Back on skis after 17 years

So what is it like putting on a pair of skis after a 17-year break from the slopes? That is what PlanetSKI reader, Anne Gould, did recently at the Crystal Ski Fest in Sestriere in Italy

Skiing the Vallee Blanche from Italy

It is one of the most famous off piste routes in the Alps and can be done by any solid intermediate skiers. Most start from Chamonix but it is just as easy to do the main route from the Italian resort of Courmayeur in The Aosta Valley. PlanetSKI reports.

Taking a train to the top of the world

It is one of the most impressive train journeys in The Alps and yet you can see very little out of the window, to begin with that is. 100 years ago men dug a tunnel up through The Eiger and built the highest railway station in Europe. PlanetSKI jumps aboard.

Best moments of the winter

It is that time of year again. The season is drawing to a close and whether you have been on a single holiday or lived in the mountains all winter there should be a few good times to remember…

Worst moments of the winter

And then it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have a few of these. Not every day can be perfect. Many of us at PlanetSKI have a few moans and grumbles….

PlanetSKI chairlift chat with…Sir Steve Redgrave

In our continuing series of interviews with people we meet on chairlifts as our reporters criss-cross the mountains we hear from the five times Olympic gold medalist, Sir Steve Redgrave.

Bode falls asleep on his skis

Not Bode Miller but another Bode. The toddler is seen on You Tube standing up in his ski boots fast asleep before he falls over after an exhausting time on the slopes.

Skiing with a disability

When winter approaches those of us who are fanatical about skiing can’t wait to get on the slopes. It is not so easy for people with a disability. The organisation Disability Snowsports UK is on hand to help. Jane Peel reports from Sestriere in Italy.

The 10-year old ski jumper

A You Tube video of a child doing a K40 ski jump in the Olympic Park in Utah goes viral with almost 1m hits. We hear the girl telling of her fears and then launching herself down the slope.

The PlanetSKI chairlift chat…with Gareth Roberts.

The chairman of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors, BASI, takes a lift with PlanetSKI reporter Jane Peel. Getting frostbite in his toes is one of the prices paid for a dream life.

Spring in The Alps but is the best yet to come?

This week in the UK it is warm. On Thursday it topped 20ºc in London with snow and winter seeming a long way off. It has been warm in the Alps too though winter is set to make a return next week. PlanetSKI reports from Chamonix.

The PlanetSKI chairlift chat… with Jean-Luc Brassard

The Canadian gold medal mogul skier competed in four Olympic Games and now works in the resort of Le Massif on the east coast. In our series of chats with people we meet as we criss-cross the mountains find out a bit more about the mogul legend.

Sir Steve Redgrave v Ben Hunt-Davis

What happens when two of Britain’s Olympic champion rowers put their skis on and race each other down a dual slalom course? What else but deadly rivalry. PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel, was in Sestriere watching from the finish line.

Confessions of a first time racer

So what is it like to train, to feel the pressure and the adrenalin rush of ski racing? PlanetSKI reporter Jane Peel is about to find out. But she didn’t intend to.

Why put a small animal on a small snowboard and film it?

The animal in question is an opossum called Ratatouille and it was riding in Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania. It is somewhat stage managed and perhaps not nearly as good as a snowboarding crow.

Night skiing in Canada

As dusk falls most ski resorts are long since closed. Not around Quebec where several ski resorts are bursting into life as interest in skiing at night becomes increasingly popular. PlanetSKI reports from the dark side.

The PlanetSKI Chairlift Chat…with Brandon Strong

In our series of chats with people on chairlifts we hear from the man that maintains the private training superpipe of Shaun White in Northstar, California.

Demon skiers – Women of a Certain Age

It’s a truth, sometimes acknowledged, that Women of a Certain Age (WoCA) probably like to cruise around skiing on green and blue runs and have a copious number of coffee stops. Or maybe not.

Lapland – the journey continues

PlanetSKI reporter Christian Ferree reports from Lapland. He tries his hand at snowshoeing, husky dog riding and relaxing in a real Finiish sauna. Oh, and he even does a bit of skiing too.

Skiing in California

Our content editor travelled to California with some reluctance. It hadn’t snowed for weeks and it was having the worst winter in years. He is not entirely a fan of skiing in North America either. He returns itching to get back. So what happened?

It is difficult not to be smug

Our content editor is in Lake Tahoe in California. Up until last weekend it was having one of the worst winters on record. Then it started snowing and it hasn’t stopped. Check out his latest blog.

California Dreaming

Our content editor has just arrived on the west coast of the USA to visit Northstar, Heavenly and Kirkwood. He’s been dreaming of the trip, while the resorts have been dreaming of snow. It has been a poor winter so far on the west coast.

