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SPRAINS & STRAINS - Kisia Cove, Aosta Valley
Monday January 29, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI arrives in Aosta. Disaster strikes even before we reach the ski slopes! So, how do we cope?





The highlight of the day so far...

It started off very warm at the bottom of the Aosta cable car base station where the temperature was a +3ºC.

By mid-day though it had warmed up to +10ºC at Pila base station.

Sadly I was not skiing but from what my colleagues were saying the snow was absolutely beautiful as they raced around the fairly quiet, almost deserted ski slopes.

As a non-skier for the day I stuck close to the lower parts of Pila enjoying the sun and enjoying another of my favourite pastimes, people watching.

I found a great spot for catching a few rays.

Warming moment in the sunWarming moment in the sun

















Getting up the mountains as a pedestrian was quite easy too.

I had to wait for the green light and then shuffle on to the chair as it paused for a nano second, before scooping me up the mountain!

Waiting for the Green LightWaiting for the Green Light
















Safe to say the skidoo ride from the cable car down to the Baoutson Restaurant was the highlight of the day.

Meet my skidoo driver, Sergio Borbay.

The ride back was even more exciting with the loud high pitched claxon warning skiers to keep their distance.

Great stuff.

Skidoo ride to the restaurantSkidoo ride to the restaurant -
















A 360º pano around the Restaurant Bautson highlighting the stunning landscape, and showing off the relatively empty ski slopes.

And for lunch.... one shared platter for all, probably the best pan of pasta and mushroom on the mountain, washed down with a choice of local wine.

Seconds! Pasta with mushrooms Seconds anyone!  Pasta with mushrooms



















At the end of the day the lower slopes became slightly busier as groups made their way down the mountain.

Homeward bound:

.... and the view from the lounge at the 3* Lion Noire was awesome.

Spot Mont Cervino in the photo below sandwiched between the two chairs.

The perfect view to end the day ... and as a non-ski day it really wasn't too bad.

Sundowner - view from Lion Noir loungeSundowner - view from Lion Noir lounge - eye candy!


















I am sitting with a strong cup of coffee in the Italian ski resort of Pila, with my feet up, literally.

I am pondering on the follies of photography, and wondering what I am going to do with myself over the next few days.

My entire group is out skiing and I am stuck indoors with a throbbing ankle, and I am feeling very sorry for myself.

So, what is there to do when you can't ski?

Coffee, sunshine, books, and a promised a ride to my lunch spot at the top of the mountain in a skidoo.

Watch this space as I report back later.

So, what happened?

Taking the strain off the sprain Taking the strain off the sprain


















We had arrived in the stunning Roman town of Aosta, and had just completed a fascinating tour of the the town's Roman heritage when disaster struck.

My instructions were, "to get a quick weather report back to base."

"Give me a feel of the mountains - make sure you get some great shots, and file ON TIME" said my editor!

Famous last words.

As I tried to capture the pale pink glow of the the sun kissing the top of the mountains I fell down a short flight of steps.

My ankle cracked, and ouch!

It throbbed and puffed up to the size of a grapefruit.

Later, as I stood in the bathroom with one foot in the bidet full of ice cold mountain water, soaking a very painful foot, I thought to myself, "That's the end of my skiing, before it's even begun."

It was no good, I was going to have to brave the hospital and to get it X-rayed.

As we arrived at A & E, there in enormous neon lights were the words "PRONTO" - that gave me hope, "great I thought Sunday evening, it's going to be nice and quick".


The experience was rather long and boring.

But I was with Lydia Crisostomo from Inghams, who took me under her wing, and categorically refused to leave my side as we sat for hours in Aosta hospital waiting for X-rays and diagnosis. She made sure I had my EHIC, insurance and passport to facilitate the process.

Thank you Inghams for your care and attention and making it all run so smoothly ❤️

My diagnosis, a sprain, no skiing for 3 weeks 😱  lots of ibuprofen, paracetamol, ice and to use some "scrutches" - I think the doctor meant crutches! 🤣

This was the rubbish shot I ended up with!

But just imagine what the shot could have looked like .... a shot in focus with a pink glow across the sky - another time.

Not sure it was worth the effortNot sure it was worth the effort... rubbish shot!
















Only a sprain!Thankfully only a sprain! Ready for bed.....
















I have always wondered what you can do in a ski resort if you don't ski... seems like I'm about to find out.


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