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Brits do well at World Championships

We’re not in the medals but our racers have skied well in the Women’s and Men’s Super G.

23 avalanche deaths in Europe

It’s been a grim last 10 days following the recent heavy snowfall. Great skiing conditions often come at a cost as mistakes and bad luck take their toll.

Economic troubles hit ski industry

This week you can buy 2 ski holidays for the price of one. You don’t get these offers if things are going well. Next season looks set to be even worse, so now may be the time to grab a bargain.

Heavy snowfall in the UK

It’s been the most snow for almost 2 decades with London grinding to a standstill. Schools are closed, people can’t get to work. We never thought our lead story would be about snow in the UK this winter when we have so much in the Alps!

Korea likely to bid for 2018 Olympics

PyeongChang in South Korea is going to try again to get the Winter Olympics. It has narrowly missed out twice

Avalanche deaths across the Alps

The high levels of snow have already brought a number of deaths as people head off into the powder.

Glencoe climbers die in avalanche

Three climbers die after being caught by an avalanche which swept down one of Scotland’s most dangerous mountains.

Dangerous conditions in the Alps

2 snowshoers die in an avalanche in Flaine. It follows the dramatic rescue in the resort of 2 skiers last week who skied a closed route and ended up stranded at the top of a cliff.

Swiss ski racer in coma

Daniel Albrecht has been placed in an induced coma after crashing whilst downhill training for the Hahnenkamm, Kitzbühel

Avalanche death in Zermatt

It’s reported that a Swiss skier died earlier this week in Zermatt.

Speed debate nothing new

Following a number of recent accidents on the pistes people have been talking about speed limits, making helmets compulsory and fining out of control skiers. Again.

Robbie Burns Night in Chamonix

This Friday the Chamonix Tourist Office is once again organizing a Scottish Evening, dedicated to the 18th century poet, Robert Burns.

Half price skiing – bargains galore

The lack of people skiing due to economic worries is forcing tour operators to slash prices. Some of the deals currently on offer are staggering. Under £150 for a week.

A spectator’s view of the Lauberhorn

It’s Switzerland’s most important sporting event and PlanetSKi reporter, Julian Griffiths, was there to soak it all up.

Swiss victory in Lauberhorn

Defago wins a classic beating last year’s winner, Bode Miller, by a fraction. A Brit, Ed Drake, does well too.

Ski for free this week

7 British tour operators are giving novices the chance to have free ski lessons across 45 resorts in the Alps.

Ski slower perhaps

That’s the message from the Swiss insurer, Suva, who is measuring how fast we ski on the slopes this weekend.

British student dies in Val d’Isere

The 20 year old died of hypothermia after getting lost on her way home. It has shocked people in the popular French resort.

It’s the Lauberhorn this weekend

One of the most prestigious events in the ski calender takes place in Wengen this weekend.

BBC commentator David Vine has died

He was the presenter of Ski Sunday and one of the BBC’s most famous sports commentators. For many he was the voice of ski racing.

So, how’s business doing?

The ski industry has been hit by the economic downturn. We’ve tried to find out how much, but we’re feeling a bit dizzy with all the spinning going on.

2 British climbers die in the Alps

One of them, Rob Gauntlett, was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest. He conquered the world’s highest peak 2 years ago.

Helmet debate re-ignited

The slopes have been busy recently and a number of high profile ski accidents and deaths have caused people to think again about helmets.

Is he the ultimate ski bum?

A man dangles helplessly from a lift exposing more than he wants to.

Tignes airwaves rocks

The event is now in its 5th year and takes place this week

Earthquake on Swiss/Austrian border

It was only small but people felt it.

Chemmy Alcott back on skis

Britain’s top ski racer has resumed training after she broke her ankle in Canada last November.

Avalanche toll increases

North America is counting the cost of a series of avalanche deaths. Some of them were within the marked runs.

Another fatal ski collision

A woman has died and the German politician, Dieter Althaus is in a coma after they collided on a ski slope in Austria.

Art of Ice

This week Grindelwald becomes the epicentre for sculpturers hacking out creations from vast blocks of ice.

Child dies in US ski resort

A 10-year-old girl skis into a tree.

Happy New Year from the Alps

It’s been a snowy New Year in many resorts with big celebrations and a few hangovers too. Check out the pictures and video.

Man dies in hit & run ski accident.

A 16-year-old Italian knocked down a man and then skied off. He has now handed himself in to the authorities. It raises the whole issue of crowded slopes, control and speed.