Avalanche awareness courses

Given the recent spate of deaths across Europe and North America now might be the time to do such a course. PlanetSKI reporter Katy Dartford has just completed one in Austria and gives a detailed assessment of it.

The Heart of The Alps

The resorts in the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy offer some of the most varied and interesting skiing in The Alps. It is said the resorts and their slopes have something for everyone. Find out more in this sponsored feature.

Skiing in Lapland

PlanetSKI reporter, Christian Ferree, blogs for us from Lapland. Home to reindeers, the northern lights, igloos, a different type of ski holiday and some very, very cold temperatures.

Inghams offers a revolution next season

The Tour operator has just launched its holiday programme for 2012/13. The inclusive package is about to get even more inclusive. See what is on offer and what the trends there may be next winter in this feature from one of our partners at PlanetSKI.

Late season in the Austrian Tirol

We all know that Austria has had some of the biggest snowfalls of the winter. But do you know what else is on offer for the rest of the season? Comedy, concerts, gay weeks and much else. See what is there in this article from one of our PlanetSKI partners.

Silver surfer

This is one of the most original ski or snowboard videos we have seen. A snowboarder filmed at night as the only point of light.

Avalanche danger in The Alps

There is serious risk of avalanches in some parts of the Alps. In Austria three people died this week alone while in Switzerland 3 people died the week before. PlanetSKI examines the dangers.

Salt Lake City 10 years on

It was a decade ago the city hosted the Winter Olympics. Our content editor worked for the BBC at The Games and is now back. How has it changed? Did The Olympics make a difference? Are the Mormon drinking laws in place? How does it now compare to The Alps?

Off piste safety

PlanetSKI reporter, Katy Dartford, signed up for an off piste safety course in the Austrian resort of Kuhtai. With huge amounts of fresh snow it was the perfect conditions to gain an insight into backcountry safety. It all comes free too!

The PlanetSKI Chairlift Chat… with Mathew Prior

Here at PlanetSKI we meet many interesting people as we meander round the mountains. Some are household names and others you may not have heard of. All have something interesting to say as we have a Chairlift Chat…


The PlanetSKI content editor is currently in Utah a decade after he was there covering the 2002 Winter Olympics for the BBC. Later he will be looking at the Olympic legacy. Firstly though he asks whether Utah really has the Greatest Snow on Earth?

Salt Lake City – 10 years on

In February 2002 the city hosted the Winter Olympics. A decade on PlanetSKI re-visits the city in Utah to see what the Olympic legacy has been. For some it has been a huge benefit while for others it is just a distant memory.

Skiing in Japan

A PlanetSKI reporter is in the land of the rising sun…and this season the land of the falling snow. Meters and metres of it. Check out our report and pictures from Japan.

The PlanetSKI Chairlift chat…

In our series of conversations on chairlifts we hear from the 16-year old US skiing sensation Mikaela Shiffrin. She is the youngest US skier to have stood on a World Cup Podium for 30 years.

Chamonix in the spring

With the huge snowfalls of the winter end of season conditions should be the best in many years. According to this sponsored feature from PlanetSKI the high altitude French resort is one of the best places to enjoy it.

Riders and Rich Kids

Ten years ago ITV broadcast a programme about the seasonaires in Chamonix. It drew in a good audience as it depicted their hedonistic lifestyle. So how does the programme stand up a decade on?

Skiing in Russia

PlanetSKI has been sampling the skiing at the resorts that will hold the ski and snowboard events for the Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014. So, what is it like to ski in Russia? Read our latest blog from the east…

Learn to ski with British instructors

The British Alpine Ski School, BASS, has ski and snowboard schools in most of the major French resorts. Tens of thousands of people have improved their skiing with BASS over the years. See why in this sponsored feature.

24 hours in Istanbul

PlanetSKI has been skiing in Russia and on the way back our content editor stopped off in Istanbul for a day. We never thought we’d have a city review on a ski web site, but we have now…

Skiing in Russia

PlanetSKI is in Sochi, Russia, the city that hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics. Our content editor has drunk vodka, been moved on by the security services and sampled the skiing. It’s quite a place.

The Cresta run

The historic toboggan run in St Moritz offers the ultimate thrill for adrenalin junkies. It is open for the next few weeks and there are currently some special deals on offer. Check out the videos of the most famous toboggan run in the world.

Snow dances in the US

When there’s no snow there’s only one thing to do. Dance. Even better if you can get some Native Americans with a proven track record in summoning up the powder.

Panto Time!

