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K2: ROUND TWO - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Friday June 29, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

The mission to summit & ski the world's 2nd highest peak, known as the savage mountain, abandoned last year is alive again.




Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel is right now on his second attempt, less than a year after having to call it quits, to conquer the K2 beautiful beast.

His communication is (as expected) in and out - so here's a quick photo update of his journey so far (and don't forget to read more below on his previous journey and goal):

We've been following him on Instagram @andrzejbargiel and Facebook.

Tuesday 3rd July:

It's a waiting game for the team.

Meanwhile Andrzej posted the following video on Facebook.

One of his team, Bartek Bargiel, captured the drone footage of a trek adjacent to the Baltoro Glacier that sits beneath Gasherbrum II.

The Baltoro Glacier, 63km in length, is one of the longest glaciers outside the polar regions.

Saturday 30th June/1st July:

Andrzej and his companion Janusz, are playing a long waiting game as conditions are too difficult to pursue their goal.

He said, "We spent a night in C1 (5900m.) on Gasherbrum II, but due to serious snowfall we had to get back to basecamp".

The duo are waiting for conditions to improve.

However as conditions remain inclement and a window of opportunity is remote, on Sunday they decide to pack up and head back to Camp 1.

He said, "Together with Janusz we are heading again to Camp 1. Thanks everyone for support! Have a nice sunday!"

Packing up to return to Camp 1Packing up to return to Camp 1

















Spending the night on C1 at 5900mSpending the night on C1 at 5900m















Wednesday 27th June:   Andrzej Bargiel is about to head off for Gaszerbrumie II camp...

27th June Bargiel (in blue)27th June Bargiel (in blue)
















25th June 2018:

The 25th June photo below shows the team arrived at the base of Gasherbrum II where Bargiel and co. will acclimatise at a height of 5,000m.

The weather is good and the remperature stands at 10 degrees celcius at the Gasherbrum II base camp.

Gasherbrum IIGasherbrum II




















Trango Towers 24th JuneTrango Towers 24th June













Instagr @andrzejbargielEnd of Day 2 Trekking














On 18th June he was heading to the Karakorum mountain range - that spans the borders of Pakistan, India, and China - to try once again to become the first person to complete a ski descent of K2.

His first attempt last year to summit and ski the world's second highest peak ended weeks in to the expedition due to high avalanche and rockfall risks.

Read more on the mission here, as PlanetSKI reported last year:

"Sometimes you gotta lose the battle to win the war," Bargiel said after having to abandon the mission just a year ago.

Already he is back.

This time round before attempting K2 he intends to acclimatize by climbing and descending on skis the Gasherbrum II.

This is the most accessible and lowest altutide of the Karakorum 8,000-metre peaks.

Bargiel is a seasoned extreme athlete who has previously skied Shisapangma and Broad Peak.

Andrzej Bargiel InstagramAndrzej Bargiel Instagram post, 13th June 2018




















"I'm leaving for Karakoram on Friday [15th June]," Bargiel writes on his Instagram page.

"My goal is to complete the #K2SkiChallenge project, which is a ski reunion with K2 - the second highest peak on Earth - 8,611m..."

Yesterday, Bargiel posted that he and his team are leaving Skardu for a village named Askole where a 5-day trek through Baltoro Glacier will begin. Instagram @AndrzejBargielBargiel at last stop in Pakistan before the Karakorum


















K2 is called the 'savage mountain'.

Mountaineers have tried to descend K2 with fatal consequences.

Italian adventurer Hans Kammerlander had to turn around 400m from the summit during his attempt in 2001 after witnessing a Korean climber fall to his death.

Swedish ski-mountaineer Fredrik Ericsson died in 2010 after a fall near the infamous bottleneck section.

"Somebody will do it, but he'll need a lot of ability and a whole lot of luck..." Kammerlander has stated.

Keep checked in for Bargiel's journey as we here at PlanetSKI keep a very keen eye on his attempt to conquer K2, the unbeaten mountain on skis.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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