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BBR turns orange and yellow

The distinctive BBR ski from Salomon will be in a couple of striking colours next season. PlanetSKI has had a sneak preview of what’s on offer.

Transceiver park in Scottish resort

The Nevis Range has built a special area for people to practice with avalanche transceivers. It could save lives.

Should everyone wear a helmet?

It has been debated endlessly on ski web sites and now the BBC asks the question in an interesting article. Its reporter visits Scotland and hears from experts in the field in The Alps.

Using a touch screen with ski gloves

So how do you use a touch screen with your ski gloves on? It is a modern day problem and one company claims an answer. Adhesive strips that stick directly to a finger on a glove is apparently the answer.

Helmets should be compulsory for all

A group of doctors in Canada says it would save lives, prevent injuries and laws should be passed sooner rather than later. The call comes from The Canadian Paediatric Society.

Snow+Rock opens first shop in Scotland

It opened at Frasers in Glasgow in time for the Christmas shopping spree. It now has a few special offers for the New Year, but like all High Street retailers it is operating in a tough climate.

EpicMix in Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts claims early season success for its photo and information sharing service. It has been causing quite a stir as we detail in this sponsored feature.

Win a Go Pro camera

One of our partners, IGLU, is giving away one of the cameras. Do you fancy one for this winter? We also have a free holiday to Switzerland on offer and one to the Austrian Tirol too.

Ski pole with a kick

A ski pole has been designed with room for a shot or two of your favourite tipple. The Leki Hot Shot Ski Pole is causing some interest.

Take a seat

Or a coat hanger, toboggan, lamp stand, flowerpot or pretty much anything else come to that. They are all made out of old skis…..

80% wear a helmet

Those are the numbers in Switzerland according to new research from the Swiss Council of Acccident Prevention. Some call for helmets to be made compulsory for all. A state in Canada has become the first to do just that.

Fancy some turns before your holiday?

A new training aid called a Skiplex is on hand. The first of its kind in the UK has recently opened in London. PlanetSKI reporter, Katy Dartford went along to see if it could get her ski legs back before the season begins.

Watch out guys

If you are male and reading this with your computer on your lap and you are using wi-fi then it may affect you chances of becoming a father. It could be harming your fertility.

Discount ski hire shop expands

Ski Republic is opening nine new shops across The Alps and the Pyrenees this winter. With the cost of transporting skis and snowboards and the ease of booking on line more people are opting to rent


Once a month a group of guys have a bit of fun designing a snowboard. They have made one with a built in boom box, another that doubles as an electric guitar and now one inspired by an iPad.

Helmet survey reveals preliminary findings

A MSc student at Surrey University has been conducting research into the wearing of ski helmets. PlanetSKI readers helped by filling in a questionnaire.

Deer Valley continues ban on snowboarders

The Utah resort says snowboarders will carry on being excluded from its slopes. It is one of a handful of resorts that allows skiing only. Some locals are critical. It comes as US interest in snowboarding may have plateaued.

Snow+Rock opens biggest store

The branch has opened in Croydon and houses the three brands – Snow+Rock, CycleSurgery and Runners Need. With the rise in online shopping some think traditional stores may be on the way out. Not Snow+Rock.

$296m spent on kids gear in USA

The sale of clothing equipment and accessories for children is doing rather well with the sale of snowboarding gear outstripping skiing.

Aspen orders staff to wear helmets

Every employee will have to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding while on duty. The resort follows other US resorts that have a similar policy.

ABS recall

The avalanche safety device has a potentially faulty canister. It means the airbag may not inflate in an emergency and the manufacturer is asking everyone to check their airbag if they are concerned.

Nordica fined for defective ski binding

Nordica USA was accused of not letting safety officials know of a defective ski binding. It has agreed to pay a $214,000 fine.

Patagonia opens first London store

The Covent Garden shop showcases the brand’s redesigned complete ski and snowboard collection. Much is not available elsewhere in the UK. As with these things there was a bit of hype to go with it.

