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The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is an area in Austria around Germany's highest peak. It offers the full range of summer outdoor activities.





It's for hikers and mountain bikers.

For paragliders and rock climbers.

Basically for anyone who is active and looking to spend some time in nature.

The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena in the Austrian Tirol, which is one of our PlanetSKI partners, is made up of Ehrwald, Lermoos, Berwang, Bichlbach, Biberwier, Heiterwang am See, Lähn-Wengle and Namlos.

Mann am Sebensee ®Tiroler Zugspitz Arena U. WiesmeierMann am Seebensee ®Tiroler Zugspitz Arena U. Wiesmeier















Now, for the activities.


Take it at your own pace, the slower the better in our eyes, and take it all in.

There are 150 trails of all kinds of difficulty.

Local mountain schools offer tours and each of the locations mentioned above have free guided walks weekly.

There are also 'themed walks' to sign up to.

There's the Orchid Hiking Tour, the Herb Hike Lermoos, Sunrise to Sunset Tour, Hiking with Llamas... Check them all out.

Or discover the trails by yourself that'll take you through green hillsides, to impressive waterfalls and peaceful mountain lakes.

Hiking in traditional dress is another option...

Wandern © Tiroler Zugspitz Arena C. JordaHiking © Tiroler Zugspitz Arena C. Jorda















The Zugspitze from a birdseye view?

Paragliding is perfect here due to the varied landscape.

If you're new to the paragliding experience, tandem flights are offered by FlyTeam in Lermoos and other local schools.

Experienced paragliders check out the mountain cable car's "Hike&Fly" ticket with the best starting and landing points.

Or here's something fun for anyone, no matter their level, as long as they're keen...


It's a hotspot here in the Northern Alps for multi-pitch climbing.

The best destination is the southern section of the Plattenspitzen, where there are routes catering for all abilities.

Expert climbers should head to the Wampeter Schrofen near Biberwier or near the Wiener Neustädter Hütte hut.

There's so much... The north face of the Grünstein has climbing with amazing views of lake Drachensee.

Then there's Coburger Hütte, by the Drachensee lake, which has two challenging but well-secured via ferratas that'll taker you through top landscape - what better way to see it?

Back in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena itself there are many climbing areas near the valley floor, and there's even a climbing centre in Ehrwald for wet days.

Sonnwendfeuer ®Tiroler Zugspitz Arena - Albin NiederstrasserSonnwendfeuer ®Tiroler Zugspitz Arena - Albin Niederstrasser















With more than 160 south facing trails, the climbing season in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is longer than others.

Family time in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena:

Sport, fun and excitement - for both parents and kids...

Children can discover the secret potions of the herb witch, take an abseil adventure at the waterfall or join legends of the hidden treasure in the Loisach springs.

Adventure trails such as "Zugspitzi am Gaisbach" and "Moosle's Researchers' Path" are favourites among the younger visitors and teach all about the Tirolean mountains and nature.

If you have little adrenaline junkies send them down the rapid river drafting rides in Bichlbach, on the water slide in the open-air bath of Lermoos or on the longest summer toboggan in Biberwier.

... (Perhaps not all in the same day.)

Moosle (c) Tiroler Zugspitz Arena - C. JordaMoosle (c) Tiroler Zugspitz Arena - C. Jorda















Bichlbach is the area for smaller children. There's the high-rope garden where six-year-olds get together to play.

Or take the more relaxing boat ride on Heiterwanger See and visit the wildlife and play park in Bichlbach.

TZA © radkollektiv Andreas MeyerTZA © radkollektiv Andreas Meyer















And yes, of course there's the mountain biking element of this alpine destination.

There are 12 novelties and more than 100 tours for committed bikers.

Those in the know would name the Blindsee trail, the Grubigalm trail, ski lane, Barbara climb and Rauhe-Gasse the highlights of the biking season.

Bikers check the online trail portal for the 100+ signposted trails to follow. There's something for everyone.

TZA4 © radkollektiv Andreas MeyerMountain Biking ©  Andreas Meyer















There's an incredible amount of information we just couldn't fit in here.

If you have a preferance of sport (or perhaps no activity at all) visit the website to see even more.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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