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Death of a glacier

The glacier on Mont Fort in Verbier has been there since the last ice age. Now it’s waiting for the last rites. James Cove, though, is not depressed. Quite the opposite.

Rare photo of wild snow leopard

It was taken by a camera trap in Afghanistan. The endangered animal is under threat and a zoo breeding programme is underway to preserve the species.

Legal case against God thrown out

Now we know they like to sue in the US but perhaps this was taking things a bit far.

Summer in the mountains

It’s increasing in popularity as resorts make an extra effort to drum up business. So what’s it like in the Alps at the moment? PlanetSKI reports from Saas-Fee.

Over the gorge

Would you go over a gorge hundreds of meters deep on a zip wire? Check out the video from the Swiss Alps.

When dinosaurs roamed ‘The Alps’

Giant dinosaur footprints have been found in a vertical rock face in the eastern part of Switzerland. But how did they get there?

What a man, what a life

PlanetSKI pays tribute to the Austrian ski legend, Toni Sailer, who has passed away. He was 73.

Into the gorge

Our adventurous reporter has tried the ropes and bridges in the trees now it’s time for the real thing; a descent down a gorge in Saas-Fee using zip wires, ladders, ropes and bridges.

Cricket on high

England may have won The Ashes but they lost to India at 3,454m in The Alps.

Summer ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is something we tend to associate with the winter. Not so, as PlanetSKI reporter Ben Clatworthy has been finding out in Courchevel.

Swiss reverse glaciers prayers

For 350 years local villagers have prayed for the glacier to retreat, now they want to pray for it to grow. They’re asking The Pope for special permission.

The marmottes are out

We’ve probably all eaten in a restaurant or stayed in a hotel called Marmotte. But how many of us have actually seen one?

Secrets of pre-historic hut

Archaeologists in Switzerland have excavated a 3,000 year old alpine hut. They have discovered that Iron age shepherds lived there in the summer.

Frogs in the USA

A rare mountain frog has been bred in captivity and it’s hoped to be able to re-introduce it to the mountains of California. There are only 122 left in the world.

Swiss salt mines

Did you know there are salt mines in Switzerland? We didn’t at PlanetSKI until we saw a sign saying, Les mInes de Sel, and decided to follow it. See pictures from deep under the Alps.

Would you wear this?

Some of us may need to, but not many. It’s the latest bit of protective gear on the market.

Skiing on water

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are becoming increasingly popular. It’s like skiing or snowboarding – except it’s on water.

Fancy running up some stairs?

11,674 of them to be precise. The stairway by the Niesen railway in central Switzerland is the longest in the world and is open once a year for a race.

Swiss Army knife celebrates 125 years

Most of us have owned at least one, but why has that particular pen-knife become so popular?

A tragic end

Michele Fait died trying to climb and ski K2 in June and we followed the expedition on PlanetSKI. Here’s his climbing partner’s account of the tragedy.

Snow leopards in sharp decline

In Nepal they’ve gone down 25%. It’s feared the fall is being replicated elsewhere, though there are successful breeding programmes in zoos around the world.

Buried alive

A man caught in an avalanche in New Zealand has been speaking of the ordeal. Another person in the group died in the accident.

This has absolutely nothing to do with skiing

But it’s an email doing the rounds and made us laugh. After all we are on computers and things can, er, go astray with your partner in the mountains.

1 in 10,000

If you are reading this page here on PlanetSKI then that is what you are.

Ski robot developed

A team of scientists from Japan is building a robot to help discover the effects of joint motions on skiing and hopefully help people become better skiers.

Yodelling ends up in court

How can people argue over yodelling? Quite easily, it appears, if there is money involved.

The others have a go

The Tour de France headed up Mont Ventoux in one of the toughest climbs of the race. Last week 10,000 amateurs tackled it. PlanetSKI reader, Paul Garner, was one of them.

View from the side

I’m not the slightest bit interested in cycling but as I’m in Verbier I thought I might as well see what all the fuss is about. Would it be worth it?

Snow leopard cubs on film

The first film of the twin cubs, born 6 weeks ago in a zoo in Wales, has been released.

Up to the Col

Each year the road is closed and cyclists can tackle the might Col d’Iserane. With the Tour de France in the Alps this weekend cyclng is in the news.

Pictures of the summer

A few PlanetSKI readers and reporters have sent in photos of what they and their friends get up to in the summer with, or without, the snow. Having a bit of fun by the looks of it.

What on earth is this thing?

It’s either the ultimate way to get round the mountains or just a gimick for the unfit and lazy. What do you think?

Could this save you in an avalanche?

The so-called AvaJacket has airbags that open up to protect the head and a breathing system to supply oxygen if you are completely buried.

Verbier awaits the Tour de France

It arrives on Sunday and preparations are in full swing for the biggest sporting event the Swiss resort has ever seen. PlanetSKI reports.

Woman with MS climbs Everest

Quite an achievement for Lori Schneider who has now climbed the highest peaks on every continent. She was diagnosed with the illness in 1999.

