Brave, skilfull or totally insane?

We have been bringing you a few videos this month to remind ourselves that winter is approaching. This one shows people cliff jumping. Check it out.

Gap year ski opportunities

A level results are out and it’s good news for some and bad news for others. Many students are heading off on a gap year and a growing number seem to be doing skiing and snowboarding instruction courses. So, is it the dream they think it will be?

Summer in Slovenia

It’s not the most obvious choice for a summer alpine holiday, but it holds plenty of attractions. From its natual scenery, communist history and central European feel. So, what’s it like? PlanetSKI reports.

Snowmen in South Africa

Now here at PlanetSKI we like to bring you news of snow round the world. So, here is another one of our reader’s tales. From The World Cup.

Cooling off

It’s been pretty hot in Switzerland so what better way to cool down than a refreshing dip? In Berne people are jumping into the fast-flowing River Aare.

A life cut short

It is with great sadness that we report the death of the extreme skier, Fredrik Ericsson. Our content editor had skied with him in Chamonix and we have followed his expeditions closely on PlanetSKI. We look back over his life.

Touring on telemarks

The classic ski tour between Chamonix and Zermatt has been done many, many times but not that often on telemark skis. Our reporter and guide, Philip Maddox, begins a 3-part story of his group’s epic journey last Spring.

Touring on telemarks, journey’s end

In the final part of the classic mountain top tours between Chamonix and Zermatt we hear of World War Two battles, some very hard touring and more altitude sickness.

Gormley statues in the Alps

We reported on them earlier in the summer now see the video. 100 statues by the British sculptor, Antony Gormley, are dotted around the Austrian Alps and they are causing quite a stir.

Lets sky dive

It’s on offer in New Zealand if you fancy getting just that little bit more of an adrenelin rush. And a unique view of the mountains too.

Pressing the flesh

The Swiss ski team is in Saas-Fee doing the media rounds. It is a necessary part of being a sportsman or woman. The sponsors require the coverage.

Night skiing; coming to a resort near you

Park City in the US is expanding its skiing after hours and so are a few other resorts. If you haven’t skied at night you should maybe give it a go.

Huge numbers at Swiss music festival

Almost a quarter of a million people attended the Paleo festival near the shores of Lake Geneva. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Europe, but few outside of Switzerland have even heard of it.

Push for the summit

2 men attempting to climb and then ski down K2 have delayed their summit attempt. The final section has been much tougher than expected. We have been following their progress on PlanetSKI.

Fancy becoming an instructor? Part 1

It doesn’t have to be winter and you don’t need to go to the mountains. More and more people are starting on indoor slopes in the UK. PlanetSKI followed an instructor course for a week at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. It wasn’t as easy as it first looked.

Fancy becoming an instructor? Part 2

The group of trainee instructors on its Level 1 course at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead is half-way through the week. So, are they up to scratch?

Fancy becoming an instructor? Part 3

It is decision day for the 30 trainees we have been following at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead as they take their Level 1 qualification. Some will pass and others will fail.

Dreaming of winter

If you are fed up with the summer and the beach doesn’t get you quite as excited as a mountains and you need a fix of skiing then check out this video. Wow.


A PlanetSKI photographer witnessed a steep mountain bike crash during the making of a video for the Nissan Outdoor Games. Fortunately no lasting harm was done.

Iglesias to ski naked

The Spanish singer made a bet to water ski naked if his country won The World Cup. Now he has said that he will do so, but he won’t say when or exactly where. The police though seem to have another view

Ski the world

A woman is aiming to ski for a year and plans to do it in 50 different countries to raise money for charity.

Team Exiles leave Verbier

Forget about the Tour de France the real men are riding from Verbier to John O’Groats. A couple of friends of PlanetSKI set off this week and our reporter in the Swiss resort, Freddie, was there to wave them off.

Summer in Chamonix

There’s adventure sport, fantastic cuisine, relaxation, film festivals, music festivals and much more. There’s plenty on offer in the summer with holidays in the Chamonix Valley growing in popularity. See why in this PlanetSKI sponsored feature.

Summer in The Alps

More often than not we have stories of adrenalin fuelled activities; climbing, biking, paragliding and the like. Sometimes though just doing nothing is even better. Rebecca Miles reports.

Vonn in Austrian Hall of Fame

The US skier put her hands and feet in wet cement. She follows a host of world-class athletes including Pele, Niki Lauda, Carl Lewis and Franz Beckenbauer.

First the tears, now the laughter

England’s dismal performance has sparked a series of England World Cup jokes. Nothing much to do with skiing and snowboarding but so what!

Iglesias to ski naked if Spain win World Cup

The Spanish singer is promoting a new album and made the promise in an interview with the BBC. We reckon he means water skiing though not snow skiing.

K2 base camp

The team attempting to climb and ski down K2 has arrived at base camp after an arduous journey. Here on PlanetSKI we are following the progress of Fredrik Ericsson and Trey Cook.

Now check out the pictures

As reported in our main news story skiers and snowboarders are still out in Scotland. They were out on Sunday and Monday as the resort opened for some mid-summer skiing. See the photos of what it is like.

An eagle’s eye view

More people are enjoying the thrills of going on a Via Ferrata high up in the mountains. But what exactly is it and what is it like? PlanetSKI reporter, Freddie, lets us know.

Painting a mountain white

It is being done in Peru to highlight the effects of climate change and hopefully allow glaciers to form again. The glaciers of the Andes have reduced sharply in recent years.

K2 beckons

The extreme skier Fredrick Ericsson aims to ski the 3 highest peaks on the planet. He was thwarted last year after a tragic accident on K2. Now he is back at the mountain for a further attempt.

