The skiing ostriches

The largest birds on earth have apparently been trained to ski. A specialist group of three is even rather good at synchronised skiing, carving down the slope in near perfect unison.

From skis to pedals

For some reason our content editor has never been mountain biking. He has ridden a bike in the mountains, but never done the real thing; downhill mountain biking. Until now.

Glacier skiing in The Alps

Thousands of people are out skiing in Les 2 Alpes. The glacier is open for summer skiing and is in superb condition. Our content editor is there and has had rather a good time. Check out his report and pictures then go green with envy.

July 1st and I’m off skiing

Our content editor is setting off to Les 2 Alpes in France to go glacier skiing. Is he mad? Doesn’t he ever stop skiing? For some sad snow addicts the winter never seems to end.

Warming up with Michael Jackson

The iconic jacket he wore in the Thriller video has just been sold at auction for $1.8m. It made us recall the You Tube video of the Norwegian ski team warming up to a Michael Jackson song high up in The Andes.

Bears and wolves return to Alps

A brown bear has been spotted in Switzerland and there are a growing number of wolves in The Alps. The bear has been seen in the canton of Graubünden in south-eastern Switzerland near the border with Italy.

Emperor Penguin arrives in New Zealand

Last June an Emperor Penguin got lost after going for a swim in Antarctica and has ended up in New Zealand by accident. The last sighting of one in the country was over 40 years ago. Check out the video of the lost penguin and its usual habitat.

Facebook is dangerous

A juror in the UK who used Facebook to contact a defendant is now in jail, off the cuff remarks are there for all to see and embarrasing photos are, er, exactly that.

Pictures from Tignes

The glacier in the high altitude French resort opened for summer skiing and snowboarding last weekend. It had the best conditions in recent memory and a PlanetSKI reporter was there enjoying some turns. Check out the updated photos.

Exploring Lake Geneva

Two Russian submarines that have been to the Arctic seabed are exploring the lake in an international scientific experiment. It hopes to examine pollution threats and reveal some of the geological history of the lake that is fed by the melting snow of The Alps.

Pasta is world’s favourite food

It is beloved of ski bums, those on a budget and the people of Switzerland are 5th on the list of which country eats the most per head of population. Not surprisingly Italy is first. Hands up who hasn’t eaten pasta in The Alps?

Water skiing elephant dies

Queenie became an international star in the late 50s and 1960’s in the USA for her skiing tricks on water. The 58-year old elephant died earlier this week.

Swiss Franc woes

The high exchange rate of the Swiss currency is damaging the country’s tourist industry. There was a fall in visitors in the winter and it is set to continue in the summer. PlanetSKI reports from Switzerland.

Riding a motorbike off a mountain

A stunt rider from Chile has driven a motorbike off the side of a 4,000m-high mountain in the Andes. He was in freefall for 900m. Check out the video.

Chasing the Green Fairy

Absinthe, the green, strong alcoholic drink is making a bit of a comeback. Some say it has hallucinogenic properties and some countries ban it. What on earth has that got to do with skiing and snowboarding? You may well ask.

Have you got a head for heights?

Some of the workers on this extraordinary cliff path in China have. Looking at the video it seems just to walk along it when it is completed will require strong nerves for some. We also have a video of a motorbike speeding off a mountain in the Andes.

PlanetSKI joins in the Royal Wedding!

We have a few tenuous ski angles to the Royal Wedding but wedding fever is certainly gripping the nation and every other media outlet seems to be covering it in one way or another. So why not us?! We have been down at The Palace too.

The end of winter in Verbier

What happened to winter? Looking out of my apartment window in Le Chable, the sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom, the blossom is out on the trees and the birds are tweeting, I am wondering what happened to winter and did it ever really come?

Girls on surf

Skiing is pretty much over and summer is round the corner. Check out the trailer for this surfing video that is out next month. Not a guy in sight!

What happens to PlanetSKI in the summer?

We carry on reporting on everything there is to do in the mountains and keep you posted on developments in the ski world. We have reporters in the Alps and in the southern hemisphere. And we bring you things that are nothing to do with skiing. But catch our eye.

