Cheap skiing is possible

Last weekend you could have been heading to La Plagne for a week’s all-inclusive holiday for just £219. It was reduced a couple of days before departure from £689 to £219. There are a few other bargains out there too. Why?

Questions raised by fatal avalanche

Four people have died in an avalanche in Val d’Isere. Two French people, a Briton and a Swede. They were with an experienced off piste guide and it raises a number of very important questions.

Doing more in the mountains

If you thought a winter holiday was just about snowboarding or downhill skiing you would be wrong. One of our partners, Zenith Holidays, has a whole range of alternative activities on offer. See what else you can do in this sponsored feature.

That was the Xmas that was

The snow was great, the resorts perhaps not as full as they would have wanted to be and sadly there were a number of deaths and injuries too. Christmas 2010 though will be remembered for one thing; snow. As everyone returns to work we take a look back.

Fireworks in London

The 8 minute display in London was quite literally breathtaking. If you had your New Year celebrations in The Alps and want to see what it was like check out the video below. London has probably never seen better display.

Celebrities in the Alps

Sir Steve Redgrave, David Beckham and Heston Blumenthal were on the slopes, but not Charlie Sheen. The American actor was reported to have died in a snowboarding accident in Zermatt. Strange as he was in the USA at the time.

Festive frolics in the Alps

Christmas falls dangerously near to the start of the season for many European resorts. “”Will there be enough snow?”” is a question that echoes around the mountains. There were no worries this season though it getting a bit thin now.

Polars bears go camera shy

The BBC was making a documentary about polar bears using hidden cameras. The animals though got a little bit inquisitive about the strange bits of ice that seemed to move on their own.

Petrol heads only

This is one of the videos that has absolutely nothing to do with skiing. No snow, no mountains and not a vin chaud or fur collar in sight. We rather like it though.

Ski rage on the increase

Gone are the deserted slopes of a week ago out in The Alps. With New Year upon us the slopes are packed after Christmas. Lift queues are long, tempers are short and there’s a hint of aggression in the air.

Funny what some people do for kicks

We have just been sent this picture by a reader who saw it on the Red Bull web site. It all took place over the Austrian Alps.

The Montreux Xmas market

It is the largest Christmas market in Switzerland and this year 400,000 people have visited to buy, eat & drink or just get in the mood for Christmas.

Powder underfoot, thick cloud all around

It wasn’t quite a blue sky powder day in Verbier but the snow was thick and deep with few people around. We headed for the trees. Days like this can be rather good.

It’s going to be a powder day. Hopefully!

There is nothing quite like arriving in a ski resort in the dark and the next morning throwing open the curtains and seeing it chucking it down with snow. That’s the position here in Verbier first thing Friday morning. But will the lifts open?

A VIP in Val d’Isere

You may think you know the French resort but things are changing. One up-market chalet company, VIP, is making a few changes, the resort has a host of new activities on offer both on and off the mountain. Oh and the lift attendants are polite too.

Snowboarding along the A9

A man gets pulled along by a car on his snowboard in Scotland and posts the video on You Tube. It has had over 25,000 hits but the police are not amused.

Father Xmas hits the slopes

Hundreds of people dressed as Father Christmas turned out to ski at Snow River in Maine, USA. It was all done for charity. Checkout the pictures.

The Snow Bum is back

Sun Peaks Resort in Canada’s British Columbia has announced the sequel to its successful Snow Bum competition last year, Snow Bum 2: The Snapshot.

Backing Britain

There is a network of British snowsports schools that now has branches in many of the major French ski resorts. The British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School, BASS, is well worth choosing. See why in this sponsored feature.

Sit back and admire

Glen Plake and Sébastien Montaz-Rosset have been for a little ski together in Chamonix. Check out this video.

Living the dream

The life of a ski instructor is fun. This great video from European Snowsport makes the point rather well. If you have ever wondered what it might be like this will give you some idea.

Heliskiing in Uzbekistan

Sounds adventurous and it is. Christian Ferree reports on a trip of a life time with his company Direct Adventures who are one of PlanetSKI’s partners. Heliskiing at its best.

The adventure continues

We have been reporting on the trip of a life time; heliskiing in Uzbekistan. Read on as the adventure unfolds for the group with the company, Direct Adventures, in this sponsored article on PlanetSKI.

First turns of the winter

Plenty of people are having them including one of our reporters. Guy Ordway works as a ski instructor in Verbier but with only a small part of the resort currently open, and only at weekends, there’s only one thing to do. Go to Saas-Fee.

Which alpine country is best for food?

A recent poll by a European Travel web site asked people where the best food was to be found. Over 10,000 people took part.

New models on the block

Three snowboarders and wannabe models have won the annual Banff’s Next Top Model Competition. Alison, Ava and Heather come from Ontario.

Man skis every day for 7 years

Rainer Hertrich, from the USA, has been out on his telemark skis for 2,567 days in a row. He aims to ski 100 million vertical feet before he stops. It does though raise one question; Why?

Val Cenis sparkles

You have probably heard of Val d’Isere and Val Gardena, but what about Val Cenis? It is relatively unknown to the British market but is growing in popularity. It is one of those undiscovered gems that you ought to get to before everyone else does.

How to improve your skiing

Is it possible to get better by sitting comfortably on a sofa? There are many books coming out at the moment in time for Xmas and one, Ski Performance Breakthrough, seems rather good. PlanetSKI fluffs up the cushions and takes a look.

Punters point of view

PlanetSKI reporter Sarah Vizard headed down to the Relentless Freeze Festival in London this weekend to catch up with old friends. She has now got a so-called proper job after three seasons in The Alps. So how did the weekend turn out?

Check out the video

The skier, Alex Martini, and Stept-Production win the crown for the best amatuer film at International Freesking Film Festival in Montreal.

Riding on the silver screen

Just a day before the Freeze festival kicks off, AMC Development and Ski Bartlett teamed up to present an evening of snowsports films in London and PlanetSKI was there. We’re getting in the mood for winter!

What is it like being a ski instructor?

The Independent newspaper asks and answers the question with the help of PlanetSKI. The article was published last weekend.

Learn to ski or snowboard for free

The idea is that beginners book a holiday in low season and they get lessons, lift passes and equipment for free. A PlanetSKI reader did it last year and learnt to snowboard.

Seduced by Switzerland

It has some of the best ski resorts in The Alps and PlanetSKI has made the country its winter base. We have all heard of Zermatt and Verbier but there are some superb, less well-known ones. PlanetSKI looks at what Switzerland has to offer in this sponsored feature.

Chamonix beckons

It is one of the most famous ski resorts in The Alps and is steeped in Alpine history. Every skier and snowboarder should visit at least once, so see why in this PlanetSKI sponsored feature. It is a unique place.

Last resting place

A Swiss company is offering to scatter people’s ashes up on the country’s glaciers. It is proving to be quite a popular place to end up.

Space suit tested on Austrian glacier

The Austrian Space Forum has successfully tested a space suit planned for a mission to Mars. The experiment was conducted on the Kaunertal glacier.

Winter in Saas-Fee

The Swiss resort has been having quite a winter with many events, some great offers and, due to its high altitude, good snow. PlanetSKI reveals what’s on offer in this sponsored feature from one of our partner resorts.

The widest choice, best bargains and knowledgeable staff

If you want these when you book a holiday then maybe you should try an on line travel agent. But what exactly are they? IGLU is the biggest and PlanetSKI takes a look at what the company has to offer in this sponsored feature.

Georges Salomon, 1925 – 2010

The funeral has taken place in France of one of the true pioneers of skiing. He will be best remembered for inventing the release ski binding. PlanetSKI looks back at the life of a remarkable man.

First 3D ski movie premiered in UK

Light The Wick, the new film from award-winning production company Teton Gravity Research, has had its premier in London. PlanetSKI had front row seats for the screening, but did it live up to the hype?

Widest choice, best bargains and knowledgeable staff

If you want these when you book a holiday then maybe you should try an on line travel agent. But what exactly are they? IGLU is the biggest and PlanetSKI takes a look at what the company has to offer in this sponsored feature.

Sit back and enjoy

If you are stuck in front of a computer in an office and want to be take somewhere else then this video is worth a look. Well worth a look. In fact it is worth it wherever you are.

Berries predict bumper Scottish winter

Forget movements in the jet stream, cyclical weather patterns, El Nino and long rage meteorlogical forecasts. It’s all down to the size of the berries.

Do you want to ski better?

The answer is obviously YES, but how do you go about it. One answer is to have some lessons before you even reach the Alps. Then have lessons out in the mountains with the same instructor. See how with one of our PlanetSKI partners, Inside Out.

Skiing helps you live longer

It’s official. A Swedish study of elderly people who ski reveals they are much healthier than those who don’t. A life in the mountains is also apprarently good for health.

Tigers high in the Himalayas

In some of the most astonishing wildlife film ever seen the BBC has recorded footage of tigers living above 4,000m in the mountains. Little to do with skiing but fascinating if you like anything to do with the mountains.

On top of the world

Check out the pictures and the account from the summit of Mont Blanc. Sent into us at PlanetSKI by a British man who gave up an office job in London to live and work in The Alps. Live the dream.

The first 3D ski movie is out

Light the Wick is premiered in Jackson Hole shortly and at the end of the month comes to the UK. PlanetSKI will be at the London screening and we’ll let you know what it’s like.

Smelly old ski gloves become art

It seems art can be anything from a dead cow, a tiger shark in formaldahyde, a collection of breeze blocks, a few splodges of carefully positioned paint and, er, a selection of lost ski gloves.

Good enough to be an instructor?

It’s a dream job whether, it be teaching full time out in the mountains or part time in an indoor slope in the UK. But how do you know if you are good enough? Now an answer is on hand.

Back on skis

It is never easy after an injury, whether it be recovering from a pulled muscle or full-scale surgery. A course is running this winter to help skiers get their confidence and ability back.

Help for Heroes

One of the soldiers interviewed during the concert at Twickenham over the weekend has also been interviewed by us here at PlanetSKI. So we thought we’d show it to you again.

Wow! Who said telemarking is old school?

If you only watch one ski video then maybe it shouldbe this one. Extreme telemark skiing from Powderwhore Productions.

When does the season start?

It’s a question we often wonder about as there is usually a resort open somewhere in the Alps. Solden has opened for business, but is it really the first one?

Skiing the volcanos

It doesn’t get much more exciting as a group from the UK ski some in The Andes. Check out the photos they have sent us.

Get fit before you go

That’s the message from the medical profession who warn that skiers and snowboarders risk a heart attack if they are unfit. Most incidents happen in the first two days. There are many more heart attack deaths than perhaps you might think.

Feeling clever today?

You may well be back at work and feeling a little bit slow after the holidays. Well here is the chance to sharpen your mind up; a short mental quiz. It has absolutley nothing to do with skiing. Except a reader, who is a skier, sent it to us.

Brave, skilfull or totally insane?

We have been bringing you a few videos this month to remind ourselves that winter is approaching. This one shows people cliff jumping. Check it out.

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