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Further Worries for Skiers as France Looks at Tightening Border Controls with UK

It comes as omicron cases grow in the UK with predictions of a sharp rise in new cases. The French government says it is looking at new measures and will reach a judgement ‘in the coming days.’ UPDATED

12-15 Year Olds Now Eligible for Covid-19 Travel Pass

The UK government has announced that the under-16s are now eligible for an NHS Covid Pass for international travel. It’s good news for families planning a ski holiday, though only if the children are double jabbed. UPDATED

More Austria Ski Resorts Reopen as National Lockdown is Lifted

They open after the national lockdown in the country ends. Restrictions remain in place with some of the provinces having their own tougher regional rules.  NEW

VIP SKI Offers Covid Guide For Getting To and From France

The specialist operator has produced what it calls an ‘Easy Guide’ to help its guests steer a path through the rules while taking a ski holiday in France.

Covid-19 Rules Unveiled as Austria Lockdown Ends on Sunday

The end of the national lockdown is welcome news for skiers, snowboarders and the ski industry.  However cases remain high & some restrictions will be in place, with the nine provinces deciding some of their own rules in what will be a complex situation. UPDATED

No Lockdown For France Despite Rise in Covid-19 Cases

France has ruled out another lockdown or curfew for the time being despite the number of cases of Covid-19 in the country soaring. Some measures have been tightened.

New Measures for Switzerland & Italy

Switzerland sees more testing & mask wearing with Italy introducing its so-called ‘super green pass’. Cases of the omicron variant continue to grow across the ski nations of Europe as more ski resorts open and it’s hoped the measures will help skiing to continue as normally as possible.

Skiers Heading Back to UK Now Need Negative Test from Today

Travellers heading to the UK will now have to take a Covid test before departure.  It’s thrown things into further chaos with the ban being described as a ‘hammer blow’ for travel. Some skiers will be prepared to accept the risks & point out it that testing was required for travel last summer. UPDATED

Switzerland Scraps Quarantine Requirement

In an about turn the Swiss authorities have altered some of the measures announced last week that threw the start of winter into chaos and brought travel misery for many. It has been welcomed by the Swiss ski industry, with stricter testing ordered. UPDATED

Andorra Unveils Covid-19 Measures for the Season

A Covid Health Pass is needed and masks are mandatory in many settings. The measures have been introduced ‘in order to save the season’. It comes just as the slopes open for the winter with significant snow falling.

Ski Holidays to Switzerland Suspended

UK operators have cancelled holidays in December after a mandatory 10-day quarantine was introduced alongside a testing requirement. Ski events have been cancelled.

Transit Travel Through Switzerland Is Now Possible

The UK government has altered its advice after conversations with Swiss authorities which means skiers can use Geneva airport and others to access ski resorts in France and Italy. Preventing people from the UK using Geneva would have had a huge impact on the French ski industry. UPDATED

Swiss Covid-19 Restrictions Impact Travel

Switzerland has ordered all arrivals from the UK into 10-days quarantine due to the omicron variant. Swiss resorts are affected, but many people also fly into Geneva airport to access ski resorts in France. UPDATED

Switzerland Imposes Further Restrictions on UK Arrivals

It has added the UK to its list of countries where it decided there is a variant of concern. It will have an have an impact on the start of the ski season that is getting underway. There are question marks over people flying into Geneva to access ski resorts in France. UPDATED

Switzerland Imposes Quarantine for UK Arrivals

It comes as cases continue to soar in both countries and the Omicron variant is introduced into the equation. Concerns are rising for the approaching ski season in Switzerland and elsewhere. UPDATED

Family Teenage Ski Holidays Under Threat

UK 12-15 years old cannot get double vaccinated, but many ski nations need them to be in order for them to get a health pass. The pass gives them access to access the ski lifts and other resort facilities. Otherwise it is multiple testing in some countries or perhaps not being able to use lifts at all in others.

Swiss Voters Back its Covid-19 Certificate

The referendum was held on Sunday as cases rise sharply. Switzerland has one of the lowest vaccination rates in western Europe. It is the second vote in the last 4-months on Covid19 measures. UPDATED

Italy Tightens Covid-19 Restrictions

From December 6th unvaccinated people will be banned from ski lifts and from taking part in a range of leisure activities. A negative test will not be enough for entry to restaurants, cinemas and other venues. NEW

Austrian Prosecutor Ends Covid-19 Case Against Ischgl

The Innsbruck state prosecutor has concluded its 18-month probe into criminal liability for the outbreak in the ski resort. There will be no charges for the authorities in Ischgl. There are accusations of a ‘cover up’ from some interested parties.

France Extends Pass Sanitaire Requirement to Ski Lifts

It is no great surprise and it brings France into line with Austria and Italy. There have been further changes to mask wearing rules with more requirements. UPDATED

Ski Season Underway in Val Thorens

The resort’s 5-month season started last weekend and PlanetSKI was there to enjoy it. We look back at the weekend and forward to the season ahead in the highest resort in the Alps.