Worst moments of the season

Oh dear…. it is injuries, dented egos, leaving ski resorts and barely even getting into the mountains. Never mind, there’s always next season……do share your experiences with us.

Best moments of the season

So what were they? Powder, après ski, achieving a goal, lieing in the sun or something entirely different. One person’s was had in the dentists’s chair. Check out the best moments of fellow PlanetSKI readers and do, please, send us yours…….

Swiss Cities

Have you ever had or thought of a city break in Switzerland? Perhaps not, but there is a wealth of things to do and we guarantee you will be surprised and rewarded by the experience. See what’s on offer in this PlanetSKI sponsored feature.

Spring Surprises!

PlanetSKI reader, Ian Anderson, decided to take a last minute trip to the Austrian Alps. His friends thought he was mad going at this time of year with reportedly poor snow and the winter over. How wrong they were.


Our content editor, James Cove, is in Switzerland with his 11-year old son, Max. They have been in Saas-Fee and have now moved round to neighbouring Zermatt. It is the favourite resort of James. Why?

Boys trip; Saas-Fee

Our content editor, James Cove, is in Switzerland with his 11-year old son, Max. They are visiting Saas-Fee and Zermatt and blogging as they go along. See what it is looks like out in The Alps at the moment and what there is to do at this time of year…..

Fancy a career change?

Most of us have dreamed of giving it all up and going off to live in the mountains. Maybe run a chalet, work as a ski instructor or just wash dishes. Or something somewhat different.

I’m not waiting another 25 years

A PlanetSKI reader has just come back from Les Arcs in France. It was the first time he has been skiing since the 1980’s. Some things have changed a bit, others not all.

Head first on a tea tray

It is how some people rather disparigingly refer to skeleton. A PlanetSKI reporter has just plucked up the courage to do it down an Olympic track and it is most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Its been 25 year since I last skied!

A good friend of ours at PlanetSKI is in Les Arcs in France and it’s the first time he’s been to a ski resort since the 1980’s. So how have things changed and what’s it like?

Snow ghosts

In the Canadian resort of Big White there are, what the locals call, ‘Snow Ghosts.’ Strange shapes in the snow. They are quite a sight to behold and ski among. Check out the pictures we have been sent.

Try something new

Fancy having a go at something altogether different in the mountains? A PlanetSKI reporter has been trying out the biathlon in the Haute Maurienne Vanoise in the Savoie region of France. There’s much on offer in this picturesque corner of The Alps.

Skiing for the first time in 25 years

A good friend of ours at PlanetSKI is off to Les Arcs next weekend. The first time he has put skis on for a quarter of a century and he will be blogging about his experiences.

Antarctic ice thickens from underneath

The ice is getting thicker at the bottom, sometimes by hundreds of metres. Rising temperatures are still melting the overall size though.

Travel and ski

There are not many jobs where you can travel the world, ski all day and get paid for it. It can be done throughout the year too. So, what job is it?

Priest gets a PhD in snowboarding

Neil Elliot, from Canada was awarded his doctorate from Kingston University in the UK. He explored the spirituality of snowboarding in his thesis and interviewed dozens of boarders. So is it a real doctorate or a bit of a joke?

More British deaths in the Alps

A 5 year old boy and a woman in her 50’s are the latest fatalities in the mountains. The child was buried by a piste basher clearing snow and the woman perished in a low speed accident with no-one else involved.

Another Hollywood actor dies in Zermatt

The latest spoof death is that Jim Carey died in a snowboarding accident this week. It follows reports that Charlie Sheen, and other actors, perished in the same way this season. All the reports are totally untrue.

Photofit image of Iceman

A new image has been produced of the mummified body of a man who died over 5,000 years ago. It is the 20th anniversary of the discovery of Ötzi the iceman high up in The Alps.

Girls in Chamonix

A PlanetSKI reporter has been to the French resort for a weekend away with her girlfriends. Again. It is becoming something of an annual event.

What do ski instructors do in their spare time?

