IGLU posts 5 great ski videos

The online travel agent has put up the films on its web site to get us in the mood for winter. Here at PlanetSKI our thoughts are now turning to winter as the summer draws to a close.

PlanetSKI reporters are an interesting bunch

One of them, Squash Falconer, has paraglided from Mt Blanc, climbed Mt Everest and done a few other things in the mountains beside. She is quite a girl.

Whistler awaits

The Canadian resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. More British people visit it than any other North American ski area and anyone serious about their snow should visit. See why in this PlanetSKI sponsored feature that includes a video interview about the resort.

Ten reasons to visit the Austrian Tirol in late Summer

The mountain landscape of the Austrian Tirol is a draw at any time of year and travelling in September and October is no exception. So what is on offer and why should you go? See why in this feature from one of our PlanetSKI partners, Tirol Tourism.

Blogging from the Austrian Alps….

Our content editor, James Cove, is in Zell am See with his 13-year old son, Max. If you thought the Alps was just for a winter holiday then think again. To see what the two of them get up to and the attractions of summer in the mountains then see their rolling blog…

Carry on Cruising

PlanetSKI reporters have been climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, white water rafting in the Alps, skiing in South America and making a few turns on the glaciers of Europe. One of our regular reporters has, er, been on a cruise.

Check out the ski videos

It may still be August but the winter ski season is getting closer and closer. See some of the latest skiing and snowboarding videos and dream of what is to come in just a few months time. Snow.

The final Olympic lap

If you want a look back at how it has gone, re-live a bit of it and see what we have been up to at PlanetSKI then read on. London 2012 will remain long in the memory. We have had many, many thousands of views of our coverage so thank you.

FIS boss reports on the Olympics

The Secretary General of the governing body of snowsports competition is in London for the Olympics. Sarah Lewis, is from London and is an Olympian. She reports on her home Olympic Games.

Watching the Olympics

If you cant get tickets for the venues there are quite a few places to watch in the capital with a great atmosphere. We have all heard of the big screen in the parks, but what about the country’s national houses? The skiing nations have some of the best.

Is the Olympics good for tourism?

Reports say central London is quiet, shops are empty and theatre seats unsold. We went to take a look and found exactly the opposite. Reports of the demise seem somewhat exaggerated.

Blogging from The Alps…

We have just arrived in Zell am See in Austria and will be continuing a rolling blog for the week. It started off with an Ironman triathlon; watching that is. We also have some pictures from the Alps courtesy our readers, reporters and friends over on Facebook.

Watching Wiggins win gold

We are very pleased to say that PlanetSKI was there as Bradley Wiggins powered into the record books with Olympic gold in the time trial. Seen in conjunction with his victory in the Tour de France British cycling is at an historic point. So what was it like to witness?

Summer in the Alps

PlanetSKI reporter Jane Peel reports from the Austrian Tirol on summer activities. From gentle walking to high octane adrenalin filled sports. Check out her video report from high up in the Alps.

PlanetSKI chairlift chat with…Sir Steve Redgrave

The 5 times British Olympic gold medalist played a central role in the opening ceremony of London 2012 and is commenting on the rowing. We skied with him last March and he talked to us about skiing, his love of the mountians and where he keep his gold medals.

Getting a helping hand

It’s not every day that I spend the afternoon having my bottom fondled by extremely fit men in tight lycra. It happened this week though and I most certainly needed it.

Skydiver leaps from edge of space

Felix Baumgartner had another practice jump as he sets to break the world record for the highest jump. His training jump though was pretty impressive, 18 miles up and on his way to space.

Summer finally arrives in the UK

Recently we have had pictures of summer in the mountains from our friends around the Alps. It only seems fair to have a few from the UK now the sun has finally shown itself. Hopefully it will last for the Olympics. We also have a few images from the Alps.

Balloon ride near North Pole

Every now and again we get sent some interesting and odd pictures. These ones show a tethered balloon ride from a ship taking people to see and explore the Arctic. They were taken up near to the North Pole.

Summer in Alps looks good

It has been chucking it down with rain in recent days but now the sun has come out and so have our cameras. PlanetSKI readers and reporters have been sending us their latest pictures and videos from across the Alps. Others come from our Facebook friends.

Man City in Austrian ski resort

The Premier League Champions are in the Austrian Alps for pre-season training. They are living like monks in a hotel that was once a monastary. There are no WAGs allowed and alcohol is off the main menu.

Riding the Thames gondola in ski gear

A small group of enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders wanted to see what the new lift, The Emirates Air Line, across the Thames is like. Obviously they decided to take it in their full ski gear.

