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PlanetSKI Has More Free Tickets to Snow Show to Give Away

We have been inundated with requests to extend the free ticket codes so we have negotiated a few more from the organisers. NEW

Italy Ski Resorts Set to Open Next month with Limits on Lift Capacity

A decree has been signed looking forward to ski resorts operating from 15th October with an 80% capacity in cable cars and gondolas. Other rules will also be in place. It is the first ski nation to give a clear indication of what things may look like next season. NEW

Compulsory Health Passes Likely for French Ski Resorts Next Winter

The government is encouraging the introduction of passes for ski holidays in France this winter. Other ski nations in Europe have restrictions already operating or planned for the winter. UPDATED

New for the Tirol Next Season

The Austrian ski area has 80 ski resorts with more than 3,000 kms of pistes. There’s fabulous skiing & snowboarding, delicious cuisine, and stunning scenery. See what’s new for this coming winter. UPDATED

US Ski Areas Welcome Easing of International Travel Restrictions

It will come as a relief to the US ski industry and opens up the prospect of skiing next winter. We have reaction from ski areas in the USA. Canada has already lifted its restrictions with double vaccinated people allowed in without quarantine. UPDATED

All workers in Italian Ski Resorts Will Need Covid Pass Next Winter

It is the result of a country wide policy as Italy becomes the first European country to make it compulsory for all workers to have a Covid ‘green pass’. Cases remain low and stable, but the authorities have decide to be on the side of caution.

Ski Holiday Bookings Surge as Travel Restrictions To Ease

Ski companies report a sharp rise in bookings following the government announcement that PCR Tests and Traffic Light System will be axed. New rules come into force in October.

New Covid-19 Rules Introduced in Austria as Cases Rise

Cases are rising with the number of people in intensive care growing, though the figures remain relatively low compared to other European nations. Worries are growing as the ski season approaches with some resorts already open and others firing up lifts in the coming weeks. NEW

Further Details Revealed of New Ski Train to French Alps

A Eurostar Ski Train will run every week this winter from London to Moutiers & Bourg St Maurice in France. Compagnie Des Alps, a major ski lift company, has chartered the train from Eurostar and tickets will only be for people heading on a package to its resorts.UPDATED

Ski Holidays for 2021/22 Season

If you are thinking about booking a ski holiday for 2022, check out the latest offerings here including lift pass deals from Crystal Ski.
Plus more information on:
★  Booking your own hotel in the Isère region
★  Booking Contactless Chalets in France

Announcement Expected Today on End of PCR Travel Tests

An announcement is expected shortly and it will be welcome news for the snowsports and wider travel industry that has been hit hard by the restrictions. The traffic light system is also expected to go. If confirmed there will likely be a rise in ski holiday bookings. UPDATED

Switzerland Tightens Restrictions as Covid-19 Continues to Rise

As many countries are easing restrictions Switzerland is tightening its rules and they will last into the ski season. There are fears that hospitals might be over-stretched, with some beginning to worry about what the winter may bring. UPDATED

New Ski Train Set To Run Next Winter

A Eurostar Ski Train will run every week this winter from London to Moutiers and Bourg St Maurice in France. In an unusual twist Compagnie Des Alps, a major ski lift company for French resorts, has charted the train from Eurostar and tickets will only be for people heading on a package to its resorts.    UPDATED

UK Government Plans ‘Shake Up’ of Travel Traffic Light System

It will have an impact on travel to the ski resorts this coming winter and could lead to a surge in bookings according to some. The precise details are somewhat less clear. So, what might we expect to happen?

Apres Ski Bars in Austria Could be for the Vaccinated Only Next Season

The Austria Health Minister has submitted a proposal to restrict nightclubs and apres ski venues only to those who have been vaccinated. The measure could be in place next month as a handful of resorts are open in October.

Ski Resorts in Europe Start to Announce Opening Dates

The glacier ones are the first to open this month and then into October. A handful of resorts open in November with the vast majority then starting in December. We also look at the entry requirements in these Covid-19 times. UPDATED

UK Sticker Needed to Drive to the Alps Next Winter

Gone is the more traditional GB sticker, and in comes a UK one. GB number plates will still be valid within the EU as long as drivers display a UK sticker on the rear of their vehicle.

