Pictures of Christmas

We have been sent many photos of the snow round The Alps and the Xmas scenes across the mountains. Do send us in your Xmas photos if you want to add the collection. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Skiing in Scotland

The news coming out of Scotland is all about severe weather, travel disruption and other associated problems. Ski tourers have been turning it to their advantage. See the pictures we have been sent from our friends at Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorms.

Watch this and laugh!

We have just been sent a You Tube video of two Scottish men who had a small problem in a voice activated lift. We split our sides laughing.

First turns of the winter

Normally at this time of year PlanetSKI would be reporting from Verbier, Zermatt, Tignes or Chamonix. High-altitude snow sure resorts. Instead our content editor is in Silvretta-Montafon in Austria this weekend. Why?

Tributes to Peter Lunn

The British ski veteran died at the age of 97 at the end of last month. He started skiing at two years old and was skiing into his 90’s.

Skiing gates with Graham Bell

One of our readers has been on a race course with the ex-Olympian and presenter of Ski Sunday, Graham Bell. However Scott Pleva is not just any old reader and skier as he is also a ski instructor too.

Sex and skiing

Are they the best pastimes around? A press release from a specialist ski tour operator points out a few similarities! Which activity do you prefer?

Snow cannons to the rescue

The Austrian resort of Ischgl has just spend € 1million to make enough snow to open. Elsewhere ski resorts are making as much as they can as Mother Nature fails to provide. The snow cannon is an integral part of the mountain landscape but comes at a cost.

Alberta boot camp ends

PlanetSKI reporter, Lisa Young, is on a snowsports boot camp in Canada. She has been enjoying the powder and occasionally the exercises too! See her concluding reports.

Powder, Powder and more Powder

Sadly for us in Europe it is not falling in The Alps but in Canada. A PlanetSKI reporter, Lisa Young, is in Lake Louise on a snowsports boot camp. She has a knack of turning up in the right place at the right time.

The Alberta boot camp

Travelling to Canada to join in a snowsports boot camp might seem a bit of an extreme way to prepare for the winter. Not according to PlanetSKI reporter Lisa Young.

Walking across Antarctica

A woman from the UK has set off on her quest to become the first person to walk solo across the frozen continent. 33-year old Felicity Aston started her epic journey on Friday.

Millionaire gives away everything including ski chalet

The Austrian businessman gave it all away two years ago and now says he has found happiness.

Mountain range under Antarctica

It is the size of The Alps and now scientists have made some important discoveries about the formation of The Gamburtsevs.


We are being somewhat inundated with videos at the moment at PlanetSKI but with poor snow in The Alps it gives us something to dream about.

A new concept in ski teaching

Inside Out Skiing offers a different approach to ski teaching that will get your skiing much better and swiftly on to the next level. Lessons indoors in the UK and then coaching out in the mountains. See how in this sponsored feature.

How can Social Media benefit a business?

It was one the main questions that dominated The World Travel Market In London this week. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Linkedin and blogs. The seminars on the subject were packed and yet few seemed to understand what it is all about.

US ski team trains in Vail

Check out the video of the team to beat this season. Lindsey Vonn, Ted Ligety and Bode Miller. Miler is the one with the green helmet.

Skiing with Franz Klammer

The chance to ski with once of the world’s greatest downhill racers is something most keen skiers would jump at – or run a mile from if feeling a little rusty. PlanetSKI reporter, Katy Dartford, felt both emotions.

Xavier de le Rue film

The French extreme snowboarder and Olympic athlete shows how its done. Deep powder lines down some of the most stunning faces in the mountains. Here’s a trailer of his latest film.

Skiing in St Moritz

It is the jewel in the crown of the Swiss Alps and every skier should see Engadin St Moritz before they hang up their ski boots. This winter there are some great deals on offer as the resort tries to attract a wider clientele. See what is available in this sponsored feature.

Skiing in Iceland

The country is making a concerted effort to attract skiers and snowboarders to bolster the country’s ailing tourist industry. It started with sounding out the press, PlanetSKI was amongst them.

Why fly half way round the world to go skiing?

Well here are six reasons; Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Heavenly, Keystone and Northstar. We look at the attractions in this sponsored feature on Vail Resorts. If you haven’t been to the USA now may be the time to change that.

