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THRILLS & SPILLS OF MOGULS - Kisia Cove, Steamboat, Colorado
Saturday March 3, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI's Kisia Cove gets some mogul time & then tackles a halfpipe. Do you want to learn to ski the bumps better? Read on...



Moguls, love them or hate them .... well, I hate them.

I've always hated them.

Some years back, I signed up for a set of mogul lessons, and during the initial ski off I must have skied terribly as I was, er, bumped off the course.

My confidence was shaken and I've steered clear of them since.

I never got round to tackling the bumps again, that is, until now.

It's something I've always wanted to do and now in Steamboat, Colroado, I am presented with an opportunity not to be missed.

A private lesson with Jill, a ski instructor at Steamboat Ski School.  She casuallly asked what sort of skiing I would like to do on my first morning at the Colorado ski area.

Seeing the vast mogul fields around, I mumbled it was a shame I couldn't ski them as it was something I'd always craved to do.

That was like a red rag to a bull.

Jill was swiftly on to it and so the lesson began.

"How do you approach a mogul?" I asked.

"So when you approach a mogul you slow down all your actions, ski as slow as a worm," said Jill.

Attempting to ski moguls - as slow as a worm:

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - some slow turns














"Consider a 'hockey-stop', said Jill.

"That's like the final stop you make at the end of a run... when you stop your skis are working together to stop, instantly."

"Remember that action and apply it to the end of the turn off a bump, but not as aggressively or as quickly."

"Use the top of the mogul to plant your pole and then slide round the bump keeping both skis together."

We did a couple of bumps and Jill instantly identified the terrible habit I have of lifting a ski in a turn, rather like the old fashioned stem-christie.

So, back to the ski slopes we went to iron out the problem of balance, and being balanced firmly on two skis during a turn.

Then we returned to some small bumps.

Only this time my ski poles were removed and I had to ski, arms stretched in front, palms facing down, looking ahead and not at my skis, and then sliding both skis simultaneously round the moguls.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - my ski poles were about to be removed


















I was heading out of my comfort zone.

Jill said "Go slowly. Do a couple of turns in a row. Just make sure both legs move together, and you don't lift the inside leg."

But, I performed better without my ski poles. 😎

"And posture," I asked.

"Look 2 to 3 bumps ahead, stay upright with arms firmly in front so you don't drag your ski poles, hold your poles loosely, but most importantly... you must relax."

Easier said than done.

I tried not to over think the movements I needed to make, but simply, do them.

I managed to slide round some of the bumps with a little grace, while on other turns I felt my legs were all over the place, and then the inevitable fall!

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - down but not beaten!
















Jill raised her arms a few times triumphantly as I managed a few good turns in a row, "Find your line and take ownership of the turn," she encouraged.

She said "You are so close, you just need more practice."

And practice I did, looping round the same moguls from the same chairlift.

Some of the turns were good-ish.

Others not so good.

I was cracking it.

The turns that worked felt wonderful and spurred me on.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - need to stay more upright!
















A few little exercises, helped me understand balance and weight shifting.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado

















"As slow as a worm,"  was Jill's mantra, "take every turn slowly."

Some benign little bumps on the edge of the piste, were a good place to practise some turns before heading for something more challenging.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - some "slow as a worm" turns
















The crest of something a little more challenging.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - more of a challenge















Something a little more challenging:


At lunch Jill ran through the technique of steering round a mogul.

I listened intently, thinking the concept was simple but slightly harder to execute.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - technical brief on moguls 😱
















Ha! Ha!

And to complete the morning we needed a further challenge, as trying to master moguls was obvioulsy not enough of a thrill....

So we headed to the er, HALFPIPE! 

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - on the edge of a precipice!
















The halfpipe presented an even bigger adrenalin rush than I anticipated.

As I stood on the lip of the massive tube shaped block of ice, I felt distinctly worried.

I skied it once and returned for a second run, it was amazing. 😎

Having tackled the halfpipe in a very amateur fashion, I have even GREATER RESPECT for all the Olympic skiers and snowboarders who perform such amazing tricks as they leap and spin precariously along its icy walls.

It was a BIG THRILL with a BIG adrenalin rush.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - BIG thrill on the halfpipe
















Jill and Kisia at the end of the halfpipe having a serious post run debrief, on how to improve performance and therefore improve the experience.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado  - post halfpipe run debrief
















It was quite a challenge.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - smiling broadly after the halfpipe

















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - post ski route analysis














Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - red ink represented the route of the day













For more information about Steamboat and things to do in the area visit the Steamboat website.

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