Austria tops ‘good sex’ league

The Alpine nation appears to be enjoying its nookie more than any other country, according to a new study.

Bruce Willis re-builds his ski lodge

It burnt down in a fire and he apparently has big plans. But please, please don’t look at this if you hate celebrity ski news as we are running a little office sweep-stake.

Is this the world’s best complaint letter?

It’s about the in-flight food on a Virgin flight which a passenger was not entirely happy with…… so he wrote to Sir Richard Branson.

The Stig is revealed

He took off his helmet for the first time last night, but us skiers and snowboarders already knew who he is.

Alaska to Argentina by bike

A Scot is attempting the challenge and he has just reached the summit of the highest mountain in North America. It was snowing at the top.

iPOD has ski use

Do you fancy hooking up you iPod to your skis or snowboard? Not so you can play music or watch a film but rather see how fast you have gone, how much air you have taken and how much power you have used.

Heading off to K2

The ski mountaineer, Fredrik Ericsson, sets off to ski down the mountain and has been telling PlanetSKI about the trip so far. He has though had a big setback.

The snow plant is flowering

It’s a strange sight in the western USA as it looks more like a piece of meat than a plant.

Carry on camping

Many more people are going on camping holidays as it’s cheaper, healthier and suddenly it’s become a bit trendy too. There’s no better place to camp than the mountains.

Let’s sleep on it

Scientists have apparently discovered that sleeping on a problem can help solve it. So chill out and leave it till the morning.

Under half of Americans wear a helmet

52% of adults don’t wear one and just under a quarter of children under 9 don’t either. It’s not as popular in the US as you may have thought.

Gay penguins foster a chick

Animals are big news whether it’s the homosexual penguins, beavers being re-introduced to Scotland or kangaroos being rescued by surfers. We seem to be fascinated by animal stories.

The adventure begins

The extreme skier, Fredrik Ericsson, reports for us from Pakistan. He aims to be the first person to ski the 3 highest mountains in the world.

The crown jewels

Don’t look at this if you are easily offended; but if you like a laugh and are thinking of buying some cycling clothes this summer then carry on.

Summer is here

Resorts are open for summer skiing, the exchange rate is improving while climbing, mountain biking and other activities are in full swing.

Holy Smoke!

Is it a joint, a reefer, a spliff, a number, a hit or even a doobie? It might even be a ‘marijuana cigarette’, as one British ski web site rather quaintly puts it. No, it’s the torch for the Winter Olympics.

Strange but true

You can now buy or rent an inflatible igloo, complete with an ice bar, for those hot summer days.

The Stig is a skier

The Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre has seen many skiers and snowboarders since it opened earlier this month. A regular visitor is apparently The Stig.

Sex sells skiing – again

It’s the oldest advertising ploy but it usually works. A resort in New Zealand is using sex to promote itself and plenty of others bring it into play too.

Polar bear gets new home

Mercedes is the only polar bear in the UK and has lived in Edinburgh zoo since 1984. Now the army is building her a new enclosure.

Bra with a bit of lift

A new bra apparently senses changes in body temperature brought on by sexual attraction. Plenty of that in ski resorts!

Swiss tidy up their mountains

Brushes, dusters, polish and plenty of elbow grease are being used to spruce up the Swiss Alps. Each mountain must be spotless and even bird droppings are being washed off.

The chronology of events

This is the timescale of the series of events as reported by Canadian TV and compiled with infomation PlanetSKI has received from Lynda MacPherson.

Thanks, we’re doing OK

The number of people reading PlanetSKI is, er, rocketing. We’ve had more people looking at the site this month than the whole of January and we’re just 1/3 of the way into May.

Roller skiing on the increase

Just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean you can’t ski. The sport of roller skiing is growing rapidly and is even recognised by FIS.

Snow report


Heartbreak as 230 historic motorbikes destroyed in fire at Historic Motorbike Museum in Austria Ski Resort


#hochgurgl #topmountainmotorcylemuseum https://t.co/1YoACuxkeX

Check out the latest on the coronavirus impact on snowsports:

-2 US Snowboarders Out of Laax Open After Positive #Covid19 Tests
-France Set to close ski lifts into February
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-Italy’s Ski Areas Remain Closed


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Another fatal avalanche in Verbier.

A 29-year old Irish ski instructor has died while skiing off piste.

Latest in a string of separate avalanche deaths across Switzerland after recent #snow.

Eight people have died in four days.



38-year old British man dies in #avalanche in #Verbier

He is the latest in a string of separate avalanche deaths across Switzerland after recent #snow.

Seven people have died in four days.

Extreme caution is urged in many parts of the Alps.


A 19-year old skiing with three friends become the 5th avalanche death in Switzerland in past 3 days.

None had safety equipment & the authorities are urging caution as risk of #avalanche in many places is “considerable”.


#veytaux https://t.co/O0XIBGv9UH

Heavy #snow continues in the mountains…. and it’s not just in the Alps.




#schnee #neige #letitsnow

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