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THE COUNTDOWN - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Friday August 31, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

We're on winter watch as we hit 100 days until the 2018/19 ski season begins. So far, we're seeing snow. It's looking good. UPDATED






Snow has dusted the Alps this week as we move into October.

Meribel in Les3Vallees is looking splendidly autumnal with white peaks and yellow trees.

See our report on Snow in the Alps here.



Probably the best snow we've laid (virtual) eyes on is up in Canada.

Check out Banff's snow situation:

There's been less snow over in the States, but Fall is raging in full on glory with its many colours.

Take a look at these big resorts with the turning aspen trees, awaiting snow for the winter ski to start next month:


Mammoth MountainMammoth Mountain

Late September, early morning in Jackson HoleLate September, early morning in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole moose, chilling on 1st OCtober, Teton National ParkJackson Hole moose, chilling on 1st October, Teton National Park


As your snow/anything-winter watch, here's a video we found of a skier scoring early pow:

Jackson Hole that last week took a lashing of snow - a freakish 40cm at the end of August - and saw one of its own get in a decent ski descent.

Owen Leeper is known for his daring nature and wild videos.

A near to five-hour hike brought him some turns up high.

@o_leeps with his August powder turns in the Grand Tetons@o_leeps with his August powder turns in the Grand Tetons


















We're in double digits for the countdown to the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

That's the non-official beginning to the season when the first big ski resorts such as Val Thorens in the Alps, or Arapahoe Basin in America start the lifts turning.

Of course we have the year-rounds - like Hintertux, Austria.

Or the host of skiing glaciers - such as La Grande Motte, Tignes.

Then there are the big ski touring destinations - just about anywhere with snow and keenos.

But here we're talking big name, mainstream resorts exploding (so we hope) into a full-on winter.

The Dolomites, Italy - August 2018The Dolomites, Italy - August 2018
















The end of August saw snow in Italy and the Austrian Alps.

Now this isn't unusual in itself - high up in the mountains the weather usually turns.

But what is bizarre is the 'whiplash effect' with snow - 38cm recorded in Obertauern on 26th August - to 30 degree sun, back to snow.

I'm sure there's not a single one of us that doesn't have cries of 'Global Warming', 'Climate Change' or concerns about our environment echoing round our heads at this news.

(Unless you go with Trump, that is...)

Read more of the current crazy weather swings in the European Alps below:

But snow didn't just grace Europe's hills.

Top of the Jackson Hole tramTop of the Jackson Hole tram




















Jackson Hole showed off its dusting with this dramatic image at the top of its tram - the pride of the resort.

Also in Wyoming, the rougher Grand Targhee recorded 14cm on 28th August.

Once again, this isn't uncommon, to receive snow at altitude in ski states.

But what is notable is August started this way in the Western Rockies with a remarkable heatwave - record breaking in cases.

So in the same four weeks we have the driest summer that saw savage wildfires burn their worst in a decade, followed mere weeks (if that) later with snow and the summer cooling off.

Grand TargheeGrand Targhee
















Now, in Idaho where our I am based, I've switched from hazy, smoke filled skies that have blocked out the sun for weeks to a much cooler (and appreciated) September. And reporting has gone swiftly from fire to snow.

Whatever happens next in news on the surprising climates, weather and environments, both here and back home in Europe, we'll fill you in on it in here.

A winter watch, perhaps? Snow porn maybe.

We're hoping for a little more summer before whatever this wonderful winter will bring.

We all should know from recent years that early snow tells us nothing for the season to come.

Big Sky, over in Montana, showed us its snow in the best way possible - visuals:


MMMmm... snow

So we've got you sorted here for anything winter-related in the Northern Hemisphere.

For news of the Southern Hem check out our editor's ongoing report as he trawls Australia and New Zealand's ski resorts...

...or has he gone soft and given up the good stuff Down Under?...

Read more here of our stories on skiing, riding and snow elsewhere in the world:

To finish, here's one of our favourites, our freestyle skier Woodsy as he takes his practice to Cardrona, New Zealand.

Countdown to the Northern Hemisphere season, with a pic of the Southern Hem right now.Countdown to the Northern Hem. season, with a pic of the Southern Hem right now.














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