Want to go heli-skiing?

A new company has been launched to help you, but it doesn’t come cheap. You will, though, remember it for the rest of your life.

See the video of our best boarders

The UK snowboarders Ben Kilner and Dom Harrington strutt their stuff. It may be a couple of weeks ago but so what?

Harry Potter star plays Eddie the Eagle

It was going to be Steve Coogan but now it may be Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

An Autumn day in Zermatt

Conditions up on the glacier are pretty good at the moment. All the lifts are open and there are a handful of people enjoying a few pre-season turns. James Cove is there.

Tributes grow for Finlayson

It’s not often we repeat a news story here on PlanetSKI, but this time we are. Frith Finlayson passed away last month. He was in his 80’s.

Racing Blog – Days Five and Six

In his final blog from Saas Fee the young trainee racer, 16-year old Ben Clatworthy, rounds of his week. It’s been quite a time.

Hot at The Freeze

Eventually. PlanetSKI reporter, Sarah Vizard, hooked up with some friends she’d done a few seasons with to visit The Freeze in Battersea, London. So, what was it really like?

Racing Blog – Day Four

It’s race day for our intrepid young blogger from Saas Fee, Ben Clatworthy is training with the Kandahar race club high up on the glacier.

Racing Blog – Day Three

16-year old Ben Clatworthy continues his daily blog from the Kandahar race camp in Saas Fee. Today was a lie in some competitive racing and the sight of an elderly woman walking her pet goat.

Looks like the back of a bus

That’s because it is. A PlanetSKI reader saw what looked like a ski rack on the back of a bus in London this month. Strange but true.

Racing Blog

The Kandahar Ski Team is race training in Saas Fee this week and I’m blogging from the slopes. The Kandahar coaches kids and has seen some of the best British racers pass through.


We are showing some pictures of Pamela Anderson snowboarding in a mini-dress and flashing her knickers. Have all our standards gone downhill? Probably.

Thermal hitchhikers

We all know about extreme skiers and snowboarders – well how about extreme animals. Check out the video.

Ski journalist sings on the BBC

Cate Langmuir, the ex-editor of The Good Ski Guide magazine, appears on the BBC as part of The Electric Proms. She’s singing in a Bulgarian choir.

Anyone for Tennis?

Our reporter in Saas Fee has just sent us in these pictures from the Swiss resort. The best skiers in the world are training; Bode Miller prepares by playing tennis.

A robot on skis

It’s true, we have a video or two of a skiing robot. It not that fast but looks pretty stylish, however perhaps it should do as it’s controlled by computers.

Snowboarder hit at book launch

She isn’t just any old snowboarder, she is Leona Lewis. We saw her snowboarding for the first time last winter in Ischgl and obtained some video of her first tentative turns.

What a man, what a life

PlanetSKI takes a fond look back at one of the greatest racers of them all. Hermann Maier. Our content editor was priviledged to see him race on several occasions.

What happened to global warming?

We are not talking about the media’s coverage of it, but the facts. It was, according to some, going to mean the end of skiing. But we hear less about it now.

The chilly world of skiing indoors

More and more people seem to be heading indoors to ski and snowboard in the UK. Why and what’s it like?

The Herminator on skis

We don’t want to overdo it but the hits have shot up and comments are flooding in about the retirement of Hermann Maier. So here are some videos and pictures of what he did best. Race.

Discover more about snow leopards

They are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet, but they are an endangered species. Here on PlanetSKI we set out to discover a little bit more about them.

Dinosaur prints in Jura mountains

The footprints look like being the largest ever found and are causing much excitement in the scientific community and beyond.

Eco hut

It may be a strange looking construction and perhaps out of place in the high Alps, but its green credentials can’t be faulted. Welcome to the new Monte Rosa mountain hut.

Freestyle jet-skiing

It’s the latest adventure sport and is a bit like riding a BMX bike or motorbike, except it’s on water. Checkout the videos.

Mountain name is changed

A mountain in Wales used to be named Carnedd Uchaf but now it’s called Carnedd Gwenllian. It’s official.

Skiers set up African charity

It aims to help the street children of Sierra Leone and here at PlanetSKI we think it is a great enterprise and worthy of support.

British army invades Verbier

2,500 soldiers have been to the Swiss ski resort as part of the “White Knight Exercise” where they train, race and relax. Some of them after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Fancy an eco-vibrator?

Regular readers will know that we don’t cover just skiing and snowboarding stories on PlanetSKI. We also report on ones that, er, tickle our fancy.

Confessions of a ski addict

It may be only September but PlanetSKI reader, Xavier Adam, has just booked his first ski trip. It’s going to be in November, but he doesn’t know where. He’s got a few other plans too.

The best moments of the winter

Actually these are from last winter (2008/09) but we are now asking our readers for this winter so we thought this mght refresh people’s memorires. Send your best or worst moments of 2009/10 to inbox@planetski.eu

Snow report


The @fisalpine World Cup #Ski racing calendar for 2020-21 has been announced with more changes forced by #COVID19 ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/world-cup-ski-racing-dates-announced/

'Breathtaking' ski jumping venue for the @Beijing2022 Winter Olympics nears completion ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/breathtaking-ski-jumping-venue-for-beijing-olympics/
#Beijing2022 #Olympics #Ski

A doctor has gone on trial accused of being part of an international sports #doping ring that was smashed in raids at the 2019 #Nordic #Ski World Championships in Seefeld, Austria ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/01/septembers-news-in-brief/

Latest news on the #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

- WHO Repeats Warnings to Europe as More Restrictions Loom
- Italy has ‘Covid-Free’ Flights
- Gatwick Introduces Ultraviolet Disinfecting Security Tray


#coronavirusupdates #coronavirusski

Covid-19 Update:

- WHO Warns of Serious Situation in Europe as UK Warns of the Winter Ahead
- BA Calls for Testing at Airports
- Luxury Operator to Continue with Ski Chalets
- New Zealand has Worst Recession in Years as Ski Resorts see Downturn


From Ski Jumper to Tour de France Supremo

Slovenia's Primož Roglič is the favourite to win the Tour de France and he currently wears the yellow jersey.

Roglic is a former ski jumper who only made the switch to cycling in his early 20s.


Check out today's latest news on the Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports here ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/12/coronavirus-impact-on-skiing-snowboarding-11/
#ski #snowboard #WinterIsComing

Golf Is More Dangerous that Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding is often seen as a high-risk and injury prone sport.

Apparently it is less risky than football, rugby, tennis, cycling and, er golf.

And which is the least dangerous sport?


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