vote, the Club’s CEO, Ian Holt, had sought to explain in an email to members why Council was proposing its own candidates.

“Council this year has sought to attract and identify suitable candidates and decided to endorse candidates based particularly with regard to professional experience,” he said.

“In addition, we’d like to have some diversity; we’ve more than enough middle-aged men about!

“Let’s have some professional experience from others, representing different elements of society, and different demographics to help us broaden the appeal of the Club.”

In addition to Gerry Aitken, the members elected Tom Jarman, Ed Killick and Martin Jordan.

The Club’s annual reports and accounts, presented at the AGM, showed the Club made a loss of more than £840,000 in the financial year, as we reported: