Coronavirus outbreak

Sales of Ski Holidays Surge for Next Season

Operators report a rise in bookings and interest for next season.  It follows the roll out of vaccines, easing of lockdown restrictions, plus talk of vaccine passports to allow travel. Is it too soon to be optimistic? UPDATED

Verbier Closes Part of Ski Area as Ski Numbers Fall Due to Covid-19

The Bruson area of the Swiss resort is to shut on Sunday March 7th for the rest of the winter. ‘The season has been very complicated’ said the lift company, Televerbier.

Situation Worsens in Parts of France But Another Lockdown Ruled Out

The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, has said the current Covid-19 situation in some parts of France is ‘worrying’. Cases in the Alps and the Pyrenees remain steady and relatively under control though concerns are rising after the holiday period.

Will We Need a Vaccine Passport to Head to the Mountains Next Winter?

It is looking increasing likely with a number of countries including Austria & Switzerland supporting the idea. Austria has said it wants a system in place by May or June. The airline industry itself is set to introduce a Covid Travel Pass with trials underway.

Switzerland Agrees Easing Some Covid-19 Measures

They were outlined earlier this month and now Federal & Cantonal authorities have agreed the details. Restaurants and bars will remain closed, something some ski resorts oppose. The new rules come into force on March 1st.

Swiss Tourism Boss Claims Keeping Resorts Open Was Good Decision

Martin Nydegger has said in an interview that so far this winter there have been no big outbreaks of Covid-19 and no serious damage to Switzerland’s reputation. Not everyone agrees with him with Italy blaming Switzerland for spreading variant viruses to other countries.

As Cases Rise in Austria More Areas Could Require FFP2 Masks

The masks have been compulsory in ski resorts since the lifts began turning on December 24th. There has been a rise in cases across the country as some measures have been eased.

Regional Travel Ban Extended in Italy

The new government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi has extended until 27th March a ban on travel between Italy’s regions. It will have a significant impact on mountain areas.

How Will Easing of Lockdown Measures in England Affect the World of Snowsports?

Skiers will be looking at whether it might possible to make some end of season turns or visit the mountains this summer for glacier skiing. Plus, what will be happening to the indoor snowcentres & the outdoor artificial slopes? Might skiing in Scotland be possible in the Spring?

Skiing and Snowboarding Situation in Europe

Some resorts in the Tirol in Austria have re-opened with a Covid-19 negative test required. Other resorts in Austria remain open for locals only + we look at elsewhere in the Alps, the Pyrenees and Scandinavia. UK citizens remain unable to travel & likely for some time to come.

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on… UPDATED

All Hotel Staff in Wengen Tested for Covid-19

It comes as several cases of the South African and Brazilian variants have been found in the Swiss ski resort. The spread of the variants will determine whether restrictions can be eased next month in Switzerland.

Long-term Immunity for Ischgl Covid-19 Cases

Nine out of ten residents of Austria’s Ischgl ski resort who contracted coronavirus have retained a long-term immunity a new study has found.

Travel Industry Pleads with PM for Help

The travel industry has urged the prime minister to provide a roadmap to get people travelling again this summer and make plans for next winter. NEW

What’s Happening in Ski Resorts in Eastern Europe in Covid-19 Times?

Resorts in Poland have opened with government backing, those in the Czech Republic have also opened but the authorities wanted them to stay closed. Plus we look at Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Switzerland Outlines Relaxation of Restrictions

It wants to ease measures on March 1st with sports facilities reopening and more people allowed at private events. In ski resorts ice rinks would be allowed to open though bars, restaurants and sporting events must remain closed to the public.

Coping with Covid-19 in the Alps

It is a year since coronavirus started to spread widely in Europe. In our occasional series we hear from PlanetSKI readers who have lived through it out in the mountains. Here’s Kevin Young from near Chamonix…

Resorts Closing in the Tirol as Negative Covid-19 Test Needed to Ski

St Anton and Soelden have closed with others expected to follow suit. The Covid-19 test requirement makes skiing impractical for many. The Tirol has Europe’s highest outbreak of the South African variant.

Crystal Ski Cancels All Holidays for This Season

The UK’s largest ski operator has formally announced it will not be running any holidays this winter. Some had hoped there might be a possibility towards the end of the season.

Skiing in Norway: A Covid-19 Success Story

One of the European countries that has battled Covid-19 well is Norway. Cases & deaths are low with skiing open for its own residents this winter. Conditions have so far been good. New restrictions have forced the cancellation of all remaining World Cup competitions.

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on… UPDATED

UK Ski Companies Urge Boris Johnson to Help Travel Industry

As new quarantine measures come into force today the Save Future Travel Coalition says the Prime Minister needs to use next week’s lockdown update to provide a route forward for the travel industry. This week should have been one of the busiest weeks for winter holidays.