Ever fancied a go at rock-climbing?

PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel, most definitely has not. She is in Mayrhofen in the Austrian Tirol where she had a go at a Via Ferrata, a cross between climbing and hiking that’s becoming an increasingly popular mountain sport.

Liechtenstein keeps absolute monarchy powers

The tiny principality high up in the Alps sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria has just had a referendum on whether to curtail the powers of the crown. No thanks, the people said.

Ski holidays go on sale

The France self-catering specialist, Pierre et Vacances, has just released its full programme for the 2012/13 season. If you book before October 31st there are cheap holidays with savings of up to 20%. It is also just fun to see what’s on offer and dream of winter to come.

Summer in The Alps

Pictures are still coming in from our friends, readers and reporters out in the Alps. They are hiking, climbing, rafting, cycling, golfing, skiing or just lying in the sun and enjoying the mountains in the summer. This week PlanetSKI is in the Tirol, Yippee!

Calling all British ski film makers

This autumn sees the release of the third installment of the Britain’s Got Skiers film. Entrants are invited now with prizes on offer.

Fancy winning $100,000?

Snowpsorts film makers are asked to submit their freeskiing movies to win the prize. The Co-Lab competition is being run by Teton Gravity.

40% off summer holidays

Pierre et Vacances is offering huge discounts off summer holidays in France and Spain. You’ll need to hurry as the offers from one of our partners ends on July 9th.

Snowboarding the White Silk Road

The video tells the story of three Australian snowboarders who travelled to Afghanistan to take the sport and lifestyle to new limits. The White Silk Road.

Six of the best

One of our main partners, Tirol Tourism, has come up with six ideas for the six weeks of the school holidays this summer. There are family holidays, adventure ones and if you have never considered summer in the Alps then now may be the time to see what is on offer.

Scottish skier on TV tonight

She has skied every month for almost three years. 58-year old Helen Rennie, from Inverness, is featured in a BBC Two Programme, Britain in a Day.

Sex acts of penguins censored

An Antarctic explorer with Captain Scott at the beginning of the 20th century saw some behaviour that was deemed too offensive to include in official scientific accounts. Details have only just come to light.

Summer in the Tirol

If you like the mountains in winter then you will like them in the summer. We promise. See why in this sponsored feature written in conjunction with one of our main PlanetSKI partners, Tirol Tourism.

Paralysed snowboarder runs half marathon

A sports teacher injured his spine on an instructors course in Saas-Fee while doing a jump and was told he would never walk again. He has just taken part in the Great Manchester Run.

Jubilee cockpit flypast video

The Diamond Jubilee festivities are over in the UK with hours of TV pictures, many thousands of photos and pages and pages of internet coverage. Here at PlanetSKI we rather like this video.

Black bear enjoys its snowsports

First it was a snowboarding crow and now it appears other animals have been out enjoying their time on the snow. Check out the video of a bear sliding down a patch of snow in Canada.

Summer glacier skiing in The Alps

If you can’t wait until winter for your next fix of snow then why not try a spot of glacier skiing in Europe? PlanetSKI reporter Clare Meaney reports from a ski course in Tignes and looks at the other resorts on offer too.

Kenton Cool Olympic pledge

The British mountaineer has reached the summit of Everest for the 10th time. With him was a 1924 Olympic Gold Medal that 87 years ago was pledged would be taken to the top of the world. See a video of the final steps of its journey.

Summer in the Aosta Valley

In the winter The Aosta Valley in Italy is best known for its ski resorts; Cervinia, Courmayeur and the gem of Champoluc. In the summer it adds a secret weapon to its armoury – ice cream.

Is Everest changing?

As the season for scaling the world’s highest mountain ends people are looking back on what could be a turning point. Hundred of people have reached the summit in the past 10 days but there have been deaths, very real concerns about climate change and questions about how it is done.

Glacier walking in Austria

Summer is finally here in the UK and we start a series of features on summer in The Alps. What are its attractions and what is on offer. PlanetSKI reporter, Ian Anderson, has been walking on the glaciers high up in the Austrian Tirol.

Who are the people climbing Everest?

Hundreds have made it this year and more are currently trying. The speed climber, Ueli Steck, and a 73-year old Japanese woman have caught our attention. And the other 200 people currently lining up. Check out the photo of people waiting to get to the top.

Doctors on Everest

The highest mountain in the world is making the news again as four people have died and hundreds more are waiting to try to reach the summit. A timely reminded to show a couple of fascinating films made by the BBC’s Horizon programme.

