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More wipeouts

Not crashes on the ski slopes, but rather a neat device to keep your goggles clear and see where you are going on the slopes.

Would you wear it?

It costs £800 but it could be yours for less. It is being auctioned off in a charity raffle. The money will go to Disability Snowsports UK.

Christmas presents

Stuck for an idea of what to buy someone? Perhaps you want to drop a subtle hint into someone’s ear for what you want to find in your stocking. It’s not too late. See what some of our PlanetSKI partners are offering.

Help for avalanche detection

With a very high level of avalanche danger aross The Alps it appears some help may be on hand. Canadian researchers are developing a camera that could help detection.

Iglu App

The UK’s leading travel agent launches its own iPhone App. Now you can checkout all the latest deals and offers on your phone.

How many pairs of skis do you need?

One usually suffices most people. Well the top racers have over 100 and turn up for a training session with 35. For those of us who work out in the mountains it is usually 4 or 5.

New stretcher for Scottish rescuers

It is made of lightweight carbon fibre and can be easily broken up and transported round the mountain. It will be used more for walkers and climbers than skiers and it’s being seen as a significant development.

So would you wear it?

No way was how one PlanetSKI reader put it. £100 for a baby grow are you having a laugh? Snow+Rock isn’t having the same view as they are stocking it. But what do you think?

Neat bit of kit

A new headset has been developed to allow ski instructors to talk directly to their pupils as they come down the slope. PlanetSKI had a sneak preview of them at the London Ski & Snowboard Show and they are now on the market.

Get rid of your old gear

A new web site has been set up for you to give away or sell your old ski and snowboarding equipment. You may have grown out of it or just bought something new. Good idea, but will it work?

The future of ski boots?

One of the worst parts of skiing is wearing the boots. Uncomfortable, heavy, impossible to walk in and awkward to put on/take off. There is not much going for them; except they make skiing possible. An interesting new development is taking place.

Video calls from Everest

People should soon be able to make them from base camp on their mobile and possibly even from the summit itself. No more need for satellite phones and the like.

New stuff on the blocks

There were plenty of new things for sale at The London Ski and Snowboard Show and many are on sale at the other shows around the country. PlanetSKI takes a random look at some of them.

The eyes have it

Time was when a pair of ski goggles protected your eyes and helped you see better. Now one pair can do a whole lot more.

Big brother is watching

New technology allows your speed, movements, location and many other things to be tracked while you are on the slopes. It is recorded through the chip in a lift ticket, but some think it is an invasion of privacy. One man has come up with a way to hinder it.

California helmet law fails

A bill to make it mandatory for children to wear ski helmets has failed to reach the statute books. The governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, vetoed an accompanying bill so both failed to make it.

Heading for trouble?

Many retailers aim at the high-end consumer but what about the average skier and even the beginner? Some are asking whether the industry has got it right.

Apps in The Alps

Ski resorts, tour operators and many other ski organisations are rolling out their apps this winter. So what’s on them, do you really need them and are they any good?

Snow+Rock changes hands

The UK retailer has been bought in a management buy out. It’s a familiar shop for people who go skiing and snowboarding. So, what difference will it make?

A sheep in wolf’s clothing

This time the sheep may be frightening the wolf if a new device comes into production. It follows a dramatic rise in the number of wolves in The Alps.

The future of the skiing experience?

A new system, EpicMix, allows people to see where they have skied and share the information on Facebook and Twitter. It is being launched by Vail Resorts who claim it is ground breaking. So is it yet another gimmick or a great piece of technology?

Aussie kids help safety study

It’s another study into helmets but we reckon all are welcome as the debate over whether or not to wear one continues. It is especially relevant as more compulsion is happening around the world.

More ski helmet laws in US

It looks like another state will introduce them for children. First it was California on the west coast who voted on the issue and now it is New Jersey on the east. In California the new law just needs Governor Schwarzenegger to sign it.

Fresh calls for helmets to be made compulsory

This time the argument is coming out of New Zealand as a 3rd person dies. There are strong feelings on both sides of the debate.

Charge up your mobile while skiing

What’s the difference between an expensive gimmick and a usefully piece of technology? Tricky one.

What’s your view on ski helmets?

Under promoted or over hyped? Useful? Uncomfortable? Another marketing con? Essential for safety? You could help a new study being conducted into people’s attitudes and beliefs into wearing one.

New hi-tech ski helmet

It has sensors that detect the severity of an impact and it could help diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes an impact can be harder than first thought.

Under 18s must wear ski helmet

It looks set to become law in California as a bill makes its way thought the legislative process. Some welcome it, others say it being done for liability reasons and question the evidence.

Alcott switches to Atomic

Britain’s No1 female ski racer has decided to ski on atomic skis. She has been using Volkl lately. But does the brand of ski really make a difference?

Should skiers have to wear helmets?

The American resort of Aspen says that its 500 salaried staff must wear one next winter. And it is raising the age of compulsion for children. It’s the latest North American resort to make more people wear a helmet.

Mancuso switches to Volkl

The Vancouver double medallist has moved from the French ski Rossignol to the Austrian manufacturer,Völkl. She also has a deal with the clothing retailer, Spyder.

