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It's something we've overlooked a little in Europe, but North America has it right with skiing during winter to summer in the hills, too.

The resorts of the Alps are havens in the summer as there are no crowds, with everyone escaping to the beach.

They're your own private mountains...

Skiing is great - we don't have to tell you this since you're reading our site.

But ski resorts rely heavily on Mother Nature and snow, so time here can be varied.

Seasons are temperamental, snow isn't certain and it really affects the sport.

Summer, although of course it has its variables and conditions such as wildfire in North America or just rain in Europe, is slightly less changeable.

The smart thing to do is make sure we invest in our summertime game.

And resorts are investing more in their summer game as it's hard to be sustainable these days if you don't have a summer product.

It's something a little different to what we're used to in Europe.

Huge international resorts like Aspen will do 50:50 summer-winter business.

Off the beaten track destinations like Red Resort in British Columbia that are attracting more visitors trying to get those first lines, are almost completely winter, that much more remote.

But on to the question.

What is. better, summer or winter in the mountains?

There's little, a skier or snowboarder will tell you, better than a bluebird day with fresh snow.

But what if there's none?

Mountain biking, hiking, fishing and so on rely slightly less on fitting weather conditions.

We're going to be asking mountain guys and girls that have committed year round to life in the mountains and ask them which and why they prefer - if they were forced to pick.

We'll have to assume that these mountain folk are going to love a lot about both to commit to both.

As we travel the mountains we'll add more and more so here's a start.

A Whistler local:

Well right now [August in Whistler] I have to say summer.

Though it really is hard to make that choice when you put your mind to it.

Does 35 degrees, floating down the lazy river of golden dreams really beat a 40cm blue bird day on Whistler peak??

Well, all things considered, yes.

Summer just opens up so many more opportunities for different activities.

Golf is a the swing point for me.

Then you have camping in the bush by an alpine lake.

He's torn though...

Standing on a peak you've just skinned up, looking for your best line down is nothing short of majestic.

The peace you find in the backcountry is like nothing I've experienced and is a pure mountain drug.

This is such a challenging question!

But I'll stick to summer, on the last swinging factor that I don't have to shovel my drive everyday!!

Nick at summer Frolf on Whistler's epic frolf courseNick at summer Frolf on Whistler's epic frisbee golf course

And from across the world in New Zealand:

Tom in Treble Cone, New Zealand has no hesitation:

"Nothing compares to powder.

"Summer is so incredible - working the season you see so much less of your friends and work too much and don't see enough of the good stuff.

"But it means when you do, it's even more appreciated.

"If I'm in New Zealand in summer then I'll get down to surf in Whagamatta.

"Nothing beats being balls deep in powder, finishing day at the base station having a beer in the snow."

Wanaka, NZWanaka, NZ

Me? Which do I prefer working the winters and travelling the same spots in summer?

I've still not spent much in the European Alps, but have in North America.

I'll be updating when I hear a little more of the arguments of these folk.

Check back...
PlanetSKI reporter Katie Bamber has done her research where you don't have to choose summer or winter, and enjoy both in one day when the time's right.

The best of both she thinks, as she compiles a piece on where world-wide you can ski and surf in one day:
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