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Choose a helmet with ABS features, or one with built in speakers, or a photochromatic visor.





The Odissey [sic] is a superbly comfortable helmet which offers a secure, snug fit and is easily adjusted via a rear dial.

There are also plenty of other adjustments available - adjustable front and rear vents, an adjustable vented visor to prevent goggles steaming up and open-mesh removable ear pads.

There are 14 vents in total and all but the rear two are adjustable, giving good climate control for your noggin.

The chin strap comes with a magnetic clip which can be undone with one hand (and just about fastened with one hand too) and naturally there's an elastic goggle holder on the rear.

The colourways of the Odissey are great - our test model came in two shades of blue with bright orange inserts in the vents when closed and other options are available.

The removable liner is both warm and very comfy and the ‘rollneck' design at the rear completely covers the nape of your neck for greater helmet stability, warmth and comfort.

As for the techy bit, well the Odissey features in-mould technology on the lower section with injected ABS on the upper section to provide a combination of impact resistance and lightness.

VERDICT Great comfort and features at a reasonable price.





















SMITH SCOUT from £74.99

The Scout has rugged, utilitarian looks that will appeal to skiers who tend to trash their kit.

This means the Scout's features are also pretty utilitarian - it is ‘self-adjusting' which basically means that the helmet's cradle has an elasticated rear that adjusts to the size of your head - nothing wrong with that though, it works just fine (but it does mean you need to ensure you order the exact size when/if ordering online).

The Scout has six quite narrow, non-adjustable vents - two above the brim and four at the rear - so it's not that easy to cool down if you start to steam up, but the ear pads are removable for warmer conditions.

The lining is soft and comfortable enough without being too luxurious, and the chin strap is also pretty basic, but it does the job its designed for - which is a pretty good description of the Scout, really - nothing too fancy, just a basic and effective ski helmet.

VERDICT A no-nonsense, good-looking lid at a decent price.

SMITH SCOUT from £74.99SMITH SCOUT from £74.99






















New for this season, the Sinner Titan Visor Trans+ comes with in-mould technology to keep you safe and a photochromatic visor that grades between cat 1 - 3; in other words it will lighten or darken in response to light conditions that vary from cloudy to bright sunlight.

The visor has soft face foam on the bottom although you'll need to try it on before buying to ensure you're happy with the fit as our tester found that there was a slight gap between the visor and his face, which won't appeal to everyone.

An adjustable rear dial, soft, thick padding and removable ear pads ensure that the Titan is really comfortable, although the eight meshed vents are quite small and are not adjustable - given the price of the helmet you might have expected adjustability to be built in as a matter of course.

VERDICT A really comfy visored helmet - the photochromatic lens is a real boon, just a shame the vents are not adjustable.
















BERN HEIST £129.99

The Heist has aluminium ‘Impact Armor' on the rear and temples for better protection of sensitive areas of the head, along with an in-mould PVC lower shell, ‘Energy Absorbing Ribs' and an ABS top plate to reinforce the top vents against intrusions (there are an impressive 16 vents on total).

It also features Bern's ‘Zip Mold' technology, which consists of a PVC micro-shell lined with liquid injected foam that provides a better weight to strength ratio than standard EPS foam, so there's a very good level of protection built into this lid.

It's available in men's- and women's fits and is apparently the lightest dual shell helmet on the market, and additional features include a hand-sewn seamless microfleece ‘Luxe Liner' with a Boa 360-degree Fit System.

Unfortunately, the ear pads are not removable, and the vents are not adjustable, but if you can live with that the Heist is well worth checking out.

VERDICT Lots of good safety features, reasonable price, shame ear pads and vents are not adjustable.

BERN HEIST £129.99 BERN HEIST £129.99





















A good value if fairly utilitarian helmet, the Phantom does have one little trick up its sleeve - it comes with Brain Teaser Audio already installed, a helmet speaker system that easily plugs into your audio device if having sounds when you ski is essential to you (there are obvious safety issues with that, of course...).

The Phantom looks cool with its smooth, matte finish and as far as protection is concerned it comes with an ABS shell and EPS foam padding.

However, the Phantom is not adjustable, so you need to ensure you get just the right fit, and the vents can't be adjusted either, but since are only two small vents at the front and the same at the back the lack of adjustability isn't that big a deal.

The ear pads are removable for when things warm up, although since the audio speakers are incorporated into these you'll lose the sound system too.

VERDICT A great value helmet, especially if you want to listen to your music whilst on the hill.

















This is a great option for kids - an in-mould helmet with an adjustable category 2 mirror lens, which means there's no chance of your child's ski goggles being lost; and it also offers the option of being able to be used with goggles too, since there's a rear goggle strap and the visor can be removed if need be.

Another good option for children is the Fidlock buckle, which can be operated with one hand and is less fiddly than a standard clip-in buckle.

The faux velvet padding is warm and luxurious, and additional features include 14 vents, the front two of which are adjustable, a rear dial micro-adjustment system that ensures a snug and accurate fit, removable ear pads and a Recco reflector, whilst a Datatag emergency label is also included with the helmet.

VERDICT The visor is a sensible option for kids as its less fiddly than goggles, and there are plenty of other kid-friendly feature built in too.





















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