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PLANETSKI HITS THE SKI TECH LAB - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Tuesday October 23, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

Ski coach Warren Smith is touring the UK giving technique workshops to help skiers ready themselves for the season. We dropped by in London... NEW

Warren Smith is giving techincal ski advice during his academy's tour across the UK and we caught him at Ellis Brigham in Covent Garden.

He gives tips on getting the right boot fitted to exposing your weak points and giving pointers and exercises we can do at home, pre-season so we can improve.

The tests seem simple, but what they can show (in our case definitely) are basic issues that can affect our skiing in a big way.

Problems that we can work on before getting out onto the snow.

We spend a small fortune on our ski holidays and so many of us don't take basic steps before we hit the snow that'll help our bodies prepare and ultimately setting us up to get the most out of our skiing.

The Ski Technique LabThe Ski Technique Lab

Boot advice by Warren SmithBoot advice by Warren Smith

Warren and his team have devised three easy tests to show us what we might need to work on to get a better ski performance.

Do you know how flexible your calf muscles are?

How much flex you can get out of your ankle with a ski boot on?

Each year we attend, and each year we panic having not kept up with our special exercises.

Especially when we see how these small adjustments can affect an overall performance when technically explained on the big screen.

But all is not lost - Warren is touring for a few more days.

Here are the remaining dates and locations:


LONDON - Chel-Ski - OCTOBER 24TH - 7PM



You can use the Eventbrite page here to book your place.

WSSAWarren Smith Ski Academy

Warren intends to create awareness of each skier's issues.

The solution is often easy.

Can you guess what it is?


The right kind of stretching, as - annoyingly with skiing - even if we are fit or flexible or strong it often doesn't automatically mean that we are those things when it comes to skiing, so different are the muscles used.

So if you can, make it down to one of his workshops.

Here's a deeper look at what goes on at a workshop session:
And here is when I went to a session with Warren a couple of years back:

Testing ankle flexibilityTesting ankle flexibility

















Ankle FlexibilityThe drop test
















Lateral control testLateral control test

















Get the best out of your ski holiday this year.

Good luck!

Warren Smith in London Ellis BrighamWarren Smith in London Ellis Brigham

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