Backing Britain

There is a network of British snowsports schools that now has branches in many of the major French ski resorts. The British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School, BASS, is well worth choosing. See why in this sponsored feature.

Riding with the Free Radicals

The group of Swedish skiers and snowboarders has released its latest video and it is well worth a watch. They stomp the powder in some of the finest places in the world. See the trailer here.

Skiing with Pierre et Vacances

The holiday giant is a household name in France but here in the UK many have heard of it but don’t quite know what it offers. Simple, it sells property and self-catering ski accommodation in resorts in France. To find out more read on……

Skiing on Saturn’s moon

Snow like crystals have apparently been falling on one of the planet’s moons for millions of years and have created deep powder snow in places. Perhaps one day we could be skiing there! PlanetSKI reports.

Passion, lust & egos

The PlanetSKI content editor has been writing a book for the past two years and has just handed it in to the publishers; with mixed emotions of relief and sadness. It is of course about skiing.

Holiday with IGLU

It claims to have one of the widest choices, some of the most knowledgable staff and certainly the best prices. The Online travel agent is doing well while others are doing badly in the tough economic climate. But what exactly is an online travel agent?

Why do people take lessons?

The answer may seem obvious at first but there are many different reasons and many different outcomes according to snowsports instructors. One of them, Steve Angus, has penned this article on his years of observations.

PlanetSKI speaks to……Ed Drake

Britain’s number one male ski racer has been training hard this summer and looking forward to the coming season. He is though worried about the dangers of downhill racing. We caught up with him for a PlanetSKI video interview.

Getting in the mood for winter

Warren Miller’s 62nd snowsports film is coming out this Autumn. The latest offering from the company, Warren Miller Entertainment, is called Like There’s No Tomorrow. Sit back and enjoy.

Walking on thick ice

With all the talk of global warming you might be forgiven for thinking that Alpine glaciers were as rare as hens’ teeth. Thankfully, not so, says PlanetSKI reporter, Ian Anderson, who has been walking high up in the Austrian Tirol.

A new ski area is born

A number of small ski areas in the French Alps have joined forces to become The Lake Annecy Ski Resorts. If you are looking for a new ski area, are tempted to try something different and want a ski holiday at a relaxing pace of life then read on.

Mountain in Holland grows closer

We reported on PlanetSKI earlier of the rather bizarre plans to construct a man-made mountain in the flat country of The Netherlands. Now the BBC has picked up on the story and it seems it might happen. Oh yeah?!

Fancy beating a ski instructor?

Not at whizzing down a mountain but at petanque. A holiday company is giving you the chance at The Ski and Snowboard Show to be held at Earl’s Court towards the end of October.


Have you ever tried to go a few days without logging on to the internet, using your mobile or listening to an I-pod? Our content editor and his 12-year old son are trying hard to keep the electronic world at bay as they visit the Austrian Alps.

Animal stories

In the last few weeks we have written stories about marmots, cows, snow leopards, penguins, rhinos, cheetahs and even a turkey. Well, cold turkey anyway. Is PlanetSKI devloping an unhealthy interest in animal stories?

Fugitive Alpine cow recaptured

A cow that escaped moments before she was to be sent to the abattoir has been caught after 3 months on the run. She has been living wild in southern Germany.

Woolly rhino adapted to snow

The fossil of a rhino has been found in Tibet and is believed to be 3.6 million years old. It is the oldest specimen of its kind yet found and could hold the key to one evolutionary theory.

Does East Anglia need a mountain?

First we had news on PlanetSKI of people wanting to construct a mountain in Holland and now we hear about similar plans for East Anglia. The UK one seems less like an April Fool! There are plans for a ski slope on it.

Off line in The Alps

The PlanetSKI content editor has been in the Austrian Alps with his 12-year old son and they decided to try to keep their laptops, phones, I-pods and other electronic gadgets switched off. Is it possible to survive without the instant communication of today’s world?

Snow leopards born in UK

Three cubs were born in June and have now made their first public appearance. The animals are a threatened species and a breeding programme across the world is trying to restore their numbers.

Cold turkey

Is it possible to have a holiday today without a laptop, i-pod, smart phone, games console, TV or any other modern electronic device. To be out of contact with the outside world. Do we even want to be? PlanetSKI reports from the Austrian Alps.