Some babysit or work in bars. Others sit around talking of plans and never quite seem to get them together. One, who is a good friend of ours at PlanetSKI, makes jewellery. We rather like it. What do you think?

There’s more to ski resorts than skiing

A reporter from the BBC has just been to the Swiss resort of Saas-Fee with absolutely no intention of skiing. He went walking instead.

How do you powder ski with no powder around?

A PlanetSKI reporter signed up for an off piste ski course.The only trouble was that it hadn’t snowed in weeks and there was barely a fresh flake around. So how come the course was still well worth it?

Gone native

Our content editor is coming to the end of his swift tour of a few resorts in Colorado. He was a bit apprehensive about crossing the Atlantic and skiing American-style when his favourite playground, The Alps, is just a short hop away from the UK.

Sexiest ski moments

A ski company has come up with its list and even chosen a story we ran on PlanetSKI a while back. It’s all a bit of a PR stunt for the company really, but it’s a laugh and it’s the week of Valentine’s Day after all.

Going native

If you have been following our content editor’s blog about skiing in Colorado for the first time you will know that he has become a bit of convert. It’s amazing what a bit of powder can do. He now moves from Breckenridge to Beaver Creek.

Chalet Girl, the movie

It’s a romantic comedy and will soon be in a cinema near you. The premiers are happening and the trailers are already out. It has laughter, ambition, romance and snow. Much of it filmed in St Anton.

If you only see one ski video…

Then see this one on You Tube that features Shane McConkey talking about the filming of his segment in the film PUSH.

Never judge a book by its cover

Our content editor rather reluctantly crossed the Atlantic to ski in North America. Breckenridge to be precise. So what is he making of it so far?

Crop Circles in the snow

Each winter they appear on the slopes of Les Arcs; intricate patterns in the snow that are best seen from afar. But what are they and how did they get there? The photos are extraordinary.

Skiing in Taliban stronghold

A ski tournament has been held in the Swat valley an area previously controlled by the Taliban. Six teams have been battling it out in an attempt to show that peace prevails in the area.

What is this?

It’s three and a half metres tall, made of ice and has been created by a plumber from East London. But what is it part of and where is it?

Push yourself

Scott Pleva is a ski instructor and he is very good on piste but, by his own admission, not so hot on steep and exposed terrain. He signed up for a week with the Eagle Ski Club in Meribel to do something about it. Here is Part 2 of his blog.

Push yourself

Scott Pleva is a ski instructor and he is very good on piste but, by his own admission, not so hot on steep and exposed terrain. He signed up for a week with the Eagle Ski Club in Meribel to do something about it.

Meribel from the sky

Ever glanced up and seen a small plane flying overhead among the peaks in The Alps and wanted to do it? You can in Meribel and PlanetSKI has just taken to the air.


Check out the videos of a few ski accidents. It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at some of them. We don’t think anyone sustained lasting damage, except perhaps by laughing too much.

Snowboarding for the first time

This week people can ski and snowboard for free as part of Freshers Week. Lift passes, lessons and equipment hire are all free. Last season one of our reporters went snowboarding for the first time. Here we repeat his articles on the experience.

PlanetSKI goes curling

Our content editor, James Cove, turns his hand to curling as he tries out some of the Winter Olympic sports. Bobsleigh, biathlon, cross country skiing and curling. He’s in Innsbruck where the Youth Olympic Games take place in a year’s time.

100 kmph on a bobsleigh

Here on PlanetSKI we are having a go at some of the Winter Olympic sports to see what they are like and to discover a little bit about them. Ever fancied having a go at bobsleigh? Read on.

Keep safe off piste

The recent deaths of five people, including three British, in Val d’Isere has highlighted the need for safety off piste. PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel, takes a look at the issue from Espace Killy.

Snow report


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Hopefully this is the last photo of Pali without any snow under it. It looks like a promising storm is coming our way this weekend. 🤞🤞🤞 #palichair #doyoursnowdance #ABasin

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new talent pathway project in the Greater Manchester area, supported by @GBSnowsport.

The project will create opportunities for individuals who may not have considered taking part in skiing or snowboarding before.

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