Xmas may be over but that doesn’t stop the Verbier Amateur Dramatics Society putting on its annual pantomime. They are all too busy working in December so chose February instead.

Skiing with the US ski team

A few weeks ago at PlanetSKI we were asked if we wanted to send a reporter to ski with members of the US Team at their Alpine training base in Austria. Our content editor thought long and hard on the tough assignment. And then sent himself.

Ski resorts cut off by snow

Thousands of people are trapped, The Alps are in lockdown; transport is impossible in places and supplies are running low. That is if you believe the British press.

Chalet holidays on the up

Chalets and Chalet Hotels are increasingly popular offering value for money and the chance to mix with like-minded people. In this feature we look at what is on offer from Inghams this winter and an exclusive look at a property for next season in St Anton.

The key to skiing is balance

A new piece of kit is out to help you find the most elusive, but important, aspect of skiing. Balance. The Sweetspot ski trainer could revolutionise the way you ski. See how in this sponsored feature.

Skiing with your partner is not always easy

PlanetSKI reporter Sophie Hutchinson, good intermediate, takes a few ski lessons in Zermatt with her boyfriend, nervous beginner. Private lessons seemed the only answer. So how did it work out for the pair?

The Riders Lodge

It is a new concept in a ski and snowboarding holiday aimed at freeriders, people young at heart and those who want to get more out of their time on the slopes at an affordable price. Just don’t call it a chalet.

Ice city opens in China

A city built from ice and snow has opened in the northern city of Harbin. Each winter the Ice and Snow World is created and draws in 1 million visitors.

Lindsey Vonn reveals more

In a photo shoot for an Italian sports magazine the US skier strips down a bit and puts on some high heels. She has put some of the photos on her Facebook page.

Austria awaits

More and more British people are heading to the Austrian Alps. It has its sights set on overtaking France as the number one choice for British skiers and snowboarders. See what it has to offer in this sponsored feature.

Ski bargains galore!

As the Xmas festivities draw to an end and the bills have to be paid January can be a pretty depressing month. Unless of course you chose to grab a bargain and head to the ski slopes. See what’s on offer from IGLU in this sponsored feature.

The secrets of skiing

If you want to find out how to ski better then check out this free e-book; Ski Performance Breakthrough. It comes from the British Alpine Ski and Snowboard School so all you have to do is download it, read it and go skiing.

Ski under the Northern Lights

NASA says The Northern Lights will be at their best for 50 years in 2012. What better way to see them than to combine it with a ski holiday? See how in this sponsored feature.

33% off Swiss skiing

Crans-Montana is offering a third off accommodation, ski passes, ski hire and lessons. It is over a large part of the winter and there is no small print. The savings are genuine; read more in this sponsored feature on PlanetSKI

Is one ski school better than another?

European Snowsport operates out of three resorts in Switzerland, Verbier, Zermatt and now St Moritz, and is a partner of PlanetSKI. See what makes it special in this sponsored video interview.

Magic in Morzine

PlanetSKI reporter Anne Gorringe treats her daughter Sara to an early Christmas present and finds fabulous snow conditions on the slopes above Morzine.

Snow report


It’s been a busy old day for ski news!

- More French Resorts Protest
- Austria Allows Skiing at Xmas.Just
-Crystal Ski Allows Tier 3 skiers to Change for Free
- Austria Introduces Quarantine Measures
- Slopes in England Open
+ More... and more...


More French Resorts Protest about Plans to #CloseSkiLifts

Resorts are urging the government to change its mind.

The authorities say the closure is about stopping hospitals becoming overcrowded and people dying.

#covid19France https://t.co/J0N92OghPa

Austria Allows Skiing at Xmas but with Tight Restrictions

Resorts can open on #XmasEve for locals only with hotels shut.

Strict #quarantine rules imposed to deter foreign holiday skiers.

#covid19austria https://t.co/pkwrYd0Jxg

Latest news this lunchtime on #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

-More Demonstrations in French Alps Over Ski Lift Restrictions
-Crystal Ski Allows People Under Tier 3 to Change Holidays for Free
-Austria Set to Introduce Stricter Quarantine Measures


Snow returns to the #Alps with extreme falls forecast for some parts by the weekend ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/12/02/big-snowfalls-forecast-for-the-alps/
#SNOW #WinterIsHere

Further Demonstrations on Wednesday in French Alps Over Proposed Ski Lift Restrictions

A protest takes place in Bourg St Maurice today with more demos planned for later in the week.


The Mayor in the French resort of #Chatel decks out town hall in Swiss flags as his ski slopes have to shut over Xmas while neighbouring Swiss resorts can remain open.


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