Tigers in Scottish Highlands

Scottish wild cats have been caught on camera. They are commonly known as the Highland Tiger even though they are a bit smaller.

Want to learn to snowboard?

PlanetSKI reporter, Tom Leach, did just that this winter and his 3 part blog was one of our most popular series of the winter. Here’s a look back at his efforts.

Telemarkers on track

Gus Olds, a sports therapist joins the GB Telemark Team for the World Championships as they move from the Spanish Pyrenees to the French Alps. Here’s the second part of his blog for PlanetSKI.

Dash to the North Pole – 1909 style

This black and white, silent film footage was released in Britain just over 100 years ago and still looks pretty good today. Nothing to do with skiing really but it is fascinating.

April in The Alps

Many people think it is too late to be out in a ski resort. Think again says one of our reporters in the Swiss Alps, Freddie.

Swapping skis for a snowboard

Tom Leach has finished his week of snowboarding….it’s been painfull, exhilarating and occasionally enormous fun. He was learning to snowboard on a Freshers week snowboarding course in Andorra run by Crystal.

Is this the most bizarre world record?

Skiing in a line holding on to a rope. 184 people managed to go 1km. Rather odd we think.

Swapping skis for a snowboard

I’m half way through my attempts to learn to snowboard on a Freshers week snowboarding course in Andorra run by Crystal. I’m beginning to get the hang of it, just not very often.

Helicopter heaven

Got a list of things to do before you die? Take a tip and find a space to add flying across the French Alps in a helicopter

A day on The Grand Montets

A PlanetSKI reader has just sent us a few pictures of a group of them skiing in Argentiere on Thursday. We thought we’d share them with you.

Turns with the telemarkers

Gus Olds, a sports therapist, joins the GB Telemark Team for the World Championships in the Spanish Pyrenees. He is new to the sport and seems to be full of admiration for the telemarkers. Here’s his first blog for PlanetSKI.

80-years old, still skiing strong

Who says skiing is a young person’s sport? Nick Maika, from Sun Peaks, has now skied 80 days this season to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Swapping skis for a snowboard

This week people can ski and snowbord for free as part of Freshers Week. Lift passes, lessons and equipment hire are all free. Last season one of our reporters went snowboardign for the first time. Here we repeat his attempts.

Fancy driving a piste basher?

You can in Serre Chevalier, but maybe it’s not a job you’d like to do full time. Fun at first but it’s hard work and can be dangerous. A PlanetSKI reporter gives it a go.

Aerial view of the Alps

A PlanetSKI reader took some video out of the window as his plane flew over the Alps. We put it in last week’s snow report but have been asked to put it up in its own right.

PlanetSKI talks to Sir Steve Redgrave

The 5 times Olympic gold medalist reveals what it’s like to get beaten in a ski race by his daughter, how he wants to do a winter season before he is 50 and what skiing means to him. He is helping to run the Ski fest for Crystal in Sestriere.

Skiing with a disability

With the Paralympics under way in Vancouver PlanetSKI decided to see what it is like learning to use a sit-ski out on the slopes. There’s also the small business of getting to, and round, a ski resort. James Cove reports.

Kilted skiers set world record

235 people came down the Scottish resort of Cairngorm in their kilts and it passed into the record books. It was the largest number of kilted skiers and snowboarders in any one place, at any one time.

Girls on Tour, Part 2

So, what do girls get up to on a weekend break in a ski resort without their husbands and boyfriends? Morwen Williams reports from Chamonix, a resort with gentle skiing and quiet nightlife.

Girls on Tour – Part 3

So, what do girls get up to on a weekend break in a ski resort without their husbands and boyfriends? Morwen Williams reports from Chamonix, a resort with gentle skiing and quiet nightlife.

Girls on tour

So, what do girls get up to on a weekend break in a ski resort without their husbands and boyfriends? Morwen Williams reports from Chamonix, a resort with gentle skiing and quiet nightlife.

Permafrost melt threatens mountains

It may have been an exceptionally cold winter this year but overall a rise in temperatures is having a significant impact. Permafrost quite literally holds mountains together and it is melting.

Snowboarder survives avalanche

He had his head camera on at the time and it is a chilling reminder of what can happen and the dangers that are present off piste. Check out the video.

Do our military need to learn to ski?

The question has been raised after the death of an airman in an avalanche in Germany. He was on a training exercise with over 20 other personnel.

The X rated snowman

Do not look at this if you are under 18-years of age or easily offended. It has explicit sexual content and you may find it offensive.

Telemarking isn’t just for blokes

Rachel Morgan, is in the GB team and here tells us why she loves the sport and where she hopes to get with it. She’s just sad more girls don’t do it.

Skiing the powder

It look so effortless and gracefull, but how do you do it? The first thing to do is have a lesson and then a whole new world of skiing might just open up in front of you.

The Aletsch glacier

It’s the largest glacier in Europe. It stretches for 23km and is part of a UNESCO heritage site in the Jungfrau area of Central Switzerland.

