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STEAMBOAT IN 48-HOURS - James Cove, Colorado
Saturday March 3, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI continues its winter ski road trip in North America as we head through Colorado. Next up it's the cowboy resort of Steamboat....




We blogged on it all live earlier this month as we experienced as much as Steamboat had to offer in 48-hours.

Below we re-post it all in chronological order with extra pictures, video and information.

It's quite a place.



What to do on arrival?

The journey from Winter Park is a mere short hop by my usual standards as I criss-cross the USA and Canada.

2-hours or so to Steamboat.

A blink of the eye.

But I am very glad I kept them open for longer than a blink.

The scenery was stunning - see more images in the photo gallery dated 3rd March.

Winter Park to SteanboatWinter Park to Steanboat














Winter Park to SteanboatWinter Park to Steanboat
















Winter Park to SteanboatWinter Park to Steanboat
















Meanwhile see here for tales of my time in Winter Park:

And once in town at Steamboat I was looking forward to checking in to my hotel and having a quiet beer or two and then an early night.

But they had turned the floodlights on.

Steamboat, Colorado, USASteamboat, Colorado, USA
















With the moon as a back-up, just in case.

Steamboat, Colorado, USASteamboat, Colorado, USA













Now I have a personal rule about skiing and when it is disobeyed it is time to hang up my boots and go find something else to do.

When it is possible to ski always do so.


The rule has (generally) looked after me.

And it proved so again.

The Christie Peak Express lift from the main village square is open from 5.30 to 8.00 which gives access to slopes for all levesl and there's even a gentle snowpark on offer.

There was a queue for the lift and it was busy at the top.

Steamboat, Colorado, USASteamboat, Colorado, USA
















Steamboat, Colorado, USASteamboat, Colorado, USA

















The lights did a perfect job though the snow was icy as the temperaure dropped.

It must have been warm in the afternoon with a thaw on the snow.

Steamboat, Colorado, USASteamboat, Colorado, USA














But then we all stopped.


And do you know what happened as I walked of the slope for a beer and the bed?

A man is a cowboy hat (this is Steamboat remember) said there were first tracks available from 8.00AM tomorrow.

At time of writing it seems rude not to.

There are rules to obey after all.

ee you in the morning (maybe).

And what else are we going to be doing in Steamboat apart from skiing?

This is cowboy territory with more than 400 working ranches in the surrounding area so it would be rude not saddle up.

And I am told the Strawberry Park Hot Springs are a must. M

And then of course the skiing in a resort I haven't skied in before.

Except, now, at night.

Looks like it's going to be a fun and action-packed few days. Cool


We never quite made it up early for the First Tracks programme where you get to ride the lifts and slopes an hour ahead of everyone else.

Maybe tomorrow.

Today has a busy enough schedule planned.

For PlanetSKI's Kisia Cove it was a morning in the moguls.

And then the halfpipe (of all places).

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado  - post halfpipe run debrie
















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - smiling broadly after the halfpipe

















See below for a separate and full-length article on the mogul challenge.

And see how Kisia got on in the halfpipe:

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado - BIG thrill on the halfpipe
















And if that wasn't enough for the morning, myself and Kisia did something entirely different in the afternoon.

It was perhaps the best thing we have ever done in a ski resort without skis on:

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















It was quite an afternoon.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado





















I don't normally set an alarm when in a ski resort, but today is different.

I'm going on the First Tracks programme here in Steamboat - for a small supplement on your lift pass you get to go up with the ski patrol and then have the resort pretty much to yourself.

Three lifts and their slopes are open: Sundown Express, Sunshine and South Peak.

Morning all!Morning all!

















First tracks in SteamboatFirst tracks in Steamboat















Lets go!Lets go!
















And this is what it is like.

First Tracks, SteamboatFirst Tracks, Steamboat















And by mid-morning?

The weekend queues had started and the slopes were busy.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















And by Sunday lunchtime the weather had changed completely as a big storm rolled in:

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















And it was accompanied by high winds so the main gondola closed and numerous chairlifts.

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















The first and fresh tracks of the morning seemed but a distant memory.

It had been well worth setting the alarm.

And with high winds, poor visibility and the beginnings of a snowstorm there seemed only one alternative - especially as we had pretty much had a full day's skiing.

The Steamboat Mountain Coaster.

What fun!

Steamboat, ColoradoSteamboat, Colorado
















And there was only one way to follow the excitement of the mountain coaster: natural hot springs.

Hot springs near SteamboatHot springs near Steamboat
















Hot springs near SteamboatHot springs near Steamboat
















Hot springs near SteamboatHot springs near Steamboat
















Some preferred to relax on the sun beds (or should that be snow beds).

And guess the nationality?

Yup, they're Russian.

Russians on the snow covered deck chairsRussians on the snow covered deck chairs
















For further details about the resort of Steamboat then check out the web site:  Steamboat ski resort

And if you want to get into the saddle then this is the place to head to: Del's Triangle 3 Ranch

And for that relaxing hot springs experience:  Strawberry Park Hot Springs

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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