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Erzurum in Turkey has been eliminated by the IOC. It leaves Calgary, Stockholm & a joint Italian bid in the contest. PlanetSKI reports.

The exit of Turkey followed a recommendation made by the IOC's 2026 Winter Olympic Games Working Group that was chaired by vice-president, Juan Antonio Samaranch.

The bid fell short in areas including transport, telecommunications and airports.

There have also been security worries due to its proximity to Syria.

It was urged to start hosting other major sporting events to improve their chances of holding a future Olympics.

It comes as no great surprise to those of us monitoring the process.

Perhaps more interesting was what the IOC said about those bids remaining.

Samaranch heaped praise on the Canadian bid.

He claimed Calgary's concept was "extraordinary".

Calgary is holding a referendum on holding the Games in November and it would be a severe blow to the IOC if the people rejected it.

At the moment the result is too close to call.

And what did Juan Antonio Samaranch say about the joint Italian bid from Milan and Cortina?

"The Italian concept is a wonderful project," said Samaranch.

"The experience is there and they organise events in winter sports regularly," said Samarach.

Turin pulled out of the joint bid and the two decided to go it alone as we report in detail further down this article.

Stockholm continues to lack support from either the Swedish Government or City Council.

A host city is due to be chosen by the IOC at its Session in 2019.

This was due to be held in Milan but rules dictate that a host city cannot hold the session where a final decision is made.

Therefore Switzerland is set to host next year's International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session as a replacement for Milan.

The new two-pronged joint Italian bid was announced earlier this month.

Turin held the Games in 2006 and many of the past Olympic facilities would be used again.

However it fell apart amid bitter in-fighting as we reported earlier:

Central government has wished them well but closed its wallet to the Milan/Cortina bid therefre question arise over its likely succcess..

Italy's Undersecretary for Sport Giancarlo Giorgetti said that any Italian bid for the Games will have to find other means of funding.

"We welcome the realisation of the Olympic Games 2026, but at this point, given that the candidacies are divisive, there has not been an Italian candidature but a plurality, each will have to demonstrate that they are able to cope independently," he said.

Normally the IOC demands central government backing for any Olympic Games.

Up for grabsUp for grabs









At the end of last month the Japanese city of Sapporo, ended its bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The official reason was the recent earthquake in the Hokkaido region of the country where Sapporo is the capital.

However reports and rumours of the withdrawal of Sapporo have been circulating for many months with speculation that the city wants to concentrate its bid on 2030 Winter Olympics instead.

Some question the earthquake as the sole reason.

There had been concerns that if Sapporo went for 2026 and won then there would be four consecutive Summer and Winter Games in Asia - Pyeongchang in 2018, Tokyo in 2020 and Beijing in 2022.

If Sapporo goes for 2030 it could be up against a bid from the USA.

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