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Only 214 people per day will be allowed on the mountain next summer following over-crowding and safety fears. PlanetSKI reports.





This year the mountain was closed for a short period.

It follows over-crowding, breaches of safety and increasingly dangerous conditions.

This year the warm temperatures created extra dangers as the rocks became more unstable.

Around 300 people per day were climbing western Europe's highest peak.

Some were ill-equipped and ill-prepared and there were reports of a number of rogue guides on the mountain.

Now the mayor of St Gervais is imposing stricter new limits.

Police will be out to enforce the new rules.

In July the mountain was closed to all but those who had pre-arranged and registered their climb as we reported earlier in News in Brief on 15th July.

Last year 15 people died on the approaches to the summit.

Several have been killed in falls this year.

Climbers preparing to climb in the Mont Blanc MassifClimbers preparing to climb in the Mont Blanc Massif
















Climbers in the Mont Blanc MassifClimbers in the Mont Blanc Massif
















The Mont Blanc massif is Europe's deadliest mountain range claiming around 50 lives each year.

There has been an increase in rock falls in recent years as the permafrost that holds the mountains together shrinks due to climate change.

The Chamonix Valley is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

Our editor James Cove visited back in July.

See here for his round-up report form the time.

Some welcome the move as a way to ensure safety and enjoyment for those on Mont Blanc.

Others object to extra rules and regulations which restrict the freedoms enjoyed by climbers and hikers alike.

Most people who tackle the mountain depart from Saint-Gervais and ascend via the Gouter Refuge.

Mont Blanc from the valley floorMont Blanc from the valley floor
















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