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Round ‘em up cowboy

PlanetSKI reporter, Ian Anderson, ended his recent ski trip to Canada with a visit to a ranch. Why travel all that way and only go skiing?

Where’s PlanetSKI in the summer?

We’ve been asked the question many times recently. “PlanetSKI has become a daily habit for me,” one reader said. “I think it’s far and away the most interesting and informative ski web site and I’ll miss you.

I love skiing in April

PlanetSKI reporter, Carole Walker, tells us what it’s like in Switzerland at the moment. Sounds rather good despite the credit crunch

Too old to shred?

PlanetSKI reporter, Jane Peel, finds out from a “mature” snowboarder if you really do need to be young, cool and funky.

Why I don’t wear a helmet.

Ski instructor and BASI trainer, Rupert Goldring, is not against helmets but he usually doesn’t wear one and certainly doesn’t like the idea of being forced to.

Why I do wear a helmet

The mountain guide, Nick Parks, has just bought one and thanks his lucky stars he had one on in a recent fall.

My skiing holiday

6-year old Nathan Russell Thompson becomes our youngest ever contributor (with a bit of help with his writting). Seems he has a future as a skier and a writer!

A ski with four edges

A new ski is being developed that has two edges on either side and it’s being aimed at the racing skier.

The Glen Plake video interview

The one time bad boy of the mountains and legendary skier has been talking to PlanetSKI. He skies more than ever and has a view on pretty much everything.

Details of the accident

The death of Natasha Richardson has prompted a debate about whether to wear a helmet. Few details have been reported of the exact circumstances of the accident. PlanetSKI investigates.

Should ski helmets be compulsory?

The issue is under debate after Natasha Richardson’s death and our content edior has written about the subject for the BBC. We’ve received many emails too.

How dangerous is skiing?

Each year in Europe alone around 100 people die off piste in avalanches. The numbers of people being hurt or seriously injured on the piste is much higher.

The web’s inventor talks in Switzerland

The creator of the world wide web has been talking about the future of the web at his former place of work, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, near Geneva.

How is a freeride contest judged?

The aim is to ride down a mountain face in the most skilful and expressive way, demonstrating the spirit of freeriding.

Should deaths and injuries in the mountains be reported?

This week it’s a pertinent question as there have been so many incidents. Some people think bad news should be hushed up.

Tributes to dead snowboarder

Dolphin Music, the company set up by Rob Williams, has released a statement.

Confessions of a ski addict

The snow is great, I had a bit of holiday owed to me from work and a friend offered to let me use his spare room. Seemed silly not to go skiing. Again.

How to survive half term

Many resorts are packed this half-term week. The slopes are crowded, the lift queues long and the prices are high. There are ways to avoid the crush though.

Watch out for falling icicles

This one came down to near where some children were playing in the snow. The cold weather has meant many buildings are dripping in huge icicles.

Sex appeal on Valentine’s Day

According to a recent study you need to declare your love to someone you fancy, smile and make plenty of eye contact.

Want to ski without spending a fortune?

Well, try going with the French company, UCPA. 1 week with everything included comes to under £400. A fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for what’s on offer.

No need to wax your skis

A new system is under development that waxes your skis as you go down the mountain. Sounds odd, but it’s true, and it’s not April 1st either.

Fancy taking a bus to the Alps?

No, neither did Jane Peel till she did it. Much less stressful than airports. Skiing on the cheap is fun. Real fun.

Best ice climbing for years

The cold temperature has meant this year is the best for ages, but why would anyone want to go ice climbing in the first place?

The making of a ski film

Check out this video from the BBC about the making of the title sequence to Ski Sunday.

Stooges guitarist dies

It’s not much to do with skiing but we have seen Iggy and the Stooges in Crans Montana and we are fans.

The impact of global warming

Despite the current snow conditions climate change is still a big worry. PlanetSKI has a film on the BBC about the issue.

Going down a storm.

A new British ski manufacturer starts up and they’re pretty good skis. Welcome to Storm Skis.

Vallee Blanche for Christmas

Father, son and daughter head down the run above Chamonix. They are not just any old family and didn’t take any old route.

Magical Montreux

The town has the biggest Christmas market in Switzerland and is quite a sight. Take a look at the video we’ve made.

I’m stuck in the UK and it hurts

After a few seasons in the Alps I’ve decided to be sensible and move back to the real world. Any regrets? Sort of.

Women only

Women have their own events, equipment, holidays, tour operators, ski schools and even web sites. Who needs men?

Sex sells skiing

What is she advertising – bras, leather clothes, make-up or maybe something else? It might even be an item of ski wear perhaps.

The winter beckons

As we’ve reported above the first snow has already fallen and some resorts have opened. So, what does this winter hold in store? Here are some of our predictions at planetSKI.

Ice and a slice

James Cove picks up an ice axe for the first time praying for a slice of luck.

Snow report


#IndoorSnowCentres in England to Open in Mid-July?

Govt hopes to open gyms & leisure facilities in England in mid-July.

It is likely, though not certain, the indoor snow centres will come into the same category.


Melbourne goes into lockdown with people barred from nearby ski resorts + ABTA calls for more government support for outbound tourism


Rockfall Warnings in Scotland

A warning has been issued about large loose boulders, some 1m wide, on melting snow.

Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team issued the warning about the "significantly-sized boulders" at the top of Black Spout, in Deeside.


Check out all the latest news on the coronavirus impact on snowsports.

Ski train cancelled, further restrictions in Sweden, Australia ski resorts busy + new mask requirements in Austria and Switzerland.


Looks like there’s fabulous snow in Las Leñas but sadly the slopes are empty ❄️

Twitter feed video.Looks like there’s fabulous snow in Las Leñas but sadly the slopes are empty ❄️
Las Leñas Depto #ThinkSnow@laslenasdepto

Nuestra querida montaña en su mejor momento! 🙌🏻🙌🏻❄️❄️🏔
Feliz de verte así y tristes de no poder disfrutarte! #ThinkSnow

#LasLeñas #cordilleradelosandes
#LasLeñasDepto #ownerdirect
#COVIDー19 #enfriamientoglobal ?

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