Solar powered ski lift

It has always struck us at PlanetSKI why solar power is not used more in ski resorts. Resorts need loads of energy and the sun tends to shine for quite a while. The number of ski lifts that use it has doubled.

Battle of the blisters

The ski touring season is currently under way and anyone who has done it knows there is one enemy; the blister. Now the Swiss Army is helping on a solution.

Helmets do not increase neck injuries

That’s the finding of an investigation by Canadian researchers. It has been argued by some that the extra weight of a ski helmet could cause injury.

Salomon recalls ski boot

It follows an injury after a man in a Quest Pro touring boot had an horrific fall in the USA when his boot released. He suffered a serious leg injury.

Skiing on a conveyor belt

If the melting snow means no more skiing or snowboarding then think again. It’s not quite the same but an Italian company claims it is as near as you can get.

Another ski app launched

This time it allows you to buy a ski pass from your iPhone. It’s the first such app and comes from Skidata.

Burton moves production to Austria

The US snowboarding company says it is too expensive to make boards in Burlington anymore. It has been making them in the US since it started in 1977.

Camera goggles launched

But why would you want a pair and surely they are just another gimmick? Maybe, but for some they are fun.

Best weather app for skiers?

It is a simple question, but there certainly isn’t a simple answer. In fact it’s a bewildering minefield of information.

Bode’s Olympic helmet up for auction

It is up eBay and hopes to raise money for a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. It is signed by Bode and currently going for $2,600.

Ski Republic says business up

The discount ski hire chain reports it’s up by a third. The company has shops across the French Alps and says this year business has risen by 34%

Dolomiti Superski On The iPhone

Italy’s giant Dolomiti Superski Region is the latest to publish its own iPhone app.

35% safer with a helmet

That’s the finding of a recent survey by Canadian scientists. It also claims there is no added risk of neck injury according to the researchers. It’s one of the most comprehensive studies yet.

Down the slopes on a sofa

Or, an armchair for that matter. Ski couching is the latest craze to hit the slopes. Apparently.

Goggles with a built in camera

We have had helmet cameras for a while, but soon goggle cameras will be available. Well, in America anyway.

Ski lifts accidents

There have been 2 in the US recently. In one incident 14 people were hurt and in another a 4 year old fell off a lift. Investigations have been taking place and the results are just out.

Gucci do goggles

But how much do you reckon a pair of the designer goggles will cost?

Helmets will not be made compulsory

Switzerland and Austria have said they will not force people to wear a helmet this winter. France, Italy and Germany have a similar position. All countries advise people to wear one and encourage their use.

PR campaign to promote helmets

The Tyrol region of Austria is trying to get people to wear a helmet this winter. Not by compulsion but by persuasion.

A ski with suspension

A PlanetSKI reader has just drawn our attention to this new ski. The ex-British ski racer, Martin Bell, endorses them.

Austria makes more wear helmets

Another area of Austria has made it mandatory for children under 15 to wear helmets. Some though question whether laws are the best way to improve safety.

How much for these skis?

They could be worth £420, £4,200 or £42,000. So, which is it?

Get ahead, get a hat

Unless you have a home-made hat you are seriously out of fashion on the slopes this season. Ski bums, grannies and ski instructors are all knitting away.

Ski taxi

For the non-skier, the beginner skier or the just plain lazy you can now be taken round the pistes of couple of French resorts in a ski-taxi. So what an earth is it?

Salomon recalls binding

There is a problem with the toe binding which means the boot could suddenly come out of the ski. It would inevitably result in a fall and possible injury.

A jacket to charge your iPod

The jacket has a power source to keep you warm and charge your iPod. What will they think of next?

Disabled skiing

More and more people with a disability are trying skiing. PlanetSKI’s, Ben Clatworthy, takes to a sit-ski to find out what it is like. It requires skill, strength and plenty of courage.

Can a computer help?

You can now attach a small one to your skis and apparently it will help your racing skills. It’s for the experts only though.

Lightest backpack yet

Osprey has launched a range of 3 snowsports packs, the Kode Series. They’re designed for back-country and ski touring.

Snow report


Looking good in #StAnton in the #Tirol as it reopens part of its ski area with free #Covd19 tests on offer.


@StantonReview @VisitTirol #snow #schnee #sun #springskiing https://t.co/wVzl0i59gC

Latest news on #Coronavirus impact on snowsports:

- Some Restrictions Ease in #Switzerland From Monday
- Italian Resort of #AltaBadia Closes for Rest of Season
- Coping with #Covid19 in New Zealand


Latest news on #Coronavirus impact on snowsports:

- St Anton Reopens for Skiing
- Tougher Restrictions in Two Ski Regions in Italy
- Ski sales surge for next season
- Owner of British Airways Calls for Digital Health Passes


Two Ski Regions in Italy Set to See Further Restrictions

#Piedmont & #Lombardy to be declared #OrangeZones as cases continue to spread.

Ski resorts are currently closed in the regions, and it means there is no immediate prospect of them opening.


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