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Or ski jacket, Hawaiian shirt, swimming trunks, ski thermals, sun hat, & inner ski gloves... What to pack for a 2-month mountain, jungle & beach trip?




I'm off to the ski fields of Australia and New Zealand.

Resorts I have read and written about many, many times but never visited.... Perisher, Thredbo, Mt Hotham and Mt Buller in Australia to name but a few.

Then there's Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables on the south Island of New Zealand.

And the schoolboy in me wants to visit the north island, if only to ski the resort of Whakapapa and utter the video sign-off..... "James Cove, PlanetSKI, Fuckapapa".

It is pronounced slightly differently to how it is written Wink

Will I be able to do it without giggling?

Probably not as I was the schoolboy whose favourite planet was always Uranus.

We're planning to do the New Zealand leg of the trip in an RV to experience the full NZ experience.

There seems little point in crossing the world just to ski, especially as Australia has the Great Barrier reef and the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast to name but a few.

There's Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne too.

And I can't go to Australia without seeing my very good friends, Phil and Karen over in Perth in the west - just a mere 6 hour flight from the east..

And it seems rude to fly over Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia without stopping off for a while.

All I need to run PlanetSKI is some ideas and experiences to write about, with my trusty laptop and a high-speed internet connection.

(And the rest of the PlanetSKI team and support staff to be firing on all cylinders as I jaunt round the world!).

Have lap top, will travel...Have lap top, will travel...

















But what I never really thought of as I planned the trip was my wardrobe.

But now I am.

It has been the most frequently asked question:

"What are you going to pack for every climate imaginable over a two-month period?"

I will be in deepest winter with the temperature likely well below freezing in parts of the adventure and +40c in the Middle East and regions of South-East Asia.

There will be sun, snow and rain of varying degrees of ferocity.

In fact I need to pack for all weather conditions known to man.

The weight limit on some airlines I am travelling with is 23kg and others 19kg.

I could pay for extra but I've decided to go minimal - saving weight and saving money.

As many items as possible would have multiple functions.

Ski Gear:

I bought a thin pair of hiking over-trousers from Decathlon in Wandsworth, London.

They are sturdy, waterproof and with thermals (plus PJ bottoms if it's very cold) then they should suffice.

Next I decided to get a lightweight outer shell and simply layer up for the skiing with whatever clothes come to hand.

The jacket would also double up for hiking in the tropics and protecting me in Thailand during the monsoon season.

Jacket and trousers came in at under £100.

Outer layers sortedOuter layers sorted
















Underneath I reckoned my ski thermals and a single thin fleece would work as base layers for the snow.

A small puffa jacket would be warm & light with a mighty PlanetSKI hoody doing the rest.

If I need more layers then I'll just have to wear a t-shirt or two.

A single pair of ski socks (there would be plenty of washing en route), my favourite woollen bobble hat, pair of goggles plus inner and outer gloves were squeezed into a jiffy bag.

They weighed little and packed up small.

I decided on one pair of jeans that I would simply wash when required.

If I needed another pair of trousers I'd buy them en route.

And a second PlanetSKI hoody and one of my summer t-shirts would do for the evenings.

That was the winter gear sorted.

Skis, boots, helmets and any avalanche gear I would hire or blag as necessary.

Summer gear:

My lightweight winter Timberland boots would do for walking through the snow and would double up as hiking boots in the warmer climes.

Lightweight trainers and a pair of flip flops would be my other footwear.

For outside the mountains I opted for two pairs of shorts, a couple of shirts (one smart, one casual) and 3 t-shirts.

My wash bag and First Aid kit was minimal.

Total weight: 15kgs.

All the gear... any idea?All the gear... any idea?
















My carry-on luggage is a medium-sized rucksack that contains all the heavy electronic gear I always travel with; laptop, i-pad, x2 phones, cameras, video gear, batteries and no end of wires and back up devices.

Three thick travel books and all my documents (with back-ups) were squeezed in.

As was a small fold up day-pack that would work as a rucksack when skiing and day excursions to the tourist sites en route.

It actually weighs in at 12kg but it looks lighter and I can usually blag it by means I won't share or confess to.

I will spare you the photo of that bag unless you really want to see the kit it takes to run a 24/7 web site and all its social media channels. Wink

I should know if I have the right gear in my first stop off.

I'm not waiting until I get to Australia and New Zealand to ski.

I'm visiting the indoor slope of Ski Dubai where outside the city temperature is currently 45c  and inside, obviously, it's below freezing.

It will be a good test if I have packed well.

And if I don't have the correct gear for the rest of the 2-month trip?

Well I have 4kg of luggage weight left and Dubai has some of the largest shopping malls in the world.

Let the adventure begin.

My bag is packed at last.

All packed and ready to go...All packed and ready to go...
















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