Skiing on the internet

So you thought the only place to learn to ski was on the snow. Think again. The British ski instruction company, Parallel Dreams Coaching, that is a partner of PlanetSKI has unveiled a pioneering way to improve your skiing using the web. It’s what the web was invented for.

Heatwave in Austria

It is set to be the hottest week of the year and PlanetSKI is off to the Tirol at the weekend. Meterologists say it is the warmest of the summer so far. Hardly saying much though as the summer has been pretty dire.

Snow in Wellington

We have seen a number of videos of the snow in the New Zealand capital. It hasn’t snowed there in recent memory and was a magical moment for many. This video on You Tube is rather special and shows the magic of snow..

Ski industry targets disappointed A level students

Many thousands of students are disappointed as they fail to get the grades they need to get to Uni. Twitter, Facebook and the internet have been alive with companies offering alternative courses in the mountains, however there are drawbacks.

On top of the world

So what is it like to reach the summit of Mount Everest? You will get a pretty good idea from watching this video from the British mountaineer, Kenton Cool. It’s well worth a look.

Riots in England; a view from The Alps

The riots have been greeted with shock by those Britons who live year round in the mountains. One of our PlanetSKI reporters lives in Verbier, Switzerland. She used to live in London and she watched events unfold on her TV with disbelief and then disgust.

Disabled compete alongside able bodied

They are battling out in separate events in the New Zealand Winter Games. It is the only top level event where they all take part. We have an article from The International Ski Federation (FIS).

Short winter days lead to a bigger brain

That is one of the conclusions from a group of scientists who have gone beack several hundred years and discovered that shorter days lead to bigger eyes and larger brains. Mountain people living near the poles apparently benefit the most.

Stay off the booze

It was a good piece of advice as I am now sitting down to write a book about skiing. 75,000 words are required by October 1st. This article is in the blog section of the site and has recieved hundreds and hundreds of hits so we thought we would put it on the main pages.

Laughing out loud

That’s what we did when a PlanetSKI reader sent us this joke this morning. It has absolutely nothing to do with skiing but so what?!

Summer skiing in Zermatt

A PlanetSKI reporter who lives in Greece has turned his back on the beach and headed to the Swiss Alps instead. He’s gone for snow rather than sand. Read here about summer skiing in The Alps.

Summer in the Alps

He’s done it again! Our content editor has been out skiing in July and doing a few other things beside. If you don’t know what the mountains are like in the summer read on and check out the video report from Les 2 Alpes.

Another animal can ski

Last week we had the skiing ostriches and earlier in the year we reported on the sad demise of a water skiing elephant. Now it is the turn of the squirrels to don a pair of skis.

Want to ski with Bode Miller?

The US racer is offering an intriguing way to raise interest in ski racing. Let the public ski down a race prepared course in a harness after the main event and he would follow holding the reigns.

Addicted to the internet

As many of us are enjoying our annual summer holidays most will be certain to do one thing; go online. Whether it be social networking, checking emails, working or even reading PlanetSKI.

Britain’s got skiers

Fancy yourself as a filmmaker? A competition is under way to find the best British freeskiing edit. The videos will soon be up on Facebook.

Snow report


The latest North American #ski area to start the season is #LakeLouise in #Canada. It opens today, its earliest opening on record. https://planetski.eu/2020/10/25/first-ski-resort-in-north-america-opens/
#banff @SkiLouise

Reaction from #Les2Alpes as Resort Closes Today

"It’s very sad that we are loosing the last few days of the Toussaint holidays skiing," said Alex Armand from #TipTopCoaching.

"However better loose a few days now and enjoy a fabulous winter."


Wolf Creek #ski resort in #Colorado is out of the blocks, opening with fabulous #snow conditions. The season is underway in N America https://planetski.eu/2020/10/25/first-ski-resort-in-north-america-opens/
@WolfCreekSki2 #winteriscoming

France #Lockdown “I am gutted. Not just for me but for all my friends who are ski instructors or training to be ski instructors or work in the ski industry or related jobs." The view from Tignes as #ski resorts prepare to shut


Switzerland Drops Quarantine for People Arriving from the UK

From 29th October people who have visited the UK in the past 10-days will no longer be required to quarantine.


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