What’s in store for the next few days?

No sooner do we say it’s thawing a bit than it gets cold. Very cold. It’s stopped melting and started freezing.

It’s expensive out here.

It’s not a message we particularly like to pass on but it’s true. The exchange rate quite frankly is appalling.

Base jumper survives cliff fall

Coastguards have said a base-jumper was lucky to escape with his life after his parachute got stuck to the side of a cliff.

2 killed in Austrian Avalanches

The 2 people, both German, were killed in separate accidents

SnowsportGB is on the move

From January 5th it will be situated in brand new offices at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena.

Good days, bad days

The high levels of snow have brought smiles to most people’s faces, but not to everyone and not all the time.

Brochure for 2009/10 out

Blimey, this season has barely started and a brochure for next year is published!

How has the ski industry reacted?

Tour operators & resorts are breathing a collective sigh of relief – and spinning a little bit.

Men’s slalom cancelled

The race was cancelled in Val d’Isere at the weekend due to the strong winds

Razorlight cancels Val d’Isere gig

Sadly the lead singer has tonsilitis and so the band has had to pull out of this weekend’s concert.

Ski industry criticises survey

A recent poll claimed 3/4s of people would cancel their ski holiday due to the credit crunch. Not so, say the tour operators.

Finlay Mickel breaks his leg

First it was Chemmy Alcott, now it’s Finlay on the injured list. Luck doesn’t seem to smiling on Team GB.

The juggler

Occasionaly we see a bit of video that has to be shared. Nothing to do with skiing but we like video here at PlanetSKI.

Tops of mountains blasted away

See film of mountains being blown up for coal. Extraordinary pictures!

Maier the Magnificent

The Austrian legend makes the podium again. Not for nothing is he called the Herminator.

Petrol powered snowboard

Whatever will they think of next to help us travel through the snow?

Merci, Danke, Grazie and thank you

PlanetSKI has now been going a couple of months and we’ve had many more people looking at the site than we expected. We’re a bit staggered really!

Paris Hilton on a snowboard

We’ve seen semi-naked playboy models on snowboards now it’s the turn of the partially-clad socialite.

The apres ski has kicked off too!

As promised here are some pictures from the opening of the apres ski season.

Ski Channel launches on Xmas day

The US TV channel will have on-demand mountain sports programmes and is set to be far and away the biggest in this field.

Leona Lewis snowboards in Austria

The singer took to the slopes of Iscghl after her concert in the resort. A planetSKI reader has given us the exclusive video pictures.

Ischgl opens for the season

The Austrian resort opened at the weekend with 20,000 people attending a concert by Leona Lewis and the slopes covered with fresh snow.

Ischgl prepares for opening

The Austrian resort has Leona Lewis performing and more snow than you can shake a stick at.

Chemmy breaks ankle

Britain’s No 1 ski racer is recovering in the UK but remains hopefull to be racing again in the New Year.

Curling for Gold

The government is giving £350,000 to Scottiish curling to help regain its position as a top curling nation.

X Factor hits Ischgl

Leona Lewis, winner of the X Factor in 2006, is to play in the Austrian resort when it opens at the end of this month.

Going for gold

Snowsport GB hunts the slopes for talent.

Snow report


Latest news on #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

-Cervinia Opens then Closes
-First Ski Resort in N. America Opens With Covid-19 Restrictions in place
-GB Ski Test Due to Go Ahead at Kuhtai, March 2021
-Chinese Economy bounces Back with No Second Wave


First Ski Resort in North America Opens with Covid-19 Restrictions in Place

#MtNorquay near #Banff in #Canada takes the prize after some recent heavy snow.

Other resorts have their snow guns on.


Latest news Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

-Areas in the Jura mountains increase restrictions
-Cervinia is latest resort to open some slopes
-Updated Covid-19 News from the Ski Nations
-Canada Looks to Local Skiers


Areas in the Jura mountains in Switzerland increase restrictions as cases of covid-19 rise at alarming level.

Ski camps suspended and rules tightened.

The rest of Switzerland is seeing a surge in cases.


Switzerland -


Sharp Spike in Covid-19 Cases in Switzerland - PlanetSKI

It is currently seeing one of the highest numbers of cases per head of population of any nation in the Alps.


#Cervinia Opens this Weekend

The Italian glacier resort in the #AostaValley is the latest to fire up its lifts for autumn.

Conditions are good with full #Covid19 restrictions in place.



@AostaValley @ValledAosta @CerviniaValt #glacierskiing

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