Further Reaction from Italian Ski Resorts As They Remain Closed

Some were due to open on Monday and others later this week. Many resorts had spent huge amounts of time, money and effort after being told they could open. One resort defied the ban & opened anyway, there have been demonstrations in others.UPDATED

Italy Extends Regional Travel Ban with Significant Impact on Ski Areas as they Prepare to Open

Resorts in Lombardy, the Aosta Valley & Veneto have said they are opening next week under strict conditions. Trentino had hoped to open but has just been told it can’t. Resorts in the Milky Way in Piedmont are expected to open next weekend. The extent of openings hinged on regional travel restrictions that are now extended.UPDATED

Tirol in Isolation in Austria with Border to Germany Closed

The Federal government has declared the Austrian state a ‘restricted’ zone over worries about the spread of variant coronavirus.  The German government has closed its border with the Tirol describing it as a coronavirus ‘mutation area’.

Austria Advises Citizens Against Non Urgent Travel to the Tirol

Variant coronavirus cases have been detected & there are fears of it spreading to other parts of Austria as the recent national lockdown measures are lifted. The Federal Government & the Tirol authorities are in discussions on an agreed solution. A decision was to have been made on Sunday now the Federal government has issued travel advise ahead of an expected joint announcement on Tuesday. UPDATE

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on… UPDATED

Italy’s Ski Resorts Set to Re-Open

From February 15th resorts in the so-called ‘Yellow Zones’ are expected to be able to open. All the country’s main ski areas are in a yellow zone except for those in the Sud Tirol. It is a huge relief for skiers, plus the resorts though some question the wisdom as Covid-19 continues.

Mass Testing Underway in Three Swiss Ski Resorts

Villars, Les Diablerets and Leysin in the Vaud canton are offering free testing to anyone over 12-years old including non-residents. It comes as the February holidays approach.

Tirol May Go Into Quarantine as Variant Virus Cases Rise

The Austrian province has seen worrying increases in the mutations and concerns are mounting. The authorities are studying the data and will make a decision shortly. Ski resorts and alpine areas are watching closely. UPDATED

French Ski Resorts Breathe Sigh of Relief as No New Lockdown

It will be welcomed by ski resorts as the February holiday period approaches. The ski lifts will still not be allowed to turn but some travel is allowed and accommodations can remain open. It is though scant compensation for a season wrecked by Covid-19.

UK Ski Operators Claim 2021/2022 Looking Good

That’s according to some UK ski tour operators and agents we have spoken to. This season is pretty much a total write off, though some hold out hope for the end of season. Are they correct about next winter?

Austria to Crackdown on Foreigners Staying & Skiing in its Resorts Illegally

It follows a series of raids in St Anton that revealed widespread abuse. The Interior Minister has now said the government will ‘intensify controls’.  Local Austrians have welcomed the move as some general restrictions in Austria are eased from Monday 8th February.

Scottish Ski Areas Stay Shut But Get £3m Government Aid

The extra funding is welcome news for the snowsports industry just as the Scottish Government announces the nation will stay in lockdown until at least the end of February.

Austria Extends Some Lockdown Restrictions but Eases Others

The government, opposition parties, scientific advisers and regional authorities met throughout the day on Monday. The alpine nation’s lockdown is due to end on February 7th. What are the changes and how will they affect ski resorts?

Austrian Government Meets Today to Decide on Whether to Extend or Ease Lockdown

An announcement is expected this afternoon with the current restrictions due to end on February 7th. It is likely there will be some easing of measures, but lockdown will stay & most restrictions in ski resorts will remain. NEW

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on…

Majority of Swiss Want Ski Resorts to Close if Covid-19 Worsens

That’s one of the findings of a recent survey where 55% of those polled wanted ski areas to shut if the epidemiological situation deteriorates. In Switzerland the rate of infection is currently improving. In a wide ranging survey many other questions are asked. We look at the current rules & regulations in Switzerland.

Police Carry Out Checks on Foreigners in St Anton with 96 in Breach of Covid-19 Rules

Several British nationals are reported to be among those in breach of pandemic-related rules on entering the country and the national lockdown regulations. 44 hotels & lodges were checked. 133 people were interviewed with 96 given ‘notices.’ Some were ordered to take a COVID PCR test.

France Introduce Tough New Covid-19 Border Restrictions

It has closed its borders to most non-EU travel, but has stopped short of imposing a third national lockdown. The ski resorts are breathing a small sigh of relief as at least domestic tourism can continue albeit with ski lifts remaining shut.

Major UK Ski Operator Cancels All Ski Holidays Until April

Hotelplan runs Inghams, Ski Total and Flexiski and all holidays are off until at least April 2nd. It is no great surprise with ski holidays banned by the government and the short term not looking good in the battle against Covid-19.

Government Confirms Ban on All Ski Holidays

Snowsports holidays are included in the existing ban on all foreign holidays. The measures have been in place for a while but appear to have been flouted or misunderstood by some. A small number have found claimed loop holes.

Ischgl Hopes to Open in Mid-February

The Austrian resort remains closed though some slopes are open for ski tourers and people going snow shoeing. It has spent €750,000 on Covid-19 protection measures and wants to ensure safety.

French Government Delays Decision on Third National Lockdown

The government says a decision will be taken “in the coming days” on whether to impose a third lockdown. It would be a further blow on the fragile situation of ski resorts but may be needed to prevent deaths and hospitals being overrun.