Ski2 Goes Out of Business With a Heavy Heart

The company had been operating for more than two decades but says the double hit of Brexit and Covid-19 means its future is untenable. It joins a number of other operators that have been forced to call it a day. NEW

US Resorts Announce Opening Dates

The two main resort operators, Alterra and Vail Resorts, have announced when their lifts start spinning for the 2021/22 season. Many UK skiers and snowboarders are looking across the pond as they plan a bucket-list ski trip as the pandemic begins to be brought under some sort of control. Fingers crossed. UPDATED

Italy Ends Quarantine for Fully Vaccinated People from the UK

Italy lifts the 5-day quarantine for travellers arriving from Britain that was introduced back in June. Here on PlanetSKI we also look at current arrival rules in the main ski nations of Europe. Covid-19 continues to spread rapidly in the UK. UPDATED

Switzerland, Finland and Canada Go On UK’s Green List

It means people travelling from the three ski nations will not have to be jabbed to avoid quarantine. Austria, Norway & some others are on the green list, while the majority of ski nations are on the amber list. We look at which UK list the ski nations are on. UPDATED

Excitement Grows for National Snow Show

Ticket sales have passed the 11,000 mark with the easing of covid rules in the UK and lifting of travel restrictions for vaccinated people coming from abroad helping. PlanetSKI has met the organiser and looks ahead to the autumn event.

Mountain Regions in France See Summer Tourism Boost

Large numbers of French people are opting against travelling abroad and taking a holiday in their own country. The Alps and the Pyrenees are proving to be particularly popular.

Travellers from the UK Can Now Enter Austria Without Quarantine

The rules change means some late summer travel is now easier if people have been double vaccinated or meet other health requirements. It bodes well for the start of the ski season with some glacier resorts opening in October.

Norway to accept COVID-19 certificates from England & Wales

Norway will accept the English and Welsh NHS COVID Pass from today, 12th August. It means fully vaccinated people will be able to enter Norway without quarantine required. Norway is on the UK’s ‘green list’ of countries. UPDATED

UK Eases Travel Rules from Some Alpine Countries

Travelling from the ski nations of Europe is now a little easier for those of us in the UK. However there are still some tough restrictions on entry as the UK has one of the highest current number of cases of Covid-19 in Europe.  UPDATED

Fancy A Free Lift Pass for Next Winter?

The UK’s largest ski operator, Crystal Ski Holidays, is running a 2 for 1 lift pass offer. Offer ends at midnight on 9th August 2021.

PlanetSKI Turns Into PlanetBOAT – Part Three

With the mountains effectively out-of-bounds PlanetSKI is confined to the UK. So, we’re trying a few outdoor activities within our shores. Next up it’s a spot of river cruising on the Thames. But have we managed to master it on our final day?

Ski Holidays for 2021/22 Season

If you are thinking about booking a ski holiday for 2022, check out some of the latest offerings including “2 for 1′ lift pass deals from Crystal Ski and Contactless Chalets.

PlanetSKI Turns Into PlanetBOAT – Part Two

With the mountains effectively out-of-bounds PlanetSKI is confined to the UK. So, we’re trying a few outdoor activities within our shores. We’re on the Thames for a few days of river cruising and hoping to improve after an, er, challenging start. Surprisingly there are quite a few similarities with skiing.

PlanetSKI Turns Into PlanetBOAT – Part One

With the mountains effectively out-of-bounds PlanetSKI is confined to the UK. So, we’re trying a few outdoor activities within our shores.  First up it’s a spot of river cruising on the Thames. But what an earth does it have to do with skiing?

Ski France Takes on 10 New Chalets

With some ski companies out of business and others cutting their offerings for next winter a handful are taking on new properties in the Alps. One such company is Ski France.

Birmingham Snow Show Goes Ahead

The London show has pulled the plug on this autumn’s event but the organisers of the one planned for Birmingham have confirmed to PlanetSKI it’s going ahead, with new brands joining the line-up. UPDATED

Maison Sport Expands

The online platform that allows you to book independent ski and snowboard instructors is branching out after raising £1.25m in new funding.

Beginner skier?  Your Questions Answered…

It can be daunting.  But that first lesson on the snow doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  Especially with the right gear and information.

Inghams Adds Ski Total Chalets

The ski chalets of Ski Total will exclusively operate under Inghams for next winter. 

Restart of International Travel from UK Under Threat

The Transport Select Committee says a report by the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce gives “insufficient” detail to allow for travel on 17th May.

Worries Continue for Brits Wanting to Work in Alps After Brexit

The Association of British Travel Agents has stepped up its campaign to try to allow labour mobility. It says there is a possible solution to the problem.

Scotland’s Mountain Areas Open Up

Scotland is open, with a further easing of Covid-19 restrictions coming into force on Monday 26th April. The nation is an option for spring and summer holidays, but it’s come too late for the Scottish ski industry.

How to Save Money On Next Winter’s Ski Trip

The latest Ski Resort Report produced by the Post Office and Crystal Ski Holidays says skiers and snowboarders can halve their holiday costs next season by choosing carefully.

London Ski & Snowboard Festival Is Back

It’s returning to Battersea Park this October.  The new organisers are promising a ‘snow sport event like no other’.  So what’s new?

Travel Bubble for Australia and New Zealand

It bodes well for the approaching ski season Down Under and could be a model used in Europe as well to help people get to the mountains later in the summer if cases fall in Europe. No quarantine will be required.

