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There are plans to put in the new lifts and slopes at Strbske Pleso in Slovakia. Not everyone is happy.



The project would mean development in the Tatra National Park and environmentalists are concerned about the impact.

The developers claim it would meet growing demands for skiing and bring benefits to the local economy.

They claim the changes would have minimal impact on the environment and new transport systems would reduce traffic in certain places.

Visitors would use more public transport, since ski lifts and cableways would be better connected to trains and buses.

Strbske Pleso, SlovakiaStrbske Pleso, Slovakia
















Strbske Pleso, SlovakiaStrbske Pleso, Slovakia
















Here at PlanetSKI we skied in Slovakia in the Low Tatras resort of Jasna in January this year:

And we visited resorts of the Tatras in 2015, including Strbske Pleso.

So, what are the details:

  • New ski slopes on eastern mouth of the Mlynická Dolina, at the Trigan elevation in the Patri a range . Two ski-slopes whould be created.
  • The company also plans to build two water reservoirs for creating artificial snow at the foot of Patria.
  • A new ski slope in the Solisko resort is also planned. This slope, on the hillside of Furkotská Dolina, is to be called Krivánska.
  • At Strbske Pleso there would be three new ski-lifts/cableways, new snow cannons, a new entrance point and a restaurant.
  • The capacity of new ski-lifts/cableways would be 6,000 people an hour.

The expected costs are more than €25m.

Strbske Pleso, SlovakiaStrbske Pleso, Slovakia
















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