Skiing with The Rolling Stones

The self-styled greatest rock and roll band in the world, The Rolling Stones, has teamed up with K2 to produce some limited editions skis. Graphics from the wrinkly rockers will be on a range of K2 skis this coming winter.

Coroner advises people to wear helmets

A coroner in New Zealand looking at the deaths of three people has suggested everyone should wear a helmet, but he has stopped short of calling for it to be made compulsory.

Helmets set to be compulsory in California

The governor will soon be considering a bill to make it a requirement for all children to wear a ski helmet. The attempt failed last year when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor even though he supported the idea.

The nanny state?

A survey in the UK has revealed that people do not want cycling helmets to be made compulsory. They fear people will simply stop getting on their bikes. Do you agree?

Criticism grows on race ski changes

The governing body of ski racing, FIS, has ordered racers to use longer skis with a different shape. First some ski racers questioned the move now the manufacturers are saying the changes are being rushed through.

WW2 technology in a ski jacket

A Swedish company is using a World War II fabric for use in modern ski wear. It was developed to help pilots who were shot down into the freezing sea. It doesn’t come cheap though.

New rules for racing skis

Changes are made to the skis to reduce injuries by the sports government body. They are getting longer though some racers are unhappy with the move.

Ski helmets recalled in safety fears

The Uvex funride helmet has been taken off the shelves after fears that it has a manufacturing defect. It may not offer sufficient head protection.

Lowe Alpine bought by UK company

The outdoor accessories brand has been bought by a British company and its international HQ will be located in Cumbria.

How green is green?

Environmentally sustainable outdoor gear is desirable, but is it possible? PlanetSKI reports from Outdoor 2011, an international trade fair in Germany. It is apparently all in the label.

Cable cars on line

If you are interested in cable cars then read on. The Swiss authorities have put details of all 129 cable cars in the country on the internet.

Need a helping hand? Or foot.

As the Tour de France ends the Alps are full of people cycling up the slopes and emulating their sporting heroes. There is help available for some; a bike with a small electric engine.

Austrian driver’s bizarre headgear

A man has been allowed to wear a noodle sieve for his driving license photo. He claims it is religious headgear for Pastafarians that belong to the Church of the Flying Spahettti Monster party.

New for next season

Summer is well under way but PlanetSKI has had a preview of some of the goodies on offer from Salomon and Bonfire next winter. There’s some new stuff and a bit of hype.

Happy Landings

A snowboarder who was paralysed from the neck down after an accident from a jump has invented a new safety device. It is a special air bag that supports a landing and had been tested by pro-riders to some acclaim.

Out of the rubble

A small independent ski manufacturer is trying to re-build after the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand destroyed its factory. Kingswood Skis is determined to bounce back. It was at the epicentre of the quake.

Snowboard pole

It is probably one of those new bits of kit that will either take off and become a familiar sight on the slopes for snowboarding or sink without trace. The snowboard pole.

Equipment sales up in US

It has been a record year for sales as the US economy improves and many ski areas had the best snow on record. Figures are not yet out for Europe but many will be gazing enviously across to North America.

California helmet law moves closer

A new bill is now making its way through the legislative system. Last year the then governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, refused to sign a similar bill even though he supported skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets.

Epic Mix claims success

The Epix Mix is an online and mobile application that allows skiers to track their progress round the mountains and share their skiing statistics with friends using social media.

Bubble wrap to protect Scottish snow

A scientist believes covering areas of the slopes that are susceptible to melting could help preserve the snow. Prof John McClatchey has been carrying out experiments in The Highlands.

Jet ski back pack

First we had a Russian inventor using a propeller mounted on his back to get around in the snow. Now someone has gone one better and come up with a jet pack. James Bond eat your heart out.

On track with Ski Tracks

An iPhone app that tracks where you have been, what speeds you have done and how much mileage you have covered is quite addicitive. A PlanetSKI reporter takes it on a test drive and gets hooked.