Bavaria Cancels Xmas Markets

Ski resorts in the German alpine state were preparing to open in the next few weeks and are watching developments closely as Covid-19 spreads. The government says by the end of this winter everyone in Germany will either be ‘vaccinated, recovered or dead’.NEW

Austria Goes into Lockdown but Skiing Can Continue

Two more resorts have re-opened as others consider their position. Skiing has been classed as a ‘recreation outdoor’ activity but many resorts have chosen to remain closed. They are planning to open on December 13th after lockdown is lifted. UPDATED

Ski Resorts in Austria Prepare for Lockdown

The whole country goes into lockdown on Monday. Some ski resorts remain open this weekend for final turns and others are now changing their opening plans. NEW

Austria to Go Into Full Lockdown

It comes as cases surge despite a recent increase in restrictions. Vaccinations will alos be made compulsory. The move will have a significant impact on the start of the ski season, but it is hoped it will mean Xmas skiing can take place. UPDATED

Crystal Ski Offers Help to Get People Back to the Slopes

The UK’s largest ski operator has created a special  information hub to help people navigate through all the details about getting to the slopes with all the various Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Ischgl Cancels Traditional Opening Concert as Covid Cases in Austria Soar

New rules have come into place across Austria this week with unvaccinated people ordered into lockdown. Ischgl will open for skiing as planned at the end of November but the concert is off.

Unvaccinated People in Austria Locked Down

Cases are surging in the Alpine nation with health services coming under growing pressures. It comes as ski resorts open and others are preparing for the approaching season. UPDATED

UK Booster Does Not Register on NHS Covid App

Some countries, including Austria and Switzerland, require people to have had their second jab within a set time frame. The ommission of the booster will therefore affect some winter travel unless changes are made. NEW

UK Interest in Skiing in the USA Grows as Borders Open

With the US borders now open to travellers from Europe latest figure show travellers from the UK are most keen to visit. It is hoped by ski resorts that this transfers to winter tourism.

Covid-19 Rules on Ski Slopes in France for Next Winter

A health pass will not be needed to use ski lifts, though masks will need to be worn. President Macron has announced some further details about the criteria for the ‘pass sanitaire’ that will be needed in the resorts next winter. UPDATED

Austria Tightens Covid-19 Rules as Cases Rise

The alpine nation is battling a surge in cases as its ski resorts begin to open. Unvaccinated people will need to follow further constraints as the government implements Level 4 restrictions. UPDATED

Tirol Tightens its Covid-19 Rules as Cases Rise

The Austrian province is implementing the so-called ‘2G rule’ for late-night dining and events with over 500 people. Masks will also need to be worn in more locations.

Next Few Weeks of UK Covid-19 Cases Vital for Ski Season

One scenario sees UK Covid cases remaining stubbornly high and perhaps further nations restricting travel.  Another sees our cases tumbling as we enter a post-pandemic world. Whatever the outcome the next month will have a crucial impact on the season ahead. UPDATED

Travellers into England Now Able to Use Cheaper Covid-19 Tests

People returning to England now need to take lateral flow test instead of the more expensive PCR test. However with surging Covid-19 cases in the UK there are worries that some European nations may not welcome people from the UK with a huge impact on the ski season. UPDATED

Morzine Prepares to Welcome Back British Skiers

The resort in the Portes du Soleil is looking ahead to winter. It has been working hard to ensure that guests can enjoy the resort’s facilities safely and hassle-free, while experiencing a warm and heartfelt French Alpine welcome.

Will Alpine Nations Welcome British Skiers as Covid Cases Soar in the UK?

It is the growing worry as cases in the UK continue to rise. Morocco has banned flights to and from the UK and others with alpine countries watching our rising cases closely. Lateral flow tests are now needed for returning travellers, with the UK’s travel testing regime is set to stay in place into the New Year. UPDATED

Ischgl Issues its Covid-19 Safety Measures for Next Winter

The Austrian resort is aiming to be one of the safest resorts in the Alps in a post-pandemic ski world.

Switzerland Launches New Vaccination Campaign

61% of the population are fully vaccinated with a significant number of people declining a vaccine. It has the lowest take up of the main skiing nations with some worries growing for winter.

Hope for Half-Term Holidays in the Mountains

The government says it hopes PCR tests will not be needed by the end of the October half term break. The UK traffic light system has already gone. It means restrictions will largely be eased for vaccinated people wanting to take a mountain break. UPDATED

Ski Season in Australia Comes to an End

The strangest of seasons Down Under finishes. Most will prefer to forget it, with the bans on international visitors & lockdowns due to Covid-19. A few lucky ones were able to make some final turns with thoughts now on 2022.

New for the 2021/22 Ski Season

Do you want to find all the news for the approaching season in one place? If so then look no further than our new section on PlanetSKI. In a post-pandemic season it is perhaps even more important to keep across all the news.

Covid-19 Ski Holiday Rules in Austria

At PlanetSKI we are looking  at the rules and regulations in place in the main ski nations as winter approaches. All the main ski nations have confirmed that resorts are set to open. First we look at the situation in Austria.

No Health Pass Needed for Lifts in France if Covid Falls

The announcement has been made by the government and other measures will be considered in the coming weeks. The government declared some weeks ago that the resorts would open this winter & some start later this month.

