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The Speed Skiing World Cup ends with a Brit coming 5th overall as they reach speeds of 200 km/h. PlanetSKI looks at the sport. NEW




The final leg of the World Cup Speed Skiing championships took place in Andorra at the weekend.

The battle has often been between the two Italian Origone brothers, Simone Origone and his younger brother Ivan.

But this year it was a tougher battle and fought between Manuel Kramer from Austria, who claimed 2 consecutive victories in Sweden, followed closely by the Italian Simone Origone.

The two were tied 1st in the overall World Cup standings at the start of the weekend in Andorra, however the Crystal Globe was finally taken by Simone Origone on Saturday.

What a victory.

This is Simone Origone's 10th Crystal Globe - the overall title.

Speed skiing sees the top racers accelerate from 0 to 200kph in 5.5 seconds.

Not quite as fast as a Formula 1 car that does it in 4.5 seconds but quicker than a Moto GP motorbike does it in 6.0 seconds.

They travel at the same speed as a passenger plane at takeoff.

Simon Origone - World Cup Final Andorra 2018Simon Origone - World Cup Final Andorra 2018




















Simone Origone's (left) 10th Crystal Globe - Jan Farrell (right) 5th OverallSimone Origone (left) wins 10th Crystal Globe in Andorra 2018  - GB's Jan Farrell (right) is 5th Overall: photo Jan Farrell





















PlanetSKI's editor, James Cove has skied with Simone Origone in his home resort of Champoluc in Italy.

Follow the link to see what it is like to ski with the fastest man on earth.

James and SimoneJames and Simone
















British Speed Skier Jan Farrell has had a very good season this year, clinching 5th place overall.

Watch below, as Jan Farrell reaches 180km/ph in Andorra this weekend.


A post shared by Jan Farrell (@j.farrell) on Apr 6, 2018 at 12:31am PDT


Earlier in March Farrell was Speed Skiing at the annual World Cup event in Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada where he came third, speeding in at 165.34km/ph

Sun Peaks 2018 - 1st S Origone (IT); 2nd Manuel Kramer (AUT); 3rd Jan Farrell (GB)On the podium at Sun Peaks 2018 - 1st Simone Origone (IT); 2nd Manuel Kramer (AUT); 3rd Jan Farrell (GB)















Jan Farrell's 5th place is the best overall result in a World Cup season for a British racer in over ten years.

 In Vars in France the week before the Andorra Farrell reached a speed of over 221 km/h - his fastest of the season.

 "This season is a dream come true, my fourth in the S1, the podium in Canada, the perfect overall standing, I couldn't be happier. This result gives me fuel for seasons to come and is the best moment of my career," said Farrell.

Jan is now heading back home in preparation for becoming a father and intends to take some time off for the birth of his first child, due later this month.

Phillip May went on to win the Andorran leg of the 2018 World Cup Speed Skiing competition at the weekend, though the overall title went to his Italian rival.

Phillip May, is the Director of the Swiss Ski School in Verbier.

The sport is a dangerouos one.

If the skier catches an edge, things can go terribly wrong, as in the high speed crash below.

British Speed Skier, Jan Farrell captured his fellow competitor Juanki Sanchez on video as he raced down the mountain in Vars in France at a mindblowing speed of 200km/h.

In a car that is some speed, but to lose a ski as you attempt a speed ski record is another thing altogether.

Juanki caught an edge causing one ski to come off.

He managed to maintain his balance on one ski at high speed for some distance and then unfortunately he fell.

He slid a long way down the mountain sustaining friction burns.


You'll notice in the video below that Juanki's white helmet comes off in his fall.

The helmets are specifically designed so the outer shell breaks away from the inner helmet, avoiding further injury to the back and shoulder area, it worked perfectly on this occasion.

Juanki then took the inner helmet off just as he was sliding to a halt.

And then after the crash when Juanki Sanchez sat down to inspect the damage to his skis.....

This is what they looked like after his crash out at 200km/ph.

Juanki Sanchez in Vars after his crash with his skisStill smiling - Juanki Sanchez in Vars after his crash with his skis


















Jan Farrell holds them up!Jan Farrell holds them up! 




















PlanetSKI has followed speed skiing over the years and loves the sport.

See below for a report from Verbier in 2012:

And here is what it all loooked like at an earlier event.

And for more on speed skiing see this report from Jan Farrell in 2016 when the world record was broken as Ivan Origone reached a speed of 254.958 km/h.

We reported on the world record at the time on PlanetSKI:

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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