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on…

UK Students In Isolation in France After Covid-19 Cases Are Trainee Ski Instructors Heading to Switzerland

The group is in isolation in Vallorcine near Chamonix after 16 out of the group of 26 tested positive.  Locals in Vallorcine are reported to be anxious and there are concerns in Verbier. The course organiser says all the rules have been strictly followed.

Crystal Ski Cancels Holidays Until March 5th

The UK’s largest ski tour operator pulls the plug as questions grow whether there will be a ski season at all.  Covid-19 and international travel restrictions to EU and Schengen countries means travel is not likely any time soon.

Another Ski Instructor Course in Austria With Britons Attending Sees Outbreak of Covid-19

The outbreak happened in a group of 172 people on a course in Flachau in the Ski Amade region in Salzburg. Two Britons are among dozens on the course who have tested positive for coronavirus. All instructor courses in Salzburg have now been suspended.

Swiss Ski Lift Operator Sacked for Revealing Poor Coronavirus Compliance

Marco Eberhard worked at the resort of Bergun in the canton of Graubunden. He was fired  for breaking his relation of ‘loyalty’ to the company by speaking to the media about his concerns.

Reaction As Ski Lifts Remain Closed In France

It is an economic body blow to the French resorts – the lift companies, the restaurants, the ski schools and all businesses in resorts. Let alone us that want to ski. The French government says it is necessary to save lives and beat Covid-19 and that health issues take priority.

Life In A Ski Resort When The Lifts Are Closed

As ski lifts in France remain closed into February and perhaps for the rest of the season we ask what’s it like to be in a ski resort in the French Alps in mid-winter when all the lifts are closed.   We hear from Alexandra Beuchert and Simon Perry, who have French residency and travelled from the UK to their home in Tignes in late December.

French Ski Lifts to Remain Shut into February & Likely Beyond

It is a bitter blow for the resorts and means the half term holiday period is likely gone with a huge impact. The government says it is a necessary measure and it puts the health of the nation above economic issues. UPDATED

French Ski Resorts Hear Today If They Can Start Their Lifts

The government had said it would make an announcement on Wednesday 20th but it looks as if the half-term ski holidays will not be happening. It is an economic short-term body blow to the resorts, but some think the right decision in the long run to stop the spread of Covid-19. UPDATED

Italy’s Ski Areas Remain Closed

They had been scheduled to open today, January 18th, but it wasn’t to be with Covid-19 cases remaining stubbornly high.

Ski Resorts in France Await Their Fate

The government will decide by Wednesday if and when the ski resorts can run their lifts. Some fear if there is another delay then the season will effectively be a write off, but it may be necessary to save lives in the battle against Covid-19.

Coronavirus Impact on Skiing & Snowboarding

The team at PlanetSKI is reporting all the news & developments as it affects the snowsports world in our ever-popular rolling blog. If you want to see its impact and the response of skiers & snowboarders then read on… UPDATED

Austria Extends Lockdown

It was due to end on January 25th but has been extended until February 7th at the earliest. Ski resorts remain open, but for locals only.

Hats off to Chamonix!

Why? Because the resort tells it like it is with accurate and informative news. Er, not something we always receive from some PR people in ski resorts and certainly not in these dreadfull pandemic times.

Swiss Ski Resorts to Stay Open

Tighter new restrictions come into force next week including the closing of non-essential shops but ski lifts continue to turn. Covid-19 cases in Switzerland are still high, but stabilising.

Covid Tests on Offer for Entire District of Kitzbuhel

It comes after an outbreak in the linked Austrian ski resort of Jochberg as the Hahnenkamm races approach. NEW

Snow report


City & Ski: Stubai, the Tirol

PlanetSKI has started its winter with a week long visit to the Tirol.

We’re now in Innsbruck – sampling the city life & the ski life.

Today it’s a visit to the #Stubaiglacier


❄️🌨️⛷️🏂❄️🌨️⛷️🏂 @tirol @stubai #stubai

Our team had an amazing time in the Norwegian ski resorts of @NorefjellSpa and @SkiGeilo. Fantastic early season conditions, brilliant off slope activities and excellent service. ⛷️🇳🇴 ⁠

View Norway ski holidays here:

Around 100 Ski Resorts Now Open in Europe

At the w/end many resorts across the Alps, Pyrenees & Scandinavia opened some slopes. PlanetSKI was in #Schlick2000 in the #Tirol as it opened.

#snow #schnee #neige #letitsnow #letsgoskiing https://t.co/REvaIGzoIp

Innsbruck: A City Made for Skiing

As PlanetSKI starts its season we have moved on from the Otztal Valley in the Tirol in Austria to Innsbruck.

It’s the self-proclaimed capital of the Alps and for good reason.


#snow #tirol #innsbruck #letsgoskiing

Well, this is a pretty decent way to kick off PlanetSKI’s season.

3-days fabulous in the #OtztalValley in the #Tirol and now we’ve moved round to #Innsbruck to hit #Khutai & #Stubai.




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