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The campaigning organisation Protect Our Winters UK wants to save our snow and is calling on people to lobby their banks to stop financing fuels that damage the environment.


POW UK says it wants to challenge the banking world's continued financing of fossil fuels and other high carbon energy sources.

From today, anyone with a bank account can easily ask their bank about the issue by clicking a button on a dedicated page on the POW UK website.

The organisation says it will take customers just a minute to visit the page and send an email asking about their bank's commitment to making sustainable investments.

It says the more people who take a moment to ask the question, the greater the pressure on banks will be.

Morteratsch glacierAlpine glaciers are shrinking















The new campaign - calling on banks to be Cool on Climate Change - follows other collective action campaigns that POW UK says have already had an impact.  For example, it says:

  • RBS has stopped funding Arctic Oil Exploration
  • ING has committed to steering its €500 billion lending portfolio towards achieving the objectives of the UN's Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • BNP Paribas has committed to the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Nordea Bank in Sweden is reinvesting €700 million worth of pension investments into sustainable investments
Climb for Climate ChallengeClimb For Climate Challenge

The Nordea Bank move is said to have been in response to the Climb for Climate Challenge which raised awareness about the effects of climate change on the mountain environment.

The project founders, mountaineers Peter Sandahl and Anders Langworth, climbed 72 peaks above 4,000 metres in the Alps in 100 days this year.

Climb for Climate climbersCelebrating 72 peaks in 100 days - photo Climb For Climate


















They had hoped to summit another 10 peaks but were thwarted by bad weather.

POW UK's Sandy Trust said he was "truly inspired" by the Climb for Climate project for both its incredible personal achievement and the response of Nordea Bank.

Peter Sandahl on Dent BlanchePeter Sandahl on the Dent Blanche - photo Climb for Climate




















"Our aim at POW UK is to do all we can to empower people to take positive action on climate change," he said.

"Influencing financial investment is undeniably a big challenge. But with big challenges come big rewards, which is why we encourage anyone who has a bank account to visit our website and take just one minute to email their banks and ask them to be Cool on Climate Change."

Protect Our Winters says the world's banks provided more than US$115 billion of fossil fuel finance in 2017, despite the irrefutable link with climate change.

Ferpecle glacier, SwitzerlandFast shrinking Ferpécle glacier, Switzerland - photo Climb For Climate

















POW UK says it's not alone in being concerned.

In November, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative is due to launch a public consultation on its Principles For Responsible Banking.

The set of guidelines aims to align the banking industry's operations with internationally agreed targets detailed in the UN's Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Click here for the POW UK dedicated Ask-Your-Bank page.

POW UK campaignThe latest campaign from POW UK

About Protect Our Winters:

POW was set up by snowboard legend Jeremy Jones in the US in 2007.

Its supporters include professional athletes, climate experts and industry brands, mobilising the outdoor sports community to campaign for positive climate action.

The UK branch was born in May 2017.

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