Optimism Continues to Grow for Next Ski Season

The optimism found after the government announced an easing of the travel rules in time for winter is continuing. Is it justified? Some operators advise people to book now as supply is limited. Are they right? UPDATED

Covid Rules for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The IOC has released details of likely rules for spectators, vaccination regulations & Covid-19 measures.  The only spectators will be locals & there will be strict quarantine & testing requirements for the unvaccinated.

USA Ski Resorts Consider Staff Vaccination Policy

President Biden has ordered all private companies, including ski resorts, with more than 100 employees to make vaccinations compulsory. Those who refuse will need to be tested each week. It comes as ski resorts release details of their Covid-19 rules.

Ski France Unveils Contactless Catered Chalets

Covid-19 and Brexit have turned traditional chalet holidays upside down. So Ski France has come up with a new concept, Contactless Catered Chalets, ready for the 2021/22 ski season.

Italy Ski Resorts Set to Open Next month with Limits on Lift Capacity

A decree has been signed looking forward to ski resorts operating from 15th October with an 80% capacity in cable cars and gondolas. Other rules will also be in place. It is the first ski nation to give a clear indication of what things may look like next season.

Compulsory Health Passes Likely for French Ski Resorts Next Winter

The government is encouraging the introduction of passes for ski holidays in France this winter. Other ski nations in Europe have restrictions already operating or planned for the winter. UPDATED

US Ski Areas Welcome Easing of International Travel Restrictions

It will come as a relief to the US ski industry and opens up the prospect of skiing next winter. We have reaction from ski areas in the USA. Canada has already lifted its restrictions with double vaccinated people allowed in without quarantine. UPDATED

All workers in Italian Ski Resorts Will Need Covid Pass Next Winter

It is the result of a country wide policy as Italy becomes the first European country to make it compulsory for all workers to have a Covid ‘green pass’. Cases remain low and stable, but the authorities have decide to be on the side of caution.

Ski Holiday Bookings Surge as Travel Restrictions To Ease

Ski companies report a sharp rise in bookings following the government announcement that PCR Tests and Traffic Light System will be axed. New rules come into force in October.

Austria Government in Court over Reaction to Covid-19 in Ischgl

Court proceedings are beginning in Vienna in a civil case against the Austrian government over its alleged mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak at the ski resort of Ischgl in March 2020. It is seen as a test case for many other cases. UPDATED

More Ski Resorts in Australia Re-Open

The resorts in Victoria were allowed to open to locals only earlier this month, now the lifts are firing up in New South Wales. NEW

New Covid-19 Rules Introduced in Austria as Cases Rise

Cases are rising with the number of people in intensive care growing, though the figures remain relatively low compared to other European nations. Worries are growing as the ski season approaches with some resorts already open and others firing up lifts in the coming weeks. NEW

Announcement Expected Today on End of PCR Travel Tests

An announcement is expected shortly and it will be welcome news for the snowsports and wider travel industry that has been hit hard by the restrictions. The traffic light system is also expected to go. If confirmed there will likely be a rise in ski holiday bookings. UPDATED

Switzerland Tightens Restrictions as Covid-19 Continues to Rise

As many countries are easing restrictions Switzerland is tightening its rules and they will last into the ski season. There are fears that hospitals might be over-stretched, with some beginning to worry about what the winter may bring. UPDATED

Victoria Ski Areas in Australia Re-open

The Victorian Government has announced that the lockdown will lift in regional Victoria, and the ski areas are able to open from Friday 10 September. Resorts in New South Wales remain closed.

UK Government Plans ‘Shake Up’ of Travel Traffic Light System

It will have an impact on travel to the ski resorts this coming winter and could lead to a surge in bookings according to some. The precise details are somewhat less clear. So, what might we expect to happen?

Snow report


City & Ski: Stubai, the Tirol

PlanetSKI has started its winter with a week long visit to the Tirol.

We’re now in Innsbruck – sampling the city life & the ski life.

Today it’s a visit to the #Stubaiglacier


❄️🌨️⛷️🏂❄️🌨️⛷️🏂 @tirol @stubai #stubai

Our team had an amazing time in the Norwegian ski resorts of @NorefjellSpa and @SkiGeilo. Fantastic early season conditions, brilliant off slope activities and excellent service. ⛷️🇳🇴 ⁠

View Norway ski holidays here:

Around 100 Ski Resorts Now Open in Europe

At the w/end many resorts across the Alps, Pyrenees & Scandinavia opened some slopes. PlanetSKI was in #Schlick2000 in the #Tirol as it opened.

#snow #schnee #neige #letitsnow #letsgoskiing https://t.co/REvaIGzoIp

Innsbruck: A City Made for Skiing

As PlanetSKI starts its season we have moved on from the Otztal Valley in the Tirol in Austria to Innsbruck.

It’s the self-proclaimed capital of the Alps and for good reason.


#snow #tirol #innsbruck #letsgoskiing

Well, this is a pretty decent way to kick off PlanetSKI’s season.

3-days fabulous in the #OtztalValley in the #Tirol and now we’ve moved round to #Innsbruck to hit #Khutai & #Stubai.




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