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Monday November 12, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI selects the best baselayers, gloves, googles, helmets, jackets and ski pants. Which ones come out on top?




There has never been so much choice out there.

But how do you choose what to wear on the ski slopes this winter?

Do you go for performance, style, colour or the latest trend - and there certainly are a few of those?

The PlanetSKI Gear & Equipment editor, Alf Alderson, has done some of the background research for you.

Check out the links below for Alf's selection of Six of the Best in each category:

SIX OF THE BEST GLOVES >> click here for Gloves

ski gloves

SIX OF THE BEST HELMETS >> click here for Helmets


SIX OF THE BEST GOGGLES >> click here for Goggles


SIX OF THE BEST BASE LAYERS >> click here for Base Layers

Base Layers

SIX OF THE BEST SKI JACKETS >> click here for Ski Jackets

Ski Jackets

SIX OF THE BEST SKI PANTS >> click here for Ski Pants

Ski Pants

Some of these items of clothing including Ski Jackets, Ski Pants, Goggles, Gloves and Helmets are for sale on the Ellis Brigham website - Click here to browse and purchase.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: Number One for ski news



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