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Sledge sales in UK boom

Following all the recent snow in the UK a sledge company in Scotland sells almost 30,000 in a week.

Snow overview – the latest conditions

Where the snow is and where it isn’t. But perhaps that should read where it is and where there’s more of it.

Powder in The Pyrenees

It’s been quite a winter there too as our PlanetSKI contacts testify. The best for decades and it is still snowing.

It’s been a powder day. Again.

We’ve just had half a metre of snow here in Verbier and today all the lifts opened. Check out the video.

Snow brings great skiing and chaos

Another big storm has dumped snow across the Alps bringing excellent conditions, but also travel problems.

Snow and rain

The Alps have been buffeted by another big storm though the temperature has risen so it’s not good for everyone. A team from PlanetSKI was in Chamonix at the weekend.

Snow overview – the latest conditions

It’s dumping it down in the Alps again though in North America conditions are pretty patchy.

It’s snowing again

Many resorts have received some fresh snow and more is set to come this week. It’s a welcome sight as some pistes were getting a bit hard packed and bare. See the video.

More snow please

It hasn’t snowed in weeks, what’s here was skied out ages ago and it’s now hard packed and windblown. The rocks though remain covered and the slopes are deserted. Apparently more snow is forecast soon. We have an updated video in this report too.

It’s cold across Europe. Freezing!

Marseilles in France has snow for the first time in over 20 years, Britain shivers and its pretty cold at 3,000m in the Alps too.

Snow round up.

More snow is needed. The last widespread fall was at the New Year but at least the cold temperatures have preserved it.

Snowboarder triggered fatal avalanche

An unidentified snowboarder set off the slide that killed a woman in Snowbird

It’s cold in the Alps. Very cold.

Switzerland has just had it’s coldest night of the winter with the temperature dropping to -26c.

Snow round up – our weekly look at conditions

The heavy snowed has eased off but many places in the Alps had a fresh fall on New Year’s eve.

There’s still powder to be found

A fresh fall on New Year’s Eve helped top up conditions nicely. Check out the video of the powder on New Year’s Day.

Snow chaos in North America

Heavy snowfalls in parts of the USA and most of Canada have caused severe disruption.

Canadian survives 3 nights in the snow

A Canadian woman was found alive, buried in 58cm of snow three days after she went missing

Happy Christmas from the Alps

We have some videos, a few pictures and tales of powder underfoot and blue skies overhead.

The best many can remember.

As the season proper gets under way we’re taking a closer look at the situation. The amount of snow, how it bodes for this winter and the impact on the ski industry.

Snow round up – where it is, where it isn’t.

Here’s our weekly update of conditions. It’s looking pretty good but we do have a few words of caution.

The weather worsens

Zermatt is cut off, Val d’Isere is shut and winds have been gusting to almost 200 kilometres per hour in places. There have been scores of road accidents, power cuts and whole communities cut off.

Here we go again – more snow

Yet another snow storm is dumping it down in the Alps. It’s lookng pretty good in the Pyrenees too.

Mont Fort in Verbier opens

The top lift in the Swiss resort is now open and PlanetSKi was there to film it. Sadly a person was caught in a big avalanche off the back of Mont Fort on Monday.


We went to the bar for some drinks last night in Verbier and this is what we saw when we stumbled out. Shed loads of snow.

It’s still snowing across the Alps

There’s been further snowfall across the Alps making it the best start to the season in years. However it’s been marred by the first avalanche death.

More snow to hit the Alps

As if the season hasn’t got off to a good enough start there’s a new snow storm is on its way. This time hitting the southern Alps. More resorts are opening this weekend too.

More snow to hit the Alps

As if the season hasn’t got off to a good enough start there’s a new snow storm is on its way. This time hitting the southern Alps. More resorts are opening this weekend too.

Buckets of snow & it’s cold.

As we’ve been reporting over the past few days it’s been snowing big time across the Alps and a team from planetSKI is there to report back on the excellent early season conditions. Check out the video too.

The snow in pictures

Here’s a few photos of the snow in Switzerland this week. If you want more take a look at photos of the week.

It’s chucking it down!

Heavy snow has been falling across large parts of the Alps with some resorts opening and others unable to because of too much snow. A team from planetSKI was in the Swiss Alps at the weekend.

New theory on avalanches

Slab avalanches are the most common type to kill people and now Scottish scientists have fresh research on how they may occur.

Heavy snow falling, more predicted.

More ski resorts are opening this weekend in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Many ahead of schedule. We have reports direct from the Alps, the Rockies and the Pyrenees from people already out enjoying the snow. Bring it on!


Last winter was one of the best in recent times in South America with record levels of snow and visitors.

Snow report


The @fisalpine World Cup #Ski racing calendar for 2020-21 has been announced with more changes forced by #COVID19 ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/world-cup-ski-racing-dates-announced/

'Breathtaking' ski jumping venue for the @Beijing2022 Winter Olympics nears completion ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/18/breathtaking-ski-jumping-venue-for-beijing-olympics/
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A doctor has gone on trial accused of being part of an international sports #doping ring that was smashed in raids at the 2019 #Nordic #Ski World Championships in Seefeld, Austria ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/01/septembers-news-in-brief/

Latest news on the #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

- WHO Repeats Warnings to Europe as More Restrictions Loom
- Italy has ‘Covid-Free’ Flights
- Gatwick Introduces Ultraviolet Disinfecting Security Tray


#coronavirusupdates #coronavirusski

Covid-19 Update:

- WHO Warns of Serious Situation in Europe as UK Warns of the Winter Ahead
- BA Calls for Testing at Airports
- Luxury Operator to Continue with Ski Chalets
- New Zealand has Worst Recession in Years as Ski Resorts see Downturn


From Ski Jumper to Tour de France Supremo

Slovenia's Primož Roglič is the favourite to win the Tour de France and he currently wears the yellow jersey.

Roglic is a former ski jumper who only made the switch to cycling in his early 20s.


Check out today's latest news on the Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports here ➡️ https://planetski.eu/2020/09/12/coronavirus-impact-on-skiing-snowboarding-11/
#ski #snowboard #WinterIsComing

Golf Is More Dangerous that Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding is often seen as a high-risk and injury prone sport.

Apparently it is less risky than football, rugby, tennis, cycling and, er golf.

And which is the least dangerous sport?


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