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HELLO NEW ZEALAND! - James Cove, New Zealand
Wednesday August 22, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI arrives in a country it's been wanting to ski in for years. To say we're excited is a bit of an understatement.

I've clocked up hundreds and hundreds of ski resorts across the world in my travels (600+ at the last count), but for some reason I've never skied in New Zealand.

Or Australia for that matter.

That is about to be put right.

I have two weeks ahead of me in New Zealand and then a month in Australia.

My pulse quicked as I looked out of the plane window as we descended into Christchurch on the South Island in New Zealand:

Hello New Zealand!Hello New Zealand!
















The first week in New Zealand will be spent in this fellow touring the South Island and its ski resorts.

RV in NZRV in NZ
















On the road in New ZealandOn the road in New Zealand
















RV in NZRV in NZ
















RV in NZRV in NZ
















And the freedom an RV gives you is demonstrated immediately.

There a competiton going on with serious GB interest so I'm heading there instead of a pre-booked hotel room.

I have written about it elsewhere on PlanetSKI:

The skiing in the resorts of Cardrona, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt beckon:













Coronet PeakCoronet Peak












The RemarkablesThe Remarkables

Mt HuttMt Hutt














And then there are the glaciers too.

And who knows, maybe a bit of heli-skiing if the conditions are right and the wallet allows it.

Treble Cone NZTreble Cone NZ

Then it's probably up to the North Island, but plans are deliberately loose as flexibility and ‘making-it-up' as we go along are key to all good ski road trips.

Regular readers will know I set off from the UK over a week ago and have taken the slow route here via Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

A visit to Ski Dubai was a must:

Yours truly in Ski DubaiYours truly in Ski Dubai
















And some riding in the desert too:

Desert snowboarding on offer tooDesert snowboarding on offer too




Next was Singapore. No skiing here but plenty of sights:

Downturn SingaporeDownturn Singapore
















Where we went colonial:

Singapore-style accomodationSingapore-style accomodation
















And lastly Melbourne for a day, where I had a quick tourist tour of the city.

Wrapping warm as Yours Truly heads nearer to winterWrapping warm as Yours Truly heads nearer to winter















And what did I pack for such a trip with more than 2-months on the road?

It wasn't easy:

I'm back in Melbourne in a couple of weeks after NZ to see more and visit some of the nearby ski areas before heading up to Perisher.

But that is to come.

My thoughts now are in New Zealand and the coming two weeks.

New Zealand awaitsNew Zealand awaits
















Snow conditions Down Under this year have been excellent with some of the best snow in recent memory in both countries, as we have been reporting lately on PlanetSKI.

Is it worth coming all this way to make some summer ski turns?

Let's get on the road and find out...

On the road in New ZealandOn the road in New Zealand
















PlanetSKI is funding its trip: flights, accommodation and much else besides as we like to remain independent.

However we have to thank a few people and organisations who are offering help along the way.

NZSKI grasped the idea of the trip immediately and have assisted us in its resorts of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mount Hutt - thank you Frederique Gulcher.

See here for further details about the resorts:  

Apollo Camper also embraced the idea of doing part of it in an RV and have offered support in getting the right vehicle for our adventures - thank you Tara Eller and Dylan Moetara.

If you want an RV in New Zealand or Australia look no further:

Robyn Pester from Queenstown has given us valuable introductions to people who have not heard of PlanetSKI - hard to believe people haven't we know ;-)

See further details of the town that will be our base over the next week or so:  Queenstown 

Lastly Sophie Luther from the Audi quattro Winter Games only got a last minute request from us, at one of her busiest times, and yet was able to find time to help. BIG shout out!

And as we embark on our New Zealand adventures this list will no doubt grow and we are eternally grateful for all who have helped.

And those that will do so.


See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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