Zermatt as never seen before

Google has started filming the runs in Zermatt in the first stage of a plan to film the slopes of all the major ski resorts. It’s similar to its Street View programme except on the ski slopes. Seems like a neat idea to us.

Helmets should be included in all ski hire packages

That’s the call from researchers writing for the British Medical Journal. They claim wearing a helmet reduces the risk of injury. Others are against the idea. Helmet use is on the increase.

What to pack and not pack?

A ski company has just sent out a press relase of 10 things to take on a ski holiday and 10 things not to bother with. We had the story up earlier but with the busy half term week upon us it seems topical again.

Put a propeller on your back

A Russian inventor has come up with a new way of getting round in the snow. A back pack with a propeller. It certainly takes the pain out of polling and will help on the flat bits. See a video of the contraption.

Airbags and airlines

If you ski off piste you may be considering an airbag. The device helps to keep you floating above an avalanche should the worse happen. However many airlines have restrictions about transporting them.

Is this the ideal way to ride with music?

Almost certainly not, but it’s a load of fun. A snowboard as a boom box has been created by the guys from Signal Snowboards. Check out the hilarious video.

US sales do well

Latest figures show that Americans spent $1b at the end of last year on gear and equipment. Sales were up 14% according to the latest figures.

More wipeouts

Not crashes on the ski slopes, but rather a neat device to keep your goggles clear and see where you are going on the slopes.

Would you wear it?

It costs £800 but it could be yours for less. It is being auctioned off in a charity raffle. The money will go to Disability Snowsports UK.

Christmas presents

Stuck for an idea of what to buy someone? Perhaps you want to drop a subtle hint into someone’s ear for what you want to find in your stocking. It’s not too late. See what some of our PlanetSKI partners are offering.

Help for avalanche detection

With a very high level of avalanche danger aross The Alps it appears some help may be on hand. Canadian researchers are developing a camera that could help detection.

Iglu App

The UK’s leading travel agent launches its own iPhone App. Now you can checkout all the latest deals and offers on your phone.

How many pairs of skis do you need?

One usually suffices most people. Well the top racers have over 100 and turn up for a training session with 35. For those of us who work out in the mountains it is usually 4 or 5.

New stretcher for Scottish rescuers

It is made of lightweight carbon fibre and can be easily broken up and transported round the mountain. It will be used more for walkers and climbers than skiers and it’s being seen as a significant development.

Snow report


The @fisalpine World Cup #Ski racing calendar for 2020-21 has been announced with more changes forced by #COVID19 ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/world-cup-ski-racing-dates-announced/

'Breathtaking' ski jumping venue for the @Beijing2022 Winter Olympics nears completion ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/breathtaking-ski-jumping-venue-for-beijing-olympics/
#Beijing2022 #Olympics #Ski

A doctor has gone on trial accused of being part of an international sports #doping ring that was smashed in raids at the 2019 #Nordic #Ski World Championships in Seefeld, Austria ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/01/septembers-news-in-brief/

Latest news on the #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

- WHO Repeats Warnings to Europe as More Restrictions Loom
- Italy has ‘Covid-Free’ Flights
- Gatwick Introduces Ultraviolet Disinfecting Security Tray


#coronavirusupdates #coronavirusski

Covid-19 Update:

- WHO Warns of Serious Situation in Europe as UK Warns of the Winter Ahead
- BA Calls for Testing at Airports
- Luxury Operator to Continue with Ski Chalets
- New Zealand has Worst Recession in Years as Ski Resorts see Downturn


From Ski Jumper to Tour de France Supremo

Slovenia's Primož Roglič is the favourite to win the Tour de France and he currently wears the yellow jersey.

Roglic is a former ski jumper who only made the switch to cycling in his early 20s.


Check out today's latest news on the Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports here ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/12/coronavirus-impact-on-skiing-snowboarding-11/
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Golf Is More Dangerous that Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding is often seen as a high-risk and injury prone sport.

Apparently it is less risky than football, rugby, tennis, cycling and, er golf.

And which is the least dangerous sport?


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