Will We Be Able to Go to the Mountains in Europe This Summer?

Boris Johnson has unveiled a ‘traffic light’ system which could determine if, and where, we can go on holiday to the mountains this summer. Details though are in short supply & travel to the main mountain nations in Europe seems some way off.

Reaction as Summer Holidays Abroad May Be Off the Cards

Some scientists say they are unlikely to take place, politicians have not refuted the claims, the travel industry is angry and the rest of us simply wonder when and if we can go on holiday to the mountains. With predictions of variant viruses for years to come it raises the issue of skiing next winter too.

Austria Set to Introduce Vaccine Passport Next Month

The card will be for vaccinated people, those who have had the virus & people who have tested negative. It’s hoped it will help re-start tourism but much depends on whether countries will allow their citizens to visit Austria as it has rising levels of Covid-19, with only 9% of the country vaccinated.

Will We Be Able to Head to the Mountains of Europe This Summer?

Despite a hugely successful vaccine roll out in the UK it is not so in much of Europe. There is talk of vaccine passports, but with the virus mutating and spreading some say borders may be closed with tourist travel banned.

Ski Resorts Hit as New Lockdown Imposed in Parts of France

21 million people in 16 areas of France will be placed under the measures from midnight today. There areas affected include Paris and other northern cities. The lockdown will last 4-weeks. UPDATED

Norway Sees Highest Covid-19 Levels as Easter Skiing Approaches

The Norwegian government has outlined its Covid-19 guidelines for the Easter holidays. Tens of thousands of people are expected to head to cabins in the mountains as the country faces its biggest threat from the pandemic.

More Airlines Offering Vaccine Status on an App

British Airways is the latest and follows Ryan Air, plus others.  Will this mean summer travel from the UK is more likely to the mountains and other destinations?

Fancy a good ski deal for 2021/22? Look No Further…

Some Tour Operators have opened up bookings for ski holiday departures from January 2022.
Check out some of the latest offerings here including Contactless Chalets.

Where to Ski Next Winter: Norway

In our occasional series we are looking at areas to ski next winter that offer something a little bit different. Norway is one of our favourites – the Scandinavian country is most certainly not the Alps, but that’s good.

Contactless Chalets – The Shape of Things to Come?

Ski France is offering 50 so-called ‘Contactless Chalets’ across some of the major resorts in France. With Brexit rules on employing British staff and Covid-19 restrictions it is a new product on the market.

Italy May Be Heading to Another National Lockdown

It would likely mean the end of any chance of ski resorts opening this Spring. Some resorts have already called it a day with new restrictions introduced this week as cases surge.

Will a Vaccine Certificate be Needed for Summer in the Mountains?

It is becoming more likely as some beach destination countries are introducing them and mountain ones are discussing it. Recent research shows the majority of British travellers are happy to use them, many though oppose the idea. It remains illegal for people in England to go abroad for a holiday until at least May 17th.

Crystal Ski Holidays Says Next Season Could be a Bumper One

The UK’s largest ski operator details growing interest and which resorts are proving to be most popular for the season of 2021/22. It says sales are surging as optimism returns. Will it last?

Ischgl Cancels the Rest of Its Ski Season

The Austrian resort says the continuing pandemic and its shared slopes with Switzerland mean it cannot see a way to open the season within all the rules. The resort was seen as a super-spreader of the virus a year ago.

Sales of Ski Holidays Surge for Next Season

Operators report a rise in bookings and interest for next season.  It follows the roll out of vaccines, easing of lockdown restrictions, plus talk of vaccine passports to allow travel. Is it too soon to be optimistic? UPDATED

Situation Worsens in Parts of France But Another Lockdown Ruled Out

The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, has said the current Covid-19 situation in some parts of France is ‘worrying’. Cases in the Alps and the Pyrenees remain steady and relatively under control though concerns are rising after the holiday period.

Will We Need a Vaccine Passport to Head to the Mountains Next Winter?

It is looking increasing likely with a number of countries including Austria & Switzerland supporting the idea. Austria has said it wants a system in place by May or June. The airline industry itself is set to introduce a Covid Travel Pass with trials underway.

Switzerland Agrees Easing Some Covid-19 Measures

They were outlined earlier this month and now Federal & Cantonal authorities have agreed the details. Restaurants and bars will remain closed, something some ski resorts oppose. The new rules come into force on March 1st.

Snow report


Who Invented The Ski Lift?

Skiing has come a long way and it has only been in the last 100 years that fanatics have had the privilege of being hauled up the mountain and dropped at the top, ready to ski down.


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In #ValThorens this winter, there will be a new secure and marked zone in the Borgne sector dedicated to #skitouring without any ski lifts around #Les3Vallees #MyPlayground @Val_Tho

At present, by opting into the province’s restrictions exemption program we’ll be able to operate our gondola, chairlifts, lodges, & sprung structures at full capacity.

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