Telemark blog

The British telemark team is on a bit of a roll – it’s athletes are doing well and it has just organised its first ever World Cup event. Here’s a blog from the team captain.

Can you name 2 famous Swiss people?

No, neither can we. Roger Federer, obviously, but who else?

Watch out there’s a thief about

Even separating your skis won’t stop them getting stolen. A PlanetSKI reader has just told us about her experience when she came out from a mountain restaurant and found her brand new skis had been taken.

A different sort of après ski

Drinking beer and dancing on tables is out. Shopping or having a little rest is certainly off limits. Even a swim or sauna is a bit passé. The latest thing to do, after a day on the slopes, is hang around in trees.

Fancy going ice driving?

Having witnessed the chaos on the UK’s icy roads this winter PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel, decided to visit the Ice Driving Circuit in Tignes Les Brevieres while out in the resort. It was certainly something different to do.

Should people who trigger avalanches be prosecuted?

It is a question being debated in the Swiss media at the moment. It follows 2 incidents where off piste skiers and snowboarders set off avalanches that then hit a marked piste. In a seperate incident a man has died in Val d’Isere this week.

The biggest cliff jump ever

It was done by a Scandinavian extreme skier by accident as he was skiing for a film and took a wrong line last season. Check out the video.

Get your kit off!

Semi-nude calendars seem to be all the rage and now the young farmers of Austria and Switzerland are stripping off once again. Happy 2010.

Tales of a telemarker

Not just any old telemarker though, for Jack Harvard Taylor is in the British team. He’s also a keen PlanetSKI reader. So, what are the attractions of freeing the heel?

Pam Thorburn races this weekend

Who? She is one of the next generation of British ski racers and it is her first World Cup race. She is a bright prospect for the future.

Verbier’s top runs open

It took a long time coming but this week the high runs opened up, including Mont Fort and Mont Gele. We finally had enough snow. Check out the PlanetSKI video and pictures too.

Celebrities out in the Alps

Zermatt seems to have topped the list with the most celebrities in town over the holiday period. Most were musicians.

Sweden culls mountain wolves

Wolves are making a come back across Europe and many more are in the Alps. Sweden is the latest country to be concerned about their rapid growth.

Celebrate in style

The champagne shoots skywards in Verbier on New Year’s Eve in the ski resort’s main square. Check out the amazing video as people get soaked! We also have some pictures from round the Alps of the celebrations.

Fancy living inside an ice cube?

No, neither do we but an Israeli man is doing just that to try to break a world record. Some people do strange things.

Happy Xmas from The Alps

As the festivities get under way it’s a pretty good time to be out in the mountains. We’ve had cold temperatures, some snow and now it’s time for the celebrations. It is a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Still checking lift tickets at 80

Sandy Murray celebrated his birthday in the way he knows best; by going to work and helping people ski.

Montreux Xmas market

It’s the biggest Christmas market in Switzerland and possibly the Alps. See a video of what it’s all about.

Funny name for a Swiss chalet

Every now and again a PlanetSKI reader sends us in a photo or tells us an amusing tale. If you are easily offended and don’t like sexual innuendo then don’t read on.

A traveller’s tale

There’s a certain irony that snow in the UK prevented many people getting to the snow in the Alps as flights were cancelled and roads covered in snow. Some made it through on Friday.

Giant iceberg heads to Australia

It broke away from Antarctica a while ago but is now causing a few problems. Especially to ships.

Great name, almost

You’ve obviously heard of PlanetSKI. Well one of our readers just spotted a PlanetSKIN and sent us in a photo.

The racy ladies

Think of a ski racing course and you probably imagine testosterone filled young men in tight racing cat suits and bulging thigh muscles. Well, you’d be wrong.

I’m having a sex change

That was the excuse a woman gave after she was caught using a lift pass belonging to a male.

Espace Killy is open

The area fired up its lifts this week and PlanetSKI is there. There’s half a metre of fresh snow, miles of slopes, acres of off piste and no-one around. Heaven!

The Alps without glaciers

Not enough is being done to prepared for their eventual disappearance. That’s the warning from a group of scientists.

Lake Louise prepares

The World Cup swings into town this weekend and a PlanetSKI reporter is there helping with race preparations as a volunteer.

Snowmaking helps Africa

The technology is being used with some success in drought stricken areas in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a concept known as cloud seeding.

Who is the biggest bum of ’em all?

A competition was launched by the Canadian resort of Sun Peaks to find the best ski bum. Contestants from 9 countries are battling it out and it’s turned into quite an event.

Sex sells skiing, again & again

Some female ski instructors have taken their kit off for a new calendar. They are not the first ones to use their bodies to sell a product.

Glacier surfing in Alaska

What? Glacier surfing……are you serious? Yes, check out the video it’s interesting.

Wow. Check out the photo

We see quite a few and some are good, many are excellent while a few make us take a sharp intake of breath.

Snow report


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