James Bond ski scenes

There is apparently no skiing sequence in the new Bond film. The official trailer that has just been released and there’s no chase down the ski slopes in sight. So we bring you some classic Bond skiing scenes. And a snowboarding one.

Innsbruck as never seen before

Check out this film of the Austrian city as set against its alpine background and ecological biodiversity. It comes from Patrick Centurioni, a biologist who was born and raised in the capitol of Tirol.

Skiing in 1967

One of our friends on Facebook has just posted a great video shot in 1967 on Hillend dry ski slope in Scotland. Check out the equipment and skiing style!

Skiing down Mount Etna

Two skiers have skied down the active volcano in Sicily. They hiked up with guides and came down speed skiing with paragliders on their backs. Check out the video.

The best place to change holiday money

It is just as relevant in the summer as the winter so PlanetSKI reporter, Clare Meaney, went shoping for Euros last Monday. It took much longer and was more exhausting that she thought to exchange her £1,000. So where is the best rate?

The biggest wave ever surfed

A surfer from Hawaii has officially ridden the biggest wave of any surfer. He did it last November off the coast of Portugal and he is now in the Guinness Book of Records.

€1bn mission to find snow on Jupiter’s moons

The European Space Agency has announced a plan to try to confirm the existence of ice and snow on three of Jupiter’s moons. It would indicate whether life could be supported.

Supermoon over ski resort. Or not.

Last weekend the full moon was closer to our planet than at any other time of the year. It is called a Supermoon as it appeared bigger in the night sky and looked stunning. Not all photos were quite what they seem though.

9 million vertical feet in a season

That is the total for a US skier who takes to the slopes pretty much every day. Charles Alexander reckons he has skied more than anyone else in the world this season. One man who had skied every day for over 8 years was forced to stop in January.

Climate change affecting Alpine plants

Researchers say the warming of the planet is reducing the overall number of mountain plants and for some to migrate to higher altitudes. Many meadows in the Alps are currently a brightly coloured carpet of Spring flowers.

Revising for A Levels

This is how you do it. Check out the You Tube video of a bit of downtime in the school library. With a bit of help from Carly Rae Jepsen and her song Call me Maybe. It is not much to do with skiing!

Austrian village debates name change

The village is pronounced Foogking but it is the spelling that attracts attention. Outsiders laugh about it, steal the road signs and now the villagers from Fucking are getting somewhat fed up.

Pair marry at North Pole

The bride wore white but it need to be warm as it was -23ºC. The Norwegian polar explorer Borge Ousland and his partner Hege tied the knot at the geographic North Pole. The cross was made of a pair of crossed skis.

Snow and surf

There still some snow on the ground in Norway and some surf out to sea. Check out the video as Lars Musschoot finds a special place to ride some waves.

Counting penguins at Antarctica

Satellite technology has allowed scientists to make an accurate count of the number emperor penguins. There are around 600,000; double the number first thought.

Releasing The Inner Tiger

We were six Women of a Certain Age (WoCA), in search of a challenge in Chamonix. In danger of pottering around on Brevent’s blues to our hearts content, this winter we had decided was the year to change all that.

Snow report


It’s been a busy old day for ski news!

- More French Resorts Protest
- Austria Allows Skiing at Xmas.Just
-Crystal Ski Allows Tier 3 skiers to Change for Free
- Austria Introduces Quarantine Measures
- Slopes in England Open
+ More... and more...


More French Resorts Protest about Plans to #CloseSkiLifts

Resorts are urging the government to change its mind.

The authorities say the closure is about stopping hospitals becoming overcrowded and people dying.

#covid19France https://t.co/J0N92OghPa

Austria Allows Skiing at Xmas but with Tight Restrictions

Resorts can open on #XmasEve for locals only with hotels shut.

Strict #quarantine rules imposed to deter foreign holiday skiers.

#covid19austria https://t.co/pkwrYd0Jxg

Latest news this lunchtime on #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

-More Demonstrations in French Alps Over Ski Lift Restrictions
-Crystal Ski Allows People Under Tier 3 to Change Holidays for Free
-Austria Set to Introduce Stricter Quarantine Measures


Snow returns to the #Alps with extreme falls forecast for some parts by the weekend ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/12/02/big-snowfalls-forecast-for-the-alps/
#SNOW #WinterIsHere

Further Demonstrations on Wednesday in French Alps Over Proposed Ski Lift Restrictions

A protest takes place in Bourg St Maurice today with more demos planned for later in the week.


The Mayor in the French resort of #Chatel decks out town hall in Swiss flags as his ski slopes have to shut over Xmas while neighbouring Swiss resorts can remain open.


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