A bike ride with a difference

Land’s End to John O’Groats has been done many times, but Verbier to John O’Groats hasn’t. A couple of locals from PlanetSKI’s home resort in Switzerland are preparing to set off.

100 life sized statues in Austrian Alps

The figures by the British artist, Antony Gormley, are dotted round the Austrian Alps this summer as part of an art exhibition. They have caused quite a stir.

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Neither it is a wing-suit flyer. Several will be taking part in a special event in Chamonix next month as film makers compete to make the best film on extreme sports.

Will people pay for news content on the internet?

The debate is raging within internet circles and the media as the Times and Sunday Times start to charge. If you are interested in on-line content then the debate is relevant.

Another volcano erupts

We have the latest video from Iceland in one of our main stories on PlanetSKI and it is provng very popular. Now another volcano has erupted, this time in Guatemala.

Check out the pictures

One of our reporters has just been skiing from France to Switzerland. Not the traditional Haute route between Chamonix and Zermatt, but something more off the beaten track.

Off the beaten track

PlanetSKI reporter, Christine Schams, completed a day’s ski tour from Chamonix in France to Champex in Switzerland at the end of last season. She took in The Col du Passon, Col Superièure du Tour, and Col des Ecandies. All in one day.

Beavers doing well

It is one year since they were re-introduced to the Scottish Highlands. Not everyone likes the idea and some may have been deliberately shot.

Stones on a roll

First we discover that Keith Richards is a skier and now The Stones are number 1 in the charts. Strange days. They are back on prime time TV too.

Rain, reindeer and midnight heli-skiing

It wasn’t your average ski trip. Gabriella Le Breton has just returned from a trip to Riksgransen in Sweden. Quite an adventure. Check out the photos from inside the Arctic Circle.

They don’t make ’em like this any more

We’ve been browsing through some old ski photos and thought we’d share some with you. Check out the skis, the clothes and, even more hilarious, the hair styles!

The world’s most dangerous bike ride

The route is high up in The Andes in Bolivia and has claimed several lives. It appears to have become the latest high-adrenalin adventure sport that mountain lovers are challenged by.

Can you pronounce Eyjafjallajökull?

The ash cloud is causing problems again for air travellers and its name is causing a few difficulties for news readers. A singer from Iceland has released a song to help.

Tales with the telemarkers

Gus Olds, a sports therapist joins the GB Telemark Team for the World Championships as they move from Spain to France. He is new to the telemarking scene. Here’s the third and final part of his blog for PlanetSKI.

Is another volcano about to erupt?

Very possibly appears to be the answer. After Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption in Iceland its more active neighbour, Katla, could spew out even more lava, ash and devastation.We also have the latest video from Eyjafjallajokull.

Yodeling – love it or loath it

The Swiss Yodeling Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Some say it is an historic national tradition and it is one of the most beautiful mountain sounds. Others have a different view.

Helicoptered off the hill

What is it like witnessing an accident, calling in the ski patrol and requiring a helicopter to take a person to hospital? What is it like if the victim is your daughter?

Tarzan of the slopes

We get sent some rather odd pictures by PlanetSKI readers and here’s another one. A man standing out in the snow in his leopard skin briefs.

Are heli-skiers heroes or villains?

To some it is the ultimate skiing experience while for others it is environmentally irresponsible, the preserve of the rich and a lazy way to access the backcountry.

It’s a funny old world

Stories that are quirky, frivolous and strange often get far more hits than any other ones. Death and destruction do well too. So, what does it tell us about the human condition?

Impact of the Iceland volcano

The latest ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is causing probems to flying again. The eruption has also been creating some startling images of the mud flows and flooding.

Go take a walk!

That’s the message from Switzerland as the country tries to promote hiking. It’s healthy, fun and free though it does come with certain dangers. More people are injured in the mountains in the summer than in the winter.

It’s a competitive world

In mountain climbing that is. A Korean woman claims to have scaled the world’s 14 highest mountains. Oh no she hasn’t say some.

Best moments of the winter

Powder days, racing, finding undiscovered resorts, playing guitars in mountain huts, having succesful surgery, doing a season….. So, what was your best moment of last season?

Worst moments of the winter

Injury, theft, teaching on the nursery slope on powder day and rain. It seems only fair to ask what were the worst moments of the season too.

Skin up

With lifts closing the only way to get up to the snow in many places is to walk. Check out this PlanetSKI video.

Skiing in Iceland

It’s in the news (no need to say why) and skiing there at the moment is proving problematic. By chance a group of journalists were about to ski the volcanoes when Eyjafjallajökull erupted.

Searching for an avalanche victim

See the video of how it is done from the BBC. It is not an easy task and takes the correct equipment and practice.

Snow report


The latest North American #ski area to start the season is #LakeLouise in #Canada. It opens today, its earliest opening on record. https://planetski.eu/2020/10/25/first-ski-resort-in-north-america-opens/
#banff @SkiLouise

Reaction from #Les2Alpes as Resort Closes Today

"It’s very sad that we are loosing the last few days of the Toussaint holidays skiing," said Alex Armand from #TipTopCoaching.

"However better loose a few days now and enjoy a fabulous winter."


Wolf Creek #ski resort in #Colorado is out of the blocks, opening with fabulous #snow conditions. The season is underway in N America https://planetski.eu/2020/10/25/first-ski-resort-in-north-america-opens/
@WolfCreekSki2 #winteriscoming

France #Lockdown “I am gutted. Not just for me but for all my friends who are ski instructors or training to be ski instructors or work in the ski industry or related jobs." The view from Tignes as #ski resorts prepare to shut


Switzerland Drops Quarantine for People Arriving from the UK

From 29th October people who have visited the UK in the past 10-